Yard Sale Saturday

Hey all…Did you hear that Colorado Lady is hosting Yard Sales?  I thought I would put together a few things in an effort to clean a little house.  I will update as orders come in.  I would prefer Paypal payments…I will make every effort to update as soon as items are sold.  Email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net if you have questions or want to reserve an item.

I have 100% cotton shirt pieces…shown is the box of shirts so you can see a sampling of the fabrics.
70 shirt fronts/misc pieces-$32+  $19 shipping-needs to ship in two boxes.Sold
50 shirt backs-$42+ $15 rate shipping.Sold
50 shirt sleeve pairs-$24+15.45 flat rate shipping.Sold
50+ yokes from the shirts.  $6 + 11.35 flat rate shipping.

23+Older quilting magazine. $5+11.35 flat rate shipping.sold

23+Newer quilting magazine. $5+11.35 flat rate shipping.

Lot of older quilting books. $8+11.35 flat rate shipping.Sold

Wool Packs-

Variety pack of 25 squares of recycle washed and ready to go wool all cut in 6″ squares.  $19 +$3 shipping
Lot of 25 6" Pieces of Recycled Wool

Variety pack of 25 squares of recycle washed and ready to go all cut in 3.5″ squares. $10 + $2.50 shipping.
Lot of 25 3.5" Pieces of Recycled Wool
Quilting Book:  $7 shipping included. SOLD

That’s it….again, if you have questions email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

4 thoughts on “Yard Sale Saturday”

  1. I need more shirts for my mountains. Would like the backs if they are still available. Haven’t done this before so not sure where I go to paypal you.

  2. Vicki Richardson

    Would love to get your magazines and large wool pieces if they are still avail. Where in CO are you? I live in Brighton.


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