The Perfect Surprise

When my daughter Kayla was last home, she brought a couple surprises for me.

My first surprise was big stack of knitted dish cloths.


I LOVE knitted dish cloths.  Kayla makes some wonderful ones too.  If you are a knitter, you might want to check out her blog, Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways.  She has some free patterns for knitted dish cloths along with other fun projects there.

Kayla also brought me THREE boxes of old quilting books and and quilting goodies.  Her boyfriend’s grandmother had passed away.  When they were cleaning out the house they gave a bunch of quilting things to Kayla.  She choose things she wanted and then passed the boxes along to me.  I have been spending all of my reading time pouring over the books and magazines.  It has been SO fun.


I am not into gift giving at birthdays and Christmas.  In fact, I HATE it.  I hate it really bad.  I always feel guilty that I put the giver through the hassle of the obligation of purchasing me a present.  I always wonder if they had to hem and haw and ask friends to figure out what they could get me.  I wonder is getting the gift was a chore rather than a joy.  I always wonder if by purchasing the present the  giver shorted themselves.  Receiving gifts just makes me feel bad most of the time.

When I get gifts like this for no reason at all, I LOVE them.  It lets me know the person could afford it.  It lets me know they really were thinking of me because the gift didn’t come out of obligation. was a just because gift.  So thanks Kayla…thanks a lot.  I love the gift and thought that went with it.  You’re a great daughter.

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Surprise”

  1. Those boxes of books are like treasure chests! I wouldn’t be able to tear myself away from that pile until I had looked at each one.
    Dishcloths….too pretty to use…couldn’t do it!

  2. Jackpot!! What fun to go through all that.
    I hate the gift-giving, shopping thing too. All the agonizing over what to get then often knowing the recipient is disappointed. The grandkids where fun when they were little, now it’s better to give them gift cards are cash so they can buy what they REALLY want.

  3. I’m in that ‘hate gift-giving, shopping thing’ crowd. It’s not that I don’t like to give gifts, it’s actually the receiving of gifts. I’d rather my friends donate the money to charity. For me, gift giving is stressful.

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