2021 UFO-Dirty Dozen List

This morning I told you about the quilts I finished for the last Dirty Dozen UFO challenge.

In this post, I’m going to show you the UFOs that didn’t get to the finish line…and I’ll tell you if I added any UFOs to the list.

1-Virginia Bound:  

This one is a top…sort of.  I have the center section done.

This is the original quilt….

But..when Kelli and I were in Moline for a quilt retreat with the Mississippi Valley Quilters years ago, I saw this one that June did….this…
It’s applique around the outside.  I think I want to do something like this.   She had awesome quilts for the show and tell.


I love the look and like the challenge of trying something a little out of my box.

2-Hawaiian Sunset- I had so hoped I would finish this one…alas.
If you’re a long-time blog reader, you know I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS.

3-Garlic Knots- I did make a few more of these blocks last year but not many.
Several years ago a blog reader gifted me a bunch of batik scraps.  All were on the small side.  About the same time, Bonnie Hunter was making this quilt, Garlic Knots.  I thought the batiks would be perfect.

So over nap time over the course of a week or two, I cut out this quilt.  It sat and then… last fall I sewed about 10 of the blocks together, then it got put away again.  It’s time to get it out and finish it.

4-Floribunda- I haven’t touched this.
This is Bonnie Hunter’s quilt:  I have most everything here to make this.  I collected floral scraps over the years.  There was enough for me and Kelli to make the quilt.  Kelli ended up taking the fabric and cutting strips for us both.

That’s as far as the quilt got.

It supposed to look like this.  (Picture from Bonnie’s blog)  The free pattern for this quilt is HERE.

Bonnie Hunter's Floribunda (With images) | Quilts, Purple quilts ...

5-Oregon or Bust- Last year I cut up the shirts needed for this but didn’t make any progress in getting it cut out.

This is another Bonnie Hunter quilt.  It’s from the book Scraps and Shirttails II.  I have long wanted to make this ever since I found Mary from Country Threads version.

I collected shirts for several years as Mary’s version was made with only blue and orange 100% cotton upcycled shirts and I wanted to make mine like hers.  I am in love with Mary’s version.  I have the shirts deboned but that’s as far as I am.  I can’t wait to make this!!

6-Sofie’s Quilt- I haven’t touched this.
This is a quilt of a friend of mine.  They found it in grandma’s cedar chest.  I’m really nervous about this and just need to quit worrying and try.

I LOVE the design.  I’d like to replicate this quilt.

7-Sugar Bowl- I haven’t touched this.
This is another FREE Pattern from Bonnie Hunter you can find HERE.

I have some strips cut but that’s about it.  This finished quilt (Picture from Bonnie’s blog) suppose to look like this….

Sugar Bowl Quilt FREE Pattern from Bonnie Hunter | Bonnie hunter ...

8-Show Off-
This is a free Quilted Twins pattern.  This is a 100% cotton recycled quilt.  (Find the pattern HERE)

Kelli just made on in all blues…

This quilt would go together quickly.  I seriously need to just sit down and finish it.

9-I have scrap vortex that I started-  It’s the project in the bag on the left in the photo below.  Some asked what Scrap Vortex is.  You can find more about it HERE.  Scroll to the bottom..it was a quilt along.  I haven’t touched this.

10-I have this project in the basket on the right, with the red square in the middle.  I’d really love to finish that up.  It was so fun to make.  I haven’t touched this.

11-Double Wedding Ring Quilt
I hope to get to this soon.  I want this finished.

This is how it was.  It’s a top now.  That last seam is sewn…and I found that binding fabric but that’s as far as I am.  Some progress even if only a little.
This has been lingering since 2019.  It’s time.

12-These were started back in January of 2020….
I have an idea for this that was sparked after a blog reader shared her quilt.  We’ll see where it goes from here.  An idea is a start!!

Those are the carryovers from last year.  As you can see, many of them are only cut out and some not even that far.  That makes for a lot of sewing to finish these.

Amazingly, I really don’t have any carryovers for this year.  YES, I have  projects I am currently working on but I don’t think they really fit a UFO category.  I think I’ll list them here so that I remember them and don’t let them end up on next year’s UFO list:

1-County Fair
2-Red Sampler Quilt Along
3-Batik Charm Square

My plans for this year include working on some of the UFOs but I really don’t expect to get them all finished.  With childcare, cross stitching, and gardening, I don’t have as much quilting time as I used to have.  Also, I have some other projects that are really calling my name.  I want to make more quilts from the book Scrap School.

I’d like to make Bonnie Hunter’s new quilt pattern called Bitcom too.

There is never any worry that I won’t have something to sew…

Do you have UFO or quilting plans for the upcoming months?




