Family Update

Thursday was a good day.  Baby Gannon and Kalissa came home.  Can you even see Gannon in there?

They had to pick up Carver so I said come for supper.  Kramer is suppose to eat lots of protein for healing..and I figured Kalissa did to so I broke out the steaks.

Carver was excellent with Gannon and even willing to take some pictures so we snapped a few.

The lighting wasn’t the best but we’ll take what we can get.  Here’s the family.

Kalissa and Craig have already gotten over the pregnancy and delivery as they said, “Next time when we have a baby….”.  I had five kids and I don’t think I ever said that four days after labor!

Here’s the boys….and me.
Grandpa was even feeling up for holding little Gannon.  
On the Kramer front, he’s doing better every day.  He’s now done with one of his medications….still trying to manage some of the pain as he is weaning himself off of the pain pills.

He’s a disappointed that he can’t do more yet.  He gets tired easily.  When doctors said that it would be a full 5-6 weeks before he was able to think about going back to work, Kramer thought he’d be back in a few weeks.  He figured the doctors were overcautious.  He was hoping he’d be able to be doing some of the paperwork or simple non labor intensive tasks at the farm.  He’s seeing that he won’t be and that was a little sad for him.

I’ve been doing childcare while he’s been home and so far, the kids aren’t driving him crazy and he’s not driving us crazy so, we’re all happy with that.

We go back to the doctor on March 8th.  We’ll learn more about chemo and radiation then.  We’ll keep you up date….for now we’re on slow and steady healing.

As for me…I’m doing good.  Busy.  I haven’t touched a sewing machine but I’m okay.  Family has kept me busy.  I’m thinking that maybe this weekend I might get reunited with the machine.

For now, family first!!

Thanks so much for all of the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way.  We appreciate it so much.

21 thoughts on “Family Update”

  1. What a beautiful family!!! So glad hubby is improving every day! He must be a very patient man if the child care kids aren’t bothering him! Prayers and hugs for your family!

  2. Denise Briese

    Great heals. The baby is precious. Thank you for keeping us updated. Love Carvers blanket!!

  3. So glad to hear you’re all coming along ! Craig and Kalissa look good and the pictures of Carver and Gannon are priceless! Glad to hear Kramer is coming along . Here’s hoping he doesn’t push himself too hard. Nature and healing won’t be rushed. Continuing to keep all of you in my prayers.

  4. DEFINITELY family first and what a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures. Hope you can enjoy a relaxing weekend whether you get to sew or not.

  5. These pictures are so sweet! They are a cute little family! I’m trying to click on all the ads that I can, hoping it helps out!

  6. so glad you are able to keep up, take care of yourself, don’t get overtired! All the best for the new family, sweet little boys.

  7. What nice pictures of your family! Kalissa and Kramer look good for what they have gone through. I’m sure they are both happy to be out of the hospital. The boys are so cute. I am glad your husband is getting better and the childcare kids aren’t bothering him. Prayers for all of your family. I was so happy when you started blogging again. I was worried about you too.

  8. Great photos. I bet little Gannon is right in the weight range of things Kramer can lift and hold. How sweet for them both.

  9. Glad to hear Kramer is doing better. Love your photos of the new baby and family. I’m with you, taking care of family comes first.

  10. Great pictures, congratulations on your newest grandbaby. Good to know Kramer is doing better. Best wishes for you and your family.

  11. Good to hear the update and that things are going well although not as fast as Kramer wants. My husband was in the hospital recently for just one night and he was going stir-crazy. Active people have a hard time recuperating unless they have something to do. The hard part will be keeping him from doing too much when he starts feeling good. I had to chuckle at the remark about the next baby. I too didn’t want to think about the next one so soon! Blessing to you and yours.

  12. Judith Fairchild

    Great pictures! Babies are so much fun to be around, diapers,spitups and all. Praise the Lord for answered prayers.

  13. What wonderful photos! It’s true; family first! All that love is healing for Kramer and for you. The baby is precious. Thank you for keeping us updated.
    Love and Prayers,

  14. That Carver is just precious! So neat how all your girls love to spend time with him. So cute how he is holding his blanket. The picture of you and the boys needs to be framed! It is so sweet. There is nothing sweeter than a new baby…..makes everyone so happy and relaxed. Take care of yourself Jo. Everyone needs you now more than ever!!

  15. Betty Woodlee

    Jo, all your pics are so sweet and precious but the one of Carver and Gannon tugged on my heart strings! Much love and prayers for you and your family.

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