X-rated…not the post, the quilt.

I decided to get a jump start on my Schnibble for May, X-rated (that’s the name of the pattern).

I am actually have two Schnibbles going right now, Lincoln and X-rated….but I thought that being I started my Lincoln Schnibble in April, it wouldn’t be fair to count it as my May Schnibble of the Year.  So far, I don’t really like X-rated.  There are no blocks to the pattern.  You just lay out all of your cut pieces and piece them together in rows….no blocks.  I don’t have a spot large enough for this(at least not a spot that our Beagle won’t terrorize) so I have been adding a couple rows at a time, hoping I end up getting the colors distributed evenly.  With this design, I need to be more organized and that is something I definitely have challenges with.

This has become my new project that I work on when my college kids call me on the phone.  I adjust the phone to speaker phone setting and pin away while I talk with them.  I am guessing that I won’t get much done on the quilt in the next two weeks as it will be finals week for all three of my college kids either this week or next week…hopefully they will all be studying and not chatting on the phone.

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  1. I love that quilt and have that book but I haven’t tried it yet. I wonder-maybe something like Electric Quilt would help. I use it a lot to figure out color placement, then I print it out and use it as a guide. I wonder if that would help for this one.

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