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Counting down to Bonnie Hunter’s mystery several of us are working to finish up a Bonnie Hunter UFO.  Feel free to join us and link up your quilt or leave a comment letting us know what kind of progress you are making.

Well we only have one more week to sew before Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice mystery starts to finish up our UFO’s.  How are you doing??  I managed to get quite a bit of sewing time in.  Dixie (our foster beagle) loves sleeping behind my chair in the sewing room so I’ve spent a little time there with her sewing a few seams then giving her a pet or two.

I’ve managed to have finish up all of the star blocks with the brown star.  I need six more of the ones with the blue centers.  I started on the chimney and cornerstone blocks but still have work on them to do.  My goal for the next week is to just get all of the blocks finished up and to get the border triangle pieces all cut.  That way I can kind of clean most of it up.  I’ll use those outside border pieced triangles as my leader and ender until I get them finished up-and my project won’t end up back in the UFO pile.

I don’t know how much sewing time I’ll get next week though.  The kids are coming for Thanksgiving.  Our son, Karl, will be home for Thanksgiving break.  I’m sure I’ll manage to sneak some time in though…Hubby knows I’ll need it for my sanity.

Lookie here.  Nell the person who started this whole challege has her Fair and Square quilt top together…

I never thought about doing it in brights…I am so in love with this.  It’s a real beauty and now I want to make one!!!  That has been a bad thing about this challenge.  It has made me want to make MORE Bonnie quilts.  Sigh….

I did get a few note or links from non bloggers and I am sharing their projects here….first up from Ila, “Wheee! I’m first! I actually have *two* finishes – Easy Street and Lazy Sunday. I’ll paste the URLs but I’m not sure if this will work –
Thanks for the encouragement :-)”
 It does work Ila and the quilts are amazing.  Check them out reader by clicking on the link.

Next up from Cathy…it’s Easy Street!  Beautiful right?!?!


If any other non bloggers want to share a photo of their finished top, send me the picture and I’ll add it to next week’s post.  Here’s my email,

Each day leading up to Thanksgiving I write about something I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my daughter Kelli…It is so nice to have a kid that live close to home and for us, that’s Kelli.  When Hubby is in the farming, she’s my entertainment committee.  See???

I can tell Kelli anything…It’s kind fun because I can treat her like a friend and not just be the mom, although sometimes, I need to be the mom just to get her to quit her craziness.  Often times Sunday will roll around and I can’t figure out why my stomach hurts…it’s because Kelli was here and she had me laughing til my belly hurt the day before.  She, like all the other kids, is real good at helping us out.  Time and time again she has helped at the new house.  She helps with dogs a lot too.  She doesn’t “visit” when she comes home…she just comes to do whatever we’re doing.  Whether it’s sewing, working at the house in town, going to auctions, working in the garden or whatever, Kelli’s willing and ready to tag along.  Since she was born, she’s been my buddy and I guess she’ll always be.  I love that we have now working on quilt things together…it’s a natural extension of our relationship.  I’d be lost without her.  Today I am thankful for our daughter Kelli…plus I am so happy she is coming home today.  Two weeks and no Kelli, I’m going into withdrawal!!

11 thoughts on “Bonnie Challenge”

  1. I finished my Smith Mountain Morning on Nov. 14. You can see pictures on my blog. Thanks, Jo, for issuing this challenge. I probably wouldn’t have tried to finish it without being challenged. Now I am ready to start Celtic Solstice! Debbie in WV

  2. I’m still tucking threads on my Easy Street. It’s 103×103 and I did the Baptist Fan on my dsm. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it without starting and stopping on every arc. It’s taking forever but it’s getting there.

  3. I am still on track to complete my Old Tobacco Road. Last week I pieced 88 flying geese and need just 6 more. Then I can piece them into borders and attack to the center piece. I’m getting excited to see it finished.

  4. I have to say I have 1 more square to finish out of 55 in my nine in the middle which I would of never accomplish with out this challege. Now to the border. Thanks to Nell and Jo for this challege.

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