A Trip to the Vet

Thursday was Ruby’s first trip to the vet with me.  She had gone with her litter mates before we got her.   The vet is a half hour away and oh she fussed all the way there and all the way home until we were about five miles from home…then she feel asleep.  I tell you having a puppy is so much like having a kid…my kids did that all the time!

Ruby got her shots and wormer.  She also got a kennel cough shot so that she’ll be safe for when she is being cared for while we are the wedding.  (Can you believe only 15 more days until the big event?!?!?)

While talking with the vet I expressed a concern I had.  I think Ruby has a urinary track infection.  The first four days she was here she had one accident each day.  Then the next day no accidents at all.  Then we had two days that all we had were accidents….NINE in a day or more.  Then when we walked and were outside for about 45 minutes she went potty three times in that short period.  Then came in the house and had an accident within minutes.

The vet and I talked.  We decided to put her on some amoxicillin.

I am hoping that this will get us back on track and back on the road to house training.   She had done so good earlier.

It was a little hard for me going to the vet.  I just kept remembering everything that happened over the last days with Gracie.  I remember just how she turned and looked at me right before I left.  I love little Ruby like crazy.  She’s a great little pup and I can see she has so much potential to be an awesome dog.  But she’s not Gracie and Gracie is not her.  I wouldn’t trade one for the other ever.  I just wish I could have them both…but I can’t.  So I am going to love this little gal that I have and be thankful that I do have her.

Ruby was extra tired tonight.  I am assuming she is that way from the effects of the shot, so she spent quite a bit of time snuggling in my lap….it was the perfect place to be.

8 thoughts on “A Trip to the Vet”

  1. My female is older now, but we are very familiar with Clavamox! Hope the issue clears up quickly! Your little Ruby is a doll!

  2. I think Gracie knew it was her time and she was looking at you to let you know that it was ok. They know when they are in pain and you are going to take care of it. Ruby is a sweetie little girl. Hope her UTI clears up quickly.

  3. I’m thinking that Gracie gets as much comfort from you as you do from her. You make a great team! Here’s hoping things clear up for her soon and that the potty training will soon be a thing of the past!

  4. Thank you for a sweet post & chuckle! Yes, kids/puppies are so much alike…except that puppy preschool worked for our dog…just wish we could have trained the kids as well! ;-)))
    Happy puppy snuggles…they are the best!

  5. Dogs are the most wonderful beings! I can’t imagine life without a dog. I hope your baby is better soon and I’m sorry about Gracie. They certainly pull the strings in our heart…

  6. I think you needed the lap time as much as Ruby did. They seem to understand when we need some extra snuggle time…and you needed it tonight!! Ruby will never replace Gracie, but I’m glad you can love them both! Love is the important part :)

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