Cross Stitch: A Changed World

I’ve been breaking one of my self-imposed breakable rules.  I’m jumping in and am going to start another project.  I really don’t have the time.  I know I don’t…but what’s a girl to do.

Let me tell you how it all happened…

The Scarlett House cross stitch company came out with a new chart called “A Changed World”.  I loved it the moment I saw it.  I thought it really spoke to how I feel about the last year.  I thought it was a perfect thing for me to stitch….but…I don’t need another project!

Taking PreOrders  THE SCARLETT HOUSE A Changed image 0

I love The Scarlett House designs.  You might remember I stitched the piece you see below that is another Scarlett House design.  I loved stitching this.  I love the two charts both have a lot of a similar look.  I think they would look great on a wall together.  I love how the second leads into the first as far as covid thinking and my mind set nowadays.

I have other things that I’m stitching.  I don’t want to have a big bunch of UFOs in cross stitch.  I already have enough quilting UFOs.  I really don’t need more in cross stitch.  Sigh….I talked myself out of getting the chart.

Then I read… Judy, at Patchwork Times.  She bought the sampler.  She was going to start it.  UGH.  Now I was going to have to watch her stitch it.  The whole time I knew I would be sad that I wasn’t stitching it too.  UGH.  I was tempted all over again.  Darn it.  I had done so well talking myself out of it.  I really did.

Then I got thinking.  Really, what difference is it if I start another one.  I could have four projects going, couldn’t I?  I’m over half done on one, almost half done on the other and about 1/4 done on yet another.  I have good progress on those.  I feel confident I can finish the two bigger projects that are over half done by the end of the year.  Could I have a mid-year start??  Sure…but no.  I shouldn’t.

Then I remembered Judy would be stitching hers.  I just know I am going to be sad watching her stitch and have to watch from the sidelines.

That’s it.  I was emailing Judy and telling her about the mess she got me into.  I did…Judy wrote back and said, “I think Denise and I are going to stitch this together.  Do you want to join us?”

Darn.  YES.  YES I want to join you.  I really, really do and happily, I am.  I committed then and there.  Apparently I just needed someone to ask me.  I am stitching “A Changed World”…it’s all Judy’s fault…or should I said it’s all a credit to Judy.  I’m happy to be starting it.

So if you were on the fence and all you needed was to have someone ask you to join, I’ll be the person that asks.  Do you want to join us and stitch “A Changed World”.  You sure can join us.

We all have other projects going so it’s not going to be a fast stitch….well, at least not on my part.  I am still committed to my other projects and I want them to finished this year too.

Here’s what we set up.  We’ll start on August 1st.  We’ll do updates on our blog on Fridays.

My chart is ordered by hasn’t arrived.  I got mine at The Stitchery Nook.  I also see that Nancy from Needlecase Goodies has it.  Until the chart comes, I’m not picking my linen.  I will likely use DMC threads.  It was stitched with silks but…I think I’m going the frugal way with DMC threads.

Here is who is stitching along….
You can find us at:
Judy at Patchwork Times
Denise at Just Quiltin
Me!!  Jo at Jo’s Country Junction….

I’ve never done a stitch along.  I’ve avoided them like the plague as I know I will never be able to keep up..but Denise and Judy don’t seem to care if I’m slow…and at least I can say I tried…and at least this project will get started AND most of all, I won’t have to sit on the sidelines watching Judy stitch and be wishing I was stitching too!!

17 thoughts on “Cross Stitch: A Changed World”

  1. Angela J Short

    Those are beautiful designs! I’d like to stitch along. I have some DMC threads but I don’t have the pattern/chart or cloth at this time. So I will just watch each of you & enjoy it through each of you. I’m sure they will all be beautiful. Take care. Have a great day!

  2. Christina Coats

    Hi Jo,
    Have just kitted out Seeking refuge and waiting for my Changed World chart to arrive. Hopefully it will arrive by August 1st!!! If not the I’ve decided I will stitch Seeking refuge from August 1st and follow you girls stitching A Changed World. A good compromise I think. Love the verses on both, I have realised after looking through charts at my wonderful Cross stitch shop, Patchwork Rabbit if a chart sings to you , GET IT. Otherwise knowing my luck it will sell out and no longer be available. So lucky this wonderful shop is only 15 mins away. They sell mainly online and send all over the world. Which is why I bought Sewing Club by Blackbird designs. Gorgeous vintage projects.

  3. Absolutely love it Jo, but don’t think my eyes would allow me to do. I have glaucoma and cataracts. I used to cross stitch, but gave away all my stitching supplies and knitting supplies when my eyes got so bad. I will sit back and enjoy watching you girls do yours though.
    Have a wonderful 4th weekend!!!

  4. You have to watch out for Judy, she’s such an instigator! She and I started knitting a shawl in November of 2019…don’t think either of us got much more than the first few rows done (and it starts at the center back so the rows are very short!), then we both set it aside for other things. One of these days I’ll pick it up again! The sampler is beautiful, with her current cross stitch addiction, I’m sure this will get done!

  5. Beverly Douglas

    I love love love the poem, but I’m not a fan of rustic folk art. If I could find the words in another setting I would get it. You will have a great time stitching along, enjoy!

  6. Jo, you got this!! I looked the pattern is out of stock!! You must have gotten a lot of people hooked! Ha!! Enjoy!!

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    You made the right decision–and have a wonderful story to go along with every stitch. Love both verses and the finished pieces with looks great on your wall. Happy stitching!!

  8. I just ordered the pattern….lol I had just put together everything I needed for The Barn-Raising, a replacement since I gave the first one away to a cousin. I’ve never done linen and will have to look at the pattern to figure out if I can but I love the pattern and now I might have to do the other one you finished as I love the saying on that too.

  9. Judy “talked” me into this one too. I should have my chart early next week, I already got the linen ;). I am about half way done with Newcastle Bouquet, I doubt I’ll finish it this month, but I can try.

  10. This chart seems to be a timely one. It would be weird to put it off a couple of years. Go for it! I might join you if I can get this apnea under control.

  11. Jo, I always have 2 projects going. In the evening when my husband is watching tv, I sit and stitch in the family room with him. We have a small living room and I stitch there also during the day when I get 15 minutes or so. I’m not doing cross-stitch however – I’m working on crochet or knitting projects so they are much easier to pick up and work on.

  12. Fran in Dubuque

    Do you know what happened to Country Threads Chicken Scratch blog that your daughter works on with Mary? Unable to find and I know you are friends.

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