What I’m working on….Lessons Learned

Do you ever just look at a pattern and just jump into it before reading the directions?  Well that’s what I did.
I am making my Plan C Schnibble Quilt for the August Schnibble of the Year.  I just looked at the picture and started sewing.  How hard are some four patches and star blocks….

I laid them out on my table and WHAT….how can that be the blocks didn’t “fit” together!  Turn, twist… Nope….it didn’t work.

Well you know the adage…”When all else fails, read the directions”.  I did and silly me.  The stars don’t get sewn together as a unit.  10 minutes of “unsewing” and I was back in business.

See…much better.
I should have figured this out when I was half way done sewing the blocks together as I ran out out of corner squares…Did I stop and read the directions….NO.  My immediate thought was that I didn’t pay attention when I was cutting the pattern out.  Then I thought,  maybe there is a typo in the pattern directions.  I just cut more squares.  I should have stopped then and read the directions.  Oh well…lessons learned.  “Read the pattern directions before starting to sew!”

I am really happy that this happened on a little Schnibble pattern that is only 30 X 30 and not a big quilt.  I would have really been complaining then!

11 thoughts on “What I’m working on….Lessons Learned”

  1. Did that on a Schnibbles too, just looked at the picture started and…ooops. When all else fails, read the directions.

  2. I’m not a directions kind of girl…I always get in trouble, but it doesn’t stop me from jumping head first into a project based on a picture alone.

    I’m sensing a theme from the comments. You are in good company…LOL

  3. Jumping in can be a good thing, or cause a lot of unsewing…thankfully I am usually a pretty good reader but messups do regularly occur! Your stars look really cute.

  4. Been there, done that — in fact, possibly on the same (or similar) pattern! 8-))) We’ve all been around the block a time or two and now can ‘fix’ most of our mis-sewing! 8-)) Looking good!

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