Community Quilts from Jazz

Jazz has been a busy gal.  I helped get her set up with some batting and she jumped right in and started finishing some quilts.  I love it!!

Jazz writes:
I’ve never met Joyce in Omaha. Joyce has never heard of me, but we have something so significant in common –something so meaningful that we could be new best friends — scrappy quilts! Vintage scrappy quilts.


Here is one from Joyce that Jo sent me to finish.

To complement her comfortably homey style I selected a period fabric for the back and tied it with pale yellow crochet thread. I used a solid black to bind it and harmonize with the black and white four patches.

Joann in San Fransisco Bay is a regular donor to this site, and every time I get one of her tops I am crazy-in-love! This Downton Abbey flimsy is absolutely my all-time, hands-down favorite one though.

I took several pictures of it trying to do justice to the colors, the pattern, the loving skill she invested in it … you’ll just have to take my word for it. This lady is a quilting genius!

I stitched in the ditch to avoid distracting from her exquisite composition and backed it in light blue flannel. I bound it in a rich purple (suggested by my wife; I would never have thought of it but I think it was a great idea!)

The last photo is another masterpiece finish in progress by Joann of San Fransisco Bay…

I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s complete. She inspires me!

Both of these finished beauties will be donated to two lucky residents of Goldberg B’nai B’rith Towers this week.

Thank you so much, Joyce and Joann!”

I love that we all share this great hobby and can help others while we are enjoying ourselves so much!  Jazz has been a great addition to the group of people who are finishing community quilts and getting them into the hands of people who can love and appreciate them.  Thanks so much to all who donated!!

I chatted with Jazz and she could use some fabric.  Scraps and pieces that are big enough for added border or bindings would be perfect.  If you can help her out, that would be awesome.  She is a ball of energy wanting to make many quilts to give to the needy in her community.  If you have anything you could pass on, that would be great.  Here is how to contact her.

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  1. Beautiful quilts! It is always so fun to see all these beautiful, finished quilts. A big thank you to all who make it happen!!

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