Red Bird Stitch Along Pillow Finishing

I finished my Red Bird Stitch Along a week or two ago but didn’t fully finish it into a pillow.  I had promised that when I did, I would take some pictures and write it up on the blog.  This is the promised post.

I really didn’t have a vision for this one.  I thought about making a tiny drum finish.  I thought about making a pillow.  The pillow idea won out.  That didn’t end the decision making though.  Do I add fabric…which fabric??  Too many decisions…

I ended up with… the fabric that had the green stripe in it.  I cut the red and two pieces of fusible interfacing the same size as the stitched piece.

I ironed them on.  Ooops.  My iron was a little too hot.

I decided to use a small pompom with this.  I sewed that down around the outer edge.

I flipped this top piece over and put it right sides together with the backing piece.  When I did that, I sewed with the stitched side on top.  Then I stitched exactly on the stitching line from where I attached the pompoms.

I left a two-inch opening along the bottom.  I clipped the corners and turned it right side out.  HERE is the link to the tool that I love to use for turning things right side out.  It is the tool you see on the right in the picture, a hera marker.

Now it’s time to stuff the pillow.

You might remember that I use a combo of poly-fil and crushed walnut shells.  I put stuffing in the corners…fill with walnut shells and then put stuffing over the opening.

Then I sewed the opening shut.

After I was done with it, I didn’t love the linen color.  I like a warm color…this was taupe-colored…so, I got out my Distress It spray and sprayed it.

This is the brand that I happen to have.  There are others out there like THIS one.

I really sprayed the whole thing.

I ended up liking it better.  The linen has more of a “warm” feel now.

I had hoped to put it on a shelf I have in the living room but it was too wide.

I ended up putting it with my cross stitch wall.

I’m content with it here.

Every piece I finish, it looks a little more and more as I hoped it would look.

That wraps up that stitch along for me.  The next one starts on August 1st.  I am super excited about that.  I’m thinking I might take it with me to the retreat and start it there.  It might be a day or so early but I think you’ll all forgive me.

As a reminder, this is the next stitch along…This is by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread and is also called Red Bird Sampler.

I invite anyone and everyone to join us.  There is still time to order your kit.  You can find the information about that HERE.  I did talk to Liz at the Stitchery Nook and she had a hiccup in getting all the needed supplies for the kits.  They are finally all in and shipping has started.  If you ordered a kit, it should be arriving soon.  I still think we’ll be okay to start the stitch along on August 1st.  THANKS for your patience everyone!!

11 thoughts on “Red Bird Stitch Along Pillow Finishing”

  1. Redbird is great finish. The wall looks very nice. I like the HOME blocks too. I never knew about that Distress but it sure seems like a great product. I learn so much from you!

  2. Such a sweet pincushion. You’re so brave to trust the aging spray! I think it looks better warmer, too.
    Your sampler wall is great eye candy, as well as the cabinet surface.

  3. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love where you decided to put your new finish! It ties in those spools you have there with the other cross stitch pieces: looks great! Really clear directions on the finish. Thank you!

  4. Judith M Fairchild

    Your aging spray accents the red stitching. The orginal color just didn’t do it’s job. Well done.

  5. It’s a great addition to your sampler wall. I love how you sprayed on an antique look to it. I’ve never seen that before!
    Love and prayers

  6. It turned out cute. I have a question, how long does it take when you dust? I’m more of a minimalist as I hate moving items from surfaces when it comes time to dust.

  7. Dear Jo:
    I enjoy reading your posts and following your progress on your cross stitch wall.
    On your post of August 5th you shared an update of Kelli’s pandemic project. I think the red work is beautiful. Can you tell me who the designer is on the chart? I looked but couldn’t find it. Thank you for your time.
    Take care,

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