Quilt Finish: Bulls Eye

You might remember that Kayla brought this quilt top to me to finish.

Kayla started this project with her students from her Family Consumer Sciences class.  This is a Bulls Eye quilt.  The original idea for this comes from the gals from Country Threads.

Mary hosted a sew along for a Bulls Eye quilt and has the instructions online.  You can find them in these installments.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four

I wanted to make sure that I shared this with you as I know many of you are…moms and grandmas and are looking for beginning quilting projects for the people in your life.  This one is perfect.

Here is a picture I stole from Mary’s blog (thanks Mary) that shows the quilt in more vibrant colors.  Mary’s quilt also has three rings and the student’s quilt only has two rings.  However you make it, it’s so cute!!

Here it is hanging out on the fence.

This was a piece of thrifted fabric.  I thought it would be perfect.

This is how the quilt looked before I clipped the raw edges and washed it.

You can see that the washing really crinkles it up beautifully.

I do want to note that when I washed this quilt, I used color catchers.  between the red in the quilt and the red backing, I was sure I would need them.  These are the ones I use…

You can find them HERE.  To use them I throw them in the washing machine with the quilt.  I’m so glad I did.  I put six in and they were totally dark pink as they caught up the color that would have otherwise bled onto my quilt.  I didn’t dry the quilt.  I washed it again and this time I put eight sheets in…they came out just barely pink.  Much better.  Then I dried it in the dryer.  To get the crinkles and frayed edges, machine drying is necessary.

When Kayla brought the quilt back, she had this gray binding on it, initially, I thought that was odd…but in the end, I liked it.  It’s a bit of color without boxing the quilt in.

The students made this with the intention that it will be passed on to charity…and I have a plan for it.

I made a bulls eye quilt myself back when Country Threads first came out with the pattern.  It was in the book Quilts from Aunt Amy.

Amazon still has the book available.  You can find it HERE.  A used copy is only $5-ish.

I made mine more like the cover quilt in darker colors.

It sure is a fun quilt.  I can totally see making this with one of my grandkids someday.  It’s great to practice moving turns fabric while it’s under the needle….best of all, even if they do a not-so-good job, it still works!

It’s fair season around here and 4-H kids are busy showing projects.  This would be a great project to make.

I did a simple loopy design for the machine quilting.

I’m so happy to have this finished and now ready to donate.

I hope this inspires you to make one someday with a little one in your life…or for yourself.  If you are a beginning quilter, this would be a super project for you too!

11 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Bulls Eye”

  1. I made one from that same book many years ago. Mine is the darker colors in homespun plaids. Never thought about it being a baby quilt but GD is expecting so if it’s a boy I have a quilt ready!!

  2. The quilt looks great. I was introduced to the color catchers when my hubby spilled on a table runner with red in it and it ran. I used the color catchers and washed it and it even took most of the rd from where it ran. So glad I have those now. I want to try doing your loopy loops on a quilt. I will practice on my white board first. Thanks for sharing! Some little recipient will really love this quilt.

  3. Jill McCaughey

    Jo, you now you can reuse the Color Catchers, don’t you? After they absorb and have a lighter colour in them, I save them for darker fabrics, especially batiks. I can usually get three “dye jobs” out of a sheet before I go to a new one. I put several in with the fabric. Really works.
    Thanks for all the work you do to inspire us. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

  4. Judith M Fairchild

    I’ve used color and love how they work. The idea of drying them and reusing them is great. My mom would have loved it. I found out that if you soak possible materials that might run soak them in hot salt water for an hour or so. It reduces the chances of running.

  5. Hmm. I notice that Mary’s Bullseye quilt doesn’t have clipped edges. I’m not a fan of little threads in the wash. Found that out when my daughter made a “rag” quilt and there were so many threads in the dryer filter after the washing.

  6. Love it! I made many of these years ago. They are fun and easy to make. I didn’t clip the edges. Congratulations on another finish!

  7. So cute! I did the sew along with Mary and had fun with that. I found a bunch of flannel for my second one – that worked great too. And last year, I looked thru my scraps and pulled a bunch of blues for the backround and it turned out spectacular! I can’t wait to make another.

  8. I have that book. I wanted to make the Bulls Eye quilt. I take rag quilts to the laundromat too. My washer doesn’t have a lint trap and I’m afraid it will clog the pipes

  9. I made one of these 10 years ago, which also included a lot of hand embroidery. I entered it in my local county fair and won 1st place AND best in show. I entered just to say I did. Fun!

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