14 thoughts on “2021 UFO-Dirty Dozen List”

  1. Linda M White

    I just finished a quilt called Walk On The Wild Side. I am now working on quilts for 2 young boys who lost their dad recently. I am making the pattern Hugs and Kisses, also called X and O. I am using the same pattern for both boys, except using their favorite colors for the snowballing. For the block I am using an assortment of I Spy type prints.

  2. You certainly have an ambitious list of quilts to make. I am sure you will accomplish lots and will be anxious to see them once they are finished. In the meantime, keep enjoying those family times!

  3. I finished 2 disappearing nine-patch I Spy quilts for my youngest grandchildren. I also finished 2 table runners and 2 wall hangings. Now I have 2 more quilts in the works. However… I also have about 6 or so tops that need to be quilted, one of which needs the last seam or so finished. Always something to do! LOL!

  4. Yes I have close to 6 quilts I have started but need to be finished. I haven’t done any sewing for nearly two years due to having both of my hips replaced but each hip was done separately and not at the same time. I spent about one and a half months in a Care Center because I don’t have any family nearby to help me. I have done wool work projects and have been reading lots of books. By reading and seeing all the beautiful quilts being constructed I am looking forward to getting back to my sewing. I forgot to mention that going to physical therapy 3 times a week for several weeks did take lots of time but thank goodness for the physical therapists who worked with me. Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. Forgot to mention that I am going to finish the binding on a quilt for one of my friends who had a stroke and can no longer feel the needle or feel anything in her right hand and she is right handed. I decided I needed to help her get her quilt finished. Plus, I enjoy hand sewing but I just wanted to help her get this finished so she doesn’t have to worry about an unfinished quilt project.

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Bitcoin would make a great leader/ender project because there are no triangles, just rectangles!! The hardest part would be keeping the parts for each strip separated. I have UFOs from over 10 years ago – you are doing great!!

  7. I’m working now on sewing down the binding on a 4 patch made from Betsy Chutchian charm packs, and have another quilt waiting to be trimmed and bound. Three quilts tops are waiting patiently for me to quilt them – Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Chain, Gudrun Erla’s Lupine, and Amy Walsh’s Zen. I also started piecing a Farm Girl Vintage/ Vintage 2 Sampler (Lori Holt design), and made 2 blocks of Ancient Spirits of the Mesa. Don’t even ask about the long list of ones I want to start, including the blue and white quilt from Sisterhood of Scraps. I guess I need to get busy!

  8. A member of our Guild had to move in with her daughter. I am finishing her quilts for her and then I will donate them to Hospice and Oncology. There was a beautiful hand-stitched Grandmother’s Fan, a String Quilt, a Batik 9 patch, and a Tube quilt that almost did me in. No patterns so tried my memory and patience until I found the book with the original pattern. Glad to do it for her. Wish she was mentally aware enough to know they are done and going to a good cause. I think once I quilt them I might send her daughter a picture. She would probably appreciate seeing them all done.

  9. I am still working on my Bulls Eye quilt from Mary’s blog. Slow and steady. I have to sew a little at a time because of my eyes, but it is coming a long. I try to only have one thing going at a time now so I guess I am lucky. Although, there have been so many things I wanted to start!!! Have a great weekend!!

  10. UFO’s !!! You must be kidding? Since house fire, packing all that can be cleaned&/or was fine; than packed in totes, etc.!!! Now like opening xmas! Never know what I’ll find. AND I’m finding styff I’ve completely forgotten, UFO’s, masses of fabric, sketches, patterns, you name it. Even thread, sissors, & a few things i don’t know why i ever bought. It’s become exhausting & not even exciting. 3 choices… throw (can’t rescue), ok..but get rid of, Wow; I live it. Into the ufo tote… 11 and trying not to add more, b u t, maybe this 1!!! Also downsized ( HOUSE UNSTABLE), 10 ROOMS TO 4.5, I’LL just say a logistics challenge. I think your UFO challenge looks a breeze, but you are up to any challenge. We are woman, we are strong.

  11. Suzanne Yerks

    You really are getting it done. As you say a few of these are so close to being done. Start with them. AS far as the one with appliqué borders, you said it’s out of your comfort zone. Well its really no different than anything else. It’s knocking it out a step at a time. If you have a plan for the appliqué design then start by making templates for your shapes. Gather your fabrics and prep a few during nap times. Before you know it you will have everything ready to attach to the borders. Will you be machine appliquéing or by hand? Either way, you can glue baste your shapes onto the borders during nap time too. You can do it!!!!! It’s a nice way to approach it because you can lay out the glue basted borders and make sure its all you want it to be. Colors and shapes balanced . Then its just stitching it down.

  12. still reorganizing the separation of my home office OUT OF THE SEWING ROOM.who would have thought it would take so much time >> when I began this I failed to realize the appointments senior have and the heatwaves, so when i see landscaping, new playground equipment, gardening, and all those “sewing” accomplishments i want to hang my head in shame.

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