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I am a little later than normal with tonight’s post.  I got sidetracked today and life caught up with me so I’m sitting down at the computer later in the day than normal.

Do you all remember Annie?  She was the foster Aussiedoodle I had a couple of weeks ago.  The people who gave her up decided to go out of the breeding business.  They were only a smaller breeder but HEART Animal Rescue jumped in and got the dogs that were there before anyone decided to change their minds.

I was at the dentist this morning and got a message from the gal who coordinates things and she asked if I could come and help with intake.  I said as soon as I was done at the dentist, I would come.  I ended up getting to our meeting spot, Lulu and BB’s in Decorah, a few minutes before she did.

The Amish breeder turned over four adult females and four puppies.

There were two that looked a lot alike.  One of them is Annie’s mom.  Those pups were released about three weeks ago and these poor moms have not gained any weight back.  They are so skinny.

I felt just terrible for them…but happy for them too as they are on the first step to having a better life.

When going through the paperwork we discovered that… these pretty girls are not yet two years old.  They will be two in December.  Oh, my word.  That made me so frustrated.  We suspect that Annie’s litter wasn’t her first litter either.

This pup was especially loving the attention.

There is quite a bit to do at intake.  Dogs are checked for a microchip, They get a chip if they don’t have one.  They are sent home with Heartgard and Nexgard along with a wormer.  They all need a collar, harness, and leash.  They also get food, treats, a toy, and often a dog bed.  They also all get a folder so we can keep track of all of their paperwork.  The dirtiest job of all is giving them a bath.  Typically the first three minutes of bath time is about the worst you can imagine.    By the time they are ready to get soaped up, they are finally accepting it.

Imagine all of that for four dogs.

There was a blue merle that was given to us.

She was very pretty…but so thin.  She has a cut on her face that was fairly deep but nothing that won’t heal and hair will grow over.

She has four puppies.

They came with her.

These are the pups.  Sorry, it’s not a better picture.  The pups are only five weeks old so they are too little for baths and don’t have to go through the whole intake process.  They will go with their mom to a foster who is stepping up to a big task…four puppies and a momma.  This is really a long commitment as the puppies can’t be adopted out until they are 8 weeks old and momma needs more time than that.  She will need a little break after the pups leave and then she’ll be spayed.  She needs food and nutrition…that poor gal.

We didn’t take time to check if they are boys or girls.  We were so busy with the momma dogs and there is plenty of time to work with them.

Everyone at Lulu’s and BB’s is so great.  The employees are here helping with the dogs.  It’s so appreciated.

This was the last gal to get an updo.  She is a red merle.  She is absolutely beautiful.  She is bigger than the others.  I would say the others classify as mini Aussies and she is probably standard.

She has been with a male so we suspect that she is pregnant.  She will be with a foster for an extended period of time so this can all be confirmed or denied.  As I was bathing her I noticed that she does have some swelling on her underside.  I mentioned that to the gal that was there with me.  She has done foster and rescue for a long time.  She said that she could still be swollen from her last litter.  That about broke my heart.  How do people treat dogs like this?

This wasn’t how I planned to spend my day.  I’m behind with my own stuff now but that really doesn’t make a difference to me.  This was so much more important.

I didn’t bring any of these home with me.  I still have Rusty and only want to have one dog, maybe two, at a time.  I’d have helped it needed but I think they have it all figured out.  I’m so glad we had fosters step up, especially with the holiday so close.

Sadly a male there was sold to a puppy mill and they weren’t able to rescue him.  It wasn’t for a lack of trying.  That was sad but we can’t let that overshadow the good that came from the day.
Four mommas are on their way to a better life and four little pups are going to find good homes.

13 thoughts on “More Rescue Dogs”

  1. I know where the dogs came from and my opinion of the breeders changed a great deal after I saw several rescued. My Phoebe had the #17 tattooed in her ear and was a mess when we got her. We were warned what these puppy mill breeding dogs are like and I’m glad to say she turned out pretty good. We could never keep a rug on the floor as she peed on it, even a rubber mat. But she was a winner to us! So glad you are helping out with these dogs, they need it.

  2. Jo, have you ever watched Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet? There’s a lady that’s featured occasionally on the show who rescues lots of dogs from puppy mills. She says often she’ll get a call from the mill owner who tells her to come & get the dogs or he’ll kill them!! OMG!!! She has a big van with lots of carriers and she often fills the van!! She’ll take however many Dr. Jeff can take and he examines them, does whatever is needed, spays & Vaccinates them. Makes me SO MAD that people treat innocent animals like that! So glad there are rescues like you are involved with. Thank you!

  3. I’m with you, that makes me so mad that people would treat any animal like that but especially dogs. Dogs are so trusting and mostly long to please their people. My dogs are my family. Those poor mamas are so beautiful though, I’m sure they’ll have no trouble finding them homes. God bless you and the rescues that care for these poor animals.

  4. OMG this made me cry. You are so good to do this. How can people treat something so innocent like that. God bless you Jo and your fellow rescuers. My dog are like my children and even sleep in bed with me.

  5. Thanks, Jo, for helping with your time with the new arrivals. I’m glad you have a flexible schedule and the willingness to volunteer.

  6. So wonderful that you were/are available to help out. It seems like all the dogs you have shown since becoming a foster have been from Amish people. I don’t understand how they can be so terrible to these helpless animals. Thank you, Jo!

    1. I am not sure as each Amish community is different. Some of the ones in our area don’t believe in spay or neutering. It creates a problem. Then they have puppies, can’t get rid of them all and then end up with another dog to have even more puppies. This happens with just regular Amish that aren’t even breeders.

  7. A good reminder for us to go to shelters, etc. for our pets. Puppy mills are horrible.
    Thank you for being a foster for pups.
    Love and prayers

  8. I honestly don’t know how these puppy farms, because that’s what they are, are allowed to continue, it’s so sad.
    Thank you for rescuing these little beauties and giving them a happy life.

  9. I had always thought (in my innocence) that the Amish who are publicly of the Christian faith would therefore be kind to animals. This was my view from the UK
    However, I have been aware for a number that many of them are far from good horse owners and particularly when those horses are nearing retirement age and can no longer work as hard as they once might have done. (I also am aware of how they treat members of their families who disagree with aspects of their lifestyle and beliefs.)
    This is the first time that I realised that they also have puppy mills and for the life of me can’t see how they can justify this cruelty to animals with their very visible proclamation of faith.

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