A Meeting of Brothers

I was didn’t want to overload the blog with baby pictures but honestly, these are so cute that I couldn’t resist.

Tuesday of this week Carver’s other grandparents stopped by and picked him up.  Carver’s been here since Monday while Kalissa and Craig get settled in with baby Gannon.  They were going to meet the new baby and Carver was going too.

I’ve been a new mom at the hospital with the anticipation of our older kids coming and meeting the new baby and know that it doesn’t always go as planned so last minute I put together a bag with some toys for Carver.  I’m so glad I did as these pictures are adorable.

Gannon is doing pretty good.  He’s lost some weight but they are on top of it supplementing with formula.

Carver did pretty good.  He did not, however, sit for any pictures.  He was in a bit of a mood but I understand.  He had grandparents and great parents there on Craig’s side of family…plus Mom and Dad and Auntie Kelli.

He definitely liked Gannon though.  Here’s another cute picture….
Carver is great with the baby that is at my house at childcare so I’m hopeful he’ll be pretty good.

Oh so cute….

If you’re wondering who new baby Gannon looks like….

Gannon is in blue.  Carver is in the photo with the fire truck.  I think they looks quite a bit alike already.

…and here’s my favorite.
Oh how fun.  I’ll give you a full family report and update in tomorrow’s blog post.  For now, our hearts are full of love.

21 thoughts on “A Meeting of Brothers”

  1. Oh Jo! PLEASE keep the baby pictures coming! I am years away from being a grandma and years away from my boys being babies, I love seeing them. They are just wonderful pictures of a great joy in your family and I for one, say you can’t have too many baby picture posts.

  2. Lori Sparks Douglas

    So cute! Love your favorite one. Glad you are enjoying LIFE. Keeps everyone going in a positive direction.

  3. Gannon has no idea the fun that awaits him! And the love! Precious pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Yes, your pictures put a smile on my face too. Both boys are too precious. I love being a grandmother and a great grandmother. Easter at your house will a blessing with two new babies and the older three.

  5. Way too cute! So sweet that Carver is already sharing his toys with his baby brother! HUGS… and stitches

  6. Love these pictures! I don’t think you can post too many baby pictures!! Beautiful children! Thanks for sharing!

  7. It’s so sweet how Carver wants to share his toys with his new baby brother….but not his cookie! :) I’m sure they’ll be great buddies after Gannon has some time to grow.

  8. What a sweet brother Carver is–already trying to share! I hope they will grow up to be very close. They are adorable and you are all so blessed to have them! Being a grandparent is just the best!! Hope Kramer is feeling better and stronger each day!

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