My 2014 UFO List

I kind of dread making this list as I am guessing I am not going to make much progress on it this year with the new house project that needs to take priority over any quilting I may do but I am still a firm believer that I want to attack my UFO’s so I am going to keep trudging along.

I got my Smith Mountain Morning quilt top finished.  Now I need to find a back and piece it.  For all you who attended class with me in Moline with the Mississippi Valley Quilters, how are you coming on yours??  It will soon be two years since we all started this quilt!!


Here’s my UFO list:
Blue Skies-just barely started
Turkey Tracks-1/2 of the string blocks done
Smith Mountain Morning-Top finished
Virginia Bound-few blocks done
Hawaiian Sunset-just started
Pineapple Crazy-have 49 blocks done
Tribute to Judy-have 25 blocks done
Perkiomen Daydreams-Top 1/2 finished
American Patchwork and Quilting Quilt-Top Finished  See finished quilt here.
Rectangle Wrangle-cut out
Stringed Triangles-triangles pieced
Wool Project-A Gentle Life-need to put down and stitch wool pieces
Spool Blocks from Bonnie-many done
Texas Braid-Cut out
Scrappy Star Yellow Baby quilt-blocks done
Fit to Frame Along-Blocks Done
Celtic Solstice-UGH.  Need to make decisions
Uptown Girl-cut out

That’s 18 projects.  Last year I finished 13 UFO’s and I am really proud of that number.  Sadly most of those were further along than this year’s batch is.  Last year I started with 25 projects and this year just 18.  I call that lots of progress.  If I keep up the those numbers-finishing 13 and only adding 5 more projects that means I’d only have to do this for 2 more years to finish them all…if I sew at the same pace.

Oh no I just remembered another…but I’m not counting my hexie quilt…oh-I haven’t touched that for a year.  UGH.

Well that’s the working list…wish me luck.  The gals at Country Threads really keep me motivated at working towards completing these.  For the most part, I stick with the number they pull, but being my list is so long sometimes I sneak in a different project instead.

If you missed the UFO’s I finished in 2013, you can see them here.

11 thoughts on “My 2014 UFO List”

  1. You can look at my UFO list, then you will feel better. I actually completed 24 last year, but I still have around 70 to go. I am still focusing on finishing in 2014- my word is “tackle”

  2. Joyce in Oregon

    Jo, a list is a great way to start. Don’t let the numbers scare you. Just tackle them as you can. Are there any that could be used as leaders/enders so they get further ahead while you’re sewing this year? I know sewing/quilting time will be precious with the house and deadline projects, but you’ll need to sneak some in to soothe your sewing soul! :)

  3. I love that Smith Mountain morning quilt top! I think you UFO list looks really good..about the only chance mine will have of being finished is if I can add them to someone else’s pile! I would much rather start on a new project! I did a trunk show last year at guild and sadly…the same quilts still do not have binding and I have added more to that category this year.

  4. Is the double wedding ring quilt for your daughter on the list? You do a lot of charity quilt work and you still managed to get so many personal quilts done. You’re an amazing woman!

  5. Jo, with all of the charity quilts, gift quilts, and Bake Shop quilts you and Kelli accomplish, it’s a wonder you can get to any UFOs! The good news is…2 of those listed are tops, so you can quilt ’em up and knock them right off the list (which is exactly what I’ve done this month…I finished up my Wild Child quilt and then immediately put Lazy Sunday on the frame. At that stage, it makes knocking UFOs off the list easy (if you’ve got the motivation to get the long arming done)!

  6. Gorgeous quilt! Sounds like you have some busy days ahead. I am trying to get back into my craft mode. Saw a quilt along I would like to try and hope to finish as well. I started others, but did not finish. I guess this would be a good year to finish.


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