Quilt Finish: Scrappy Unicorn Baby Quilts

I have two finishes for you today…it’s my Unicorn Baby quilts.  They were simple…and I’d like to say quick to make.  They are full of scrappy goodness!!

Normally these would be quick to make but, I went about making them via a L-O-N-G route.  I don’t have anyone in mind for these.  I will save them and when a baby comes along I will gift them.  I love having something already on hand.  They might go for a benefit as well.

I made two.  When you first look at the picture it might look like it’s one big quilt…but no, there are two.  These are both bigger than what some would call a baby quilt.  They are 48″ x 54″.

I typically make baby quilts this size.  Anymore, babies aren’t supposed to sleep with blankets because of SIDS risk.  I lost both a great niece and a great nephew to SIDS so our family has learned the hard way not to use blankets in a baby’s crib.

If the quilts are bigger they can…be a playmat when they are little and when they are older even into preschool, they can use them more then.

I did straight-line quilting on these.

I liked the simple look for this as the quilt is already so busy.

These quilts really helped put a dent in my 2 1/2″ scrap bucket.

The quilt is made up of nine patches and panel blocks.

You can purchase the panel HERE on Amazon
The only difference between the two quilts is the binding.  One got pink polka dots and the other a teal stripe.

The backing is a 100% cotton sheet from the thrift store.

It was great to work with.

I’m so pleased to have these two done.  Now I won’t feel the pressure to get something made when I learn that someone is expecting…well, maybe I will if they are expecting a boy.  HA!!

If someone is interested, I would be able to write up a pattern.  Let me know if you’re interested in that.

These are both folded up and resting in my stack of quilts to be given away.  Whew…it’s so good to have them done.

22 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Scrappy Unicorn Baby Quilts”

  1. Beautiful quilts! I would be interested in the pattern since my folder of baby quilt patterns is pretty slim.
    It’s 28 degrees this morning so the annuals I didn’t cover last night are goners. This seems early for a first frost. I equate frosty mornings with Halloween.
    Have a good weekend everyone!

  2. Congrats on finishing up these TWO super sweet quilts, Jo!! I err to the large side for baby quilts, as well. It just makes sense to avoid “baby” themes and end up with something to be used for a good long while.

  3. Patti McConnell

    Those quilts are just darling. I would love and appreciate a pattern. I really like a Patchwork quilt, they just say “snuggle” to me!

  4. Such happy and bright quilts. I totally agree on the size and usefulness. I have always made baby quilts larger. Babies grow so fast (too fast) and a little extra size makes a good snuggle blanket. To have them ready to go for a new little one or as a donation is a great plan. Thanks for sharing your finishes.

  5. I would also like for you to create the pattern. Thank you for being so generous with you time and talent Lager ” baby” quilts are so much more practical.

  6. Hi, how do you do straight line quilting? I can only seem to go in one direction -left to right. My thread always breaks coming the other way.

  7. Unbelievable 79 degrees in the Pacific NW where I’m visiting. I like larger baby quilts too. So, cut 6.5 inch story book squares and cut 2.5 inch squares sewn any quick strip way and then into 9-patches. I have several smaller scraps and left over charms. I think I’ll look for a panel.

  8. Judith Fairchild

    I have always made large “baby quilts the small baby quilts are cute but a new born barely fits into them by 3 months they have outgrown the quilt. I like a 54” quilt as you have plenty of grow room. My grands each got one and used them till they were going to school.

  9. thanks for the measurements for the quilts and a pattern would be fantastic. I really like the straightline quilting. looks so neat and classic.

  10. Hi Jo,
    Your unicorn quilts were featured on the opening page of Google here in Australia today! It was a real treat because other methods of viewing your blogs have been very scratchy of late. They feature but are then not available to view.

    The quilts are lovely.


  11. The quilts are so cute and fun! Yes I would like a pattern. I have plenty of scraps and it’d be wonderful to make a dent in them!!!

  12. I’ve always made baby quilts in the 60″ square range. They are comfy to sit and cover up when breast feeding . Also, they are a great size to take along on visits. Throw on the floor and let baby play or on a bed to save baby oopsies happening on a bed cover. The only time I make smaller ones is if they are “heirloom” quilts (hand quilted) and used at a baptism and, then, displayed or stored, to be handed down to the next babies.

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