Between Charming Friends…FINISHED

It’s been SO long since I finished a quilt.  I’ve been piecing and working on things….just not finishing anything.

This is my Between Charming Friends Quilt.   The pattern is from Darlene at Quilting Daze.


I am happy with how it turned out….of course, this quilt had it’s own drama.  You can read about back at this blog entry.

I did a simple stipple quilting pattern.  I am beginning to wonder if I need to ban stippling for a bit just to make myself try something different….but sometimes, when I don’t feel confident about a new quilting design, stippling is just easy!  Plus, it never looks bad.


This quilt is headed to school with the kiddos tomorrow.  It will be donated to the Music Boosters Fall Fundraiser.

Now, that’s one quilt off my list….does that mean I’ll start two more projects?  Nope…I am resisting temptation and am going to finish TWO more quilts before I start anything new….wish me luck on that!

4 thoughts on “Between Charming Friends…FINISHED”

  1. Ohhh nice! Chocolatey. And I think you quilting is just fine – I would call it meandering – so don’t feel the slightest bit ‘guilty’ about stippling – it’s meandering.

  2. Oh this is such a warm and cozy looking quilt — makes you want to wrap right up in it! I’m sure this will be a great hit at the fundraiser – you did a great job!

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