Weekend Happenings…

Last week I was on Grandma duty as Kalissa, our adult daughter, fought her nasty ear infection.  She had daily appointments to get her ear cleaned out.  What a mess.  Anders, Kalissa’s son, caught another cold…

…and so did Gannon.  Here Izzy is hanging with Gannon as he gets ready to take a nap.

I had wondered if Kalissa would have to cancel her craft/vendor show on Saturday.  She ended up feeling better and was able to go.  I offered to with her and help.  I didn’t want her overdoing it.

Here is our space at the start of the show…

…and here is what it blossomed into being…
Being she didn’t know if she’d be able to go up to the last minute she hadn’t really thought out a display plan for her shirt business.  This is what we came up with late Friday night.  A backdrop from me with Kalissa’s gray sheet hanging on it.  Two tables that were mine with table covers she bought flanked each side.  My card table is in the middle with the quilt I made her in the center.  My clothes rack is on the right along with a check-out table.  She bought a clothes rack that was on the left.

A dog panel is on the top of the table with shirts hanging on hangers off of it.  Baskets were below with all of the shirts in various sizes.

It was raining as we unloaded so we both were suffering from flat hair.

I had planned on going home after I had her all setup but we started goofing around and having some fun.  I love my grandkids but I miss time with my adult children alone.  We ended up enjoying some time visiting with friends and neighbors who came by and with each other.

There happened to be a quilt retreat in town and several of the ladies attending came down and bought shirts from Kalissa.  This is her latest quilting shirt “Fabric Fanatic”.  Many of you have ordered it and the first orders are going out this week.

Kalissa added this sweater to one shirt and I swear, we could have sold that sweater a dozen times over.  Pairing a sweater with a t-shirt is a great way to extend your t-shirt wearing into the winter months.

We kind of broke it into two different sections.  The sewing shirts were in one area…

…and the not sewing shirts in another area.  I had to laugh as I was helping hang the sewing shirts.  I kept saying why don’t I have this one…or why don’t I have that one.

Kalissa ended up taking one of the designs she plans on retiring that was in my size and tossed it to me and told me to keep it…now I have it HA!!

The most popular shirt of the day was…can you guess??

Grateful to be Grandma.  It was pretty much a tie between the t-shirt and sweatshirt.

You can find all of Kalissa’s shirts HERE on her Etsy site.

After the show, I went home, wrote a blog post, and then stitched.

Sunday was a unique day.  Every year on the first Sunday in November the stars align in a way that makes me not have to cook!  First off is the craft show in Waucoma.  The ladies there sell kolaches and we buy some.  Typically I don’t buy this many but this year I was buying some for Karl, Kalissa, Kelli, me, and a friend of mine.  My friend always buys extra, freezes them, and then pulls them out to eat over the holidays.  I bought two extra bags and plan to do that as well. 
Kolaches are a pastry that is filled.  Over the years I’ve learned that each area of the state has its own version of kolaches.  This is what’s popular here in the northeast corner of Iowa.

In the past, I’ve been a fruit-only kolache girl but a couple of years ago I was late at getting to the craft show to get kolaches and what they had left was an assorted bag.  In the assorted bag there happens to be a coconut-flavored one.  It turns out, I love them.

I think that’s more of a “modern” flavor.  Prune and poppy seed are more traditional flavors.

For lunch, the fireman were putting on a pork chop dinner so Kalissa picked up a dinner for me.

Then for supper, the music boosters at the local school put on a chicken dinner so we got that too.  Karl was over for that meal.

It is an unusual day in the area where the stars align and I don’t have to cook for an entire day!!  Also, I end up overeating.  HA!!  You can see why.

Anyway, I had a good weekend and had a chance to visit with my adult kids and recharge a bit.  It was just what this mom needed!!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    A busy week followed by a fun weekend. So glad you enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about the ear trouble etc. I really like the shirts Kalissa designs.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    A busy week followed by a fun weekend, those Kolache look delicious. So glad your grands are growing up fairly healthy.

  3. I have 1 daughter, 32. She was last home in 2020.The few hours she was here for my dad’s funeral last year doesn’t count, because she left without saying good-bye. I envy you having your kids so close by. Despite all the problems, you are all blessed to have each other so close by. What a blessing for those grandbabies, too. Thanks for sharing so much of your family life with us.

  4. What a great job you two did with putting the shirts on display, looks nice. I need to check out the new shirts and see if I need more, lol. So glad the new shirt designs are doing well. Those Kolaches look yummy.

  5. I don’t comment often Jo but I read every single post you send out. And I’d like to say I just love your family! Your girls are so pretty and sons are so cute! You all look like you’re always having the best time. I tend to forget you all don’t live in one house! Everyone looks so comfortable together. And I could go on and on about those grandkids! Adorable! And BTW, most everyone looks like you. So blessed!

    1. Sometimes I do think we all live in one house, because it’s so busy. As much as I love having them all here, I enjoy my down time too!! Thanks for the kind words!!

  6. What a fun day! I would love to be a mouse in your pocket for some of these fun times that you have. I am so glad to see you enjoying your kids and grandchildren. That is what makes life good. Shine on Jo!

  7. I love your blog and always start my day with it. I have signed up more than once but haven’t seen a new email for 3 days. What am I doing wrong?

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