Talkin’ Turkey

Ever since Mom introduced me to Bonnie Hunter and her wonderful style of quilting, I have been hooked.  When I first started quilting, I refused to use anything but pre-cuts as I absolutely despised cutting.  I was only interested in the sewing of quilts and anything that involved too much cutting was just got in my way.  Once Mom introduced me to Bonnie’s “scrap using” system, I was hooked.  I eventually went on to cut all of my fabric according to the system.  I found that by cutting my fabric into the pre-determined strip sizes, I was removing a lot of the time that I would have had to spend cutting the fabric before starting a new project.

But when Mom first introduced me to string piecing, I was a bit skeptical.  It seemed quite tedious for my liking, however I then realized that I wouldn’t need to cut at all.  When squaring up my fat quarters, which I was accumulating at a rapid rate, I would be able to just cut a little bit wider strip and would have lots of strings that I could get started with.  I was then hooked!

Since then, I have completed (finished the middle of the top, no borders) many string quilts.  Below is my latest…

It was a bit windy when trying to take pictures, but I was able to get a nice view of the whole quilt.

I always like to take close up views to try to see the quilt from a different perspective.

I even got Puppycat to sit still for a picture with the quilt!  She doesn’t really do well with sitting still, but it’s a good thing that I snapped this picture when I did, because 2 seconds later, she was up and running around again!

That’s the first quilt top I have finished from Bonnie’s book String Fling: Scrappy, Happy and Loving It!, but I have more quilts from the book in my future.

14 thoughts on “Talkin’ Turkey”

  1. I’m a Bonnie Hunter fan too and this is on my list – yours looks wonderful! I’m collecting strips! :) I just finished one of her Many Trips quilts and I’m working on her hexagon Medallion – her 4th of July is up next.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Isn’t it fun to use all those different fabrics and it turns out so well? I never thought of the scrap savers system in that way before, even though I use it, thanks!

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