Izzy Goes to the Groomers

Before I tell you about the groomers, I wanted to let you know that we’ve been walking regularly.  I would call Izzy good for leash training.  Here are Izzy and Rosie.

Izzy now walks right up by me and Rosie.  She loves to go on walks.  I do want to find a leash that allows me to walk two dogs at once.  Anyone have a two dog leash that they recommend?  I would really appreciate some recommendations.

Izzy had a spa day set up for Thursday so off we went.  She still had a faint horse barn smell so I was all ready for something a little more fragrant…plus I wanted to see this girl’s eyes.

HEART Animal Rescue, the group I am working with, works with local vets and groomers to get their rescues in tip-top shape and ready for people to adopt.  Many of the places volunteer or offer their services at a reduced rate to animals who are waiting for adoption.  This service is so valuable to the rescues and to the animals.

Fiona at The Wizard of Paws in West Union, Iowa was so kind to give her services in helping Izzy.  If you’re in the area, I highly recommend Fiona.  She was super sweet and very gentle with Izzy.

I am warning you in advance that the store is in the basement of a downtown building but don’t worry if the stairs are a problem for you.  I am sure Fiona will meet you street level with your pooch.

Being I’ve only had short-haired dogs, I’ve not gone to a groomer before so this was a great experience for me to learn something too.  I talked with Fiona and she okayed that I stick around.

Here’s little Izzy just coming out of the bath.  Fiona had a dog-drying towel that I loved- so I ended up buying one from her.  I used a similar one when I bathed her when I first got her.  You can find them on Amazon HERE.

Look at the fluff ball she turned into after she was blow-dried and brushed…

Fiona said that first haircuts are tricky with baby hair in place, but she was confident she could make Izzy look good.

Izzy was so good.  Not a single growl and hardly even a wiggle.  If all dogs were as good as she was, more people would be groomers.

She ended up so comfortable with Fiona that she just laid down.  Fiona said in general, rescue dogs are easy to work with as they are so appreciative of attention.  She got her ears cleaned and her nails trimmed.  Her nails weren’t her favorite but she was still really good.

I asked Fiona to take a picture so we could share it on the HEART Animal Rescue Facebook page.

Here she is with my double chin included.

Back at my house I snapped a couple more pictures.  Look.  You can see her eyes now.

You can see she isn’t just black either.  Her legs have some grayish coloring.

By the way, I love this harness too.  HEART sent it with me when I picked Izzy up.  It has a handle at the top.  I’ve often grabbed the handle to help Izzy learn how to go up steps.  She has got the hang of a couple of steps but she has no clue how to do a flight of stairs.  It’s something we’re working on.  HERE is a link if you’re interested.

She looks so much better.

Fiona was fabulous with Izzy and I totally recommend her.  As Fiona and I were chatting she said she does a lot of short haired dog grooming too as it cuts down on shedding.  Hmm.  I have a little short haired dog that sheds like crazy.  Maybe I’ll have to take her to see Fiona.

Many-Many thanks to Fiona for her support of Izzy and the HEART Animal Rescue.  It is so appreciated and needed.

Izzy will be available for adoption after she has a spay and vet check.  That is all happening on October 20th.  If you are interested in her, I suggest putting in for adoption and getting an approved application.  Then when Izzy is released for adoption you can contact HEART and tell them Izzy is the dog you are looking for…or maybe one of Izzy’s companions who came in with her.  You can see more about them on the HEART’s Facebook page.  Please like their page and follow along as Izzy and her friends find homes.  Oh my…all of them are pretty calm and would make a nice addition to a family.

P.S.  They recently got in three Cocker Spaniels who all are unfortunately suffer from some blindness and/or hearing loss.  They are so precious.  If you are a pet lover I’m sure you would enjoy seeing their story unfold as well…one thing with HEART Animal Rescue, they really work to make sure dogs have a happy ending.

23 thoughts on “Izzy Goes to the Groomers”

  1. I cannot believe that you are not keeping Izzy. She will be so confused if you let her move on and it seems as though Rosie gets along with her. Besides Gannon will be heartbroken. Think it over very carefully, Jo. I think this is the dog for you!

  2. you seem to have two cloth leashes ….. tie a know about 15 inches from the hook end and see how a double leash works…… it may not be what you want……

  3. Ana Marie Sweet

    I fostered a similar dog to Izzy with her four puppies. Got her groomed and found out this matted dirty dog was a chocolate poodle. Found a family with poodle experience and they took and raised the whole family. Very rewarding.

  4. Izzy sure seems like a perfect little dog. She is cute, cute!’m sure she will be adopted fast, unless Gannon keeps her! lol

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Izzy looks fabulous now that she is trimmed!! I’m with you, I want to see my dog’s eyes!!! Fiona did a great job with Izzy! Love how she and Rosie get along so well…Rosie is helping to train her to walk where she should, right by you. I have a double leash that is 2 18″ leads connected with an O ring that a regular ring connects to. Got it at Walmart. Works well when the dogs are a similar size and strength.

  6. I have a double leach that I use with two of my doxies and it works well. I purchased two of them from Target. I needed a second one when I dog sat one of my sons doxie to be leached with my 3rd doxie. That was a sight to see me walking 4 dogs at one time

  7. Adorable!! BOTH of ’em! wish I could have another pup, but one is about all I can handle right now!!! Bless you for taking her on as your next “pet” project.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Izzy is a real love bug. I can see she would be very easy to get attached to. Wish I could get her but my senior housing charges extra for pets.

  8. I’m surprised Izzy hasn’t found a home with you. I think she’s smashing! I’ve inquired if Heart adopts out of state and they do.

  9. You need a “coupler” V shaped goodie that hooks to each collar and than snaps onto your leash. Used one when we had 2 miniature schnauzers.

  10. Look at her now! She’s a beauty and the groomer did a wonderful job. A good groomer can find the real personality hiding in a coat of fur. She definitely looks poodlish now. Sounds like, in time, she will make an excellent therapy dog visiting hospitals, VA’s, nursing homes, etc. A calm loving nature is already in her and the fact she doesn’t shed is paramount. Oh, as for Rosie, regular brushing will help immensely with shedding. You just need the proper brush and some time every 3 days or so. She’ll love that 1:1 time with you.

  11. I was reading one of your blogs from 2010, the one with the rhubarb custard pie. I have a question, When using frozen rhubarb to make this pie, do you let the rhubarb thaw and get all the moisture out?

    I really enjoy reading your blog and have started reading from the beginning.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  12. Fiona did a wonderful job with Izzy, how nice of her to offer her skills. I like the fact that she had a tool chest to keep her supplies in. Izzy looks much better all trimmed up.

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