A Busy Few Days…

I’m going to give you a highlight of some busy days I had before and during last weekend.

Thursday I was up and headed to Cedar Rapids.  My friend Ila who I originally met through the blog and now has become a friend and I planned to meet.

Do you remember the vintage sale I went to not too long ago?  Well, Ila saw the pictures and saw something that she had been looking for…this headboard.  It’s so pretty.  Ila ended up contacting them and bought it.  I offered to pick it up and meet her with it.  I’ll do anything to for an excuse to see her.  She is so fun and her husband Tom came with her too.  I enjoy them both so much.

Before we met up I did an errand at Hobby Lobby and stopped for a visit with my sister.

Ila and Tom, her husband, took me out for a late lunch, and then I was homeward bound stopping for groceries on the way home.  I left at 8 am and got home at around 6 pm.

On Friday Kalissa and I were up and at ’em going to the local community conference for a conference dealing with small businesses with a focus on social media.  We both figured we could use a little help so that we in turn could better serve all of you.

The presenters were awesome and we let them know in advance that we’d have this little guy, Anders along with us.

He was the perfect baby.  I don’t think anyone ever heard a peep from him.  I didn’t and I was sitting right next to him.

I included this picture in the post because I thought it was so funny!!

He truly was perfect.  I’d take him again anytime!!

We were gone from 8:15 am to 6 pm.  We were both pooped but really enjoyed the conference.  It continued on into Saturday and I wish we could have gone but I had other things going on.

I was headed to Buck’s house to help him.

I stopped at the Amish bakery along the way.  The Pepperoni Bread was fresh from the oven and WONDERFUL!!

From there I stopped at Buck’s house, then went to Lora’s house to see the kiddos.  Here is Lilly.  She was busy learning how to manage the slide.  Their slide has a quick drop-off that in the past has made it hard for Lilly to go flying when she reached the bottom.  She is holding her hand out because she wants me to help her.

Scotty was all laughs and smiles…He’s lost some teeth!!

When Lucy saw me with my camera she wanted me to take a picture of her “looking cute” and to send it to Uncle Karl.  It’s true.  Karl is everyone’s favorite!!

This was her second cute pose.  Notice the dirt on her face…but she’s still cute.

I snapped this picture but couldn’t see Lilly so had to snap the next picture.

We went on a walk and Lilly picked flowers for me.

I always tease Scotty every time I see him and say, “Give your Grandma a hug.”  He’s a good hugger so hugged me.

I ended up meeting up with Buck and Karl who had finished the flooring in the kitchen and dining room at Buck’s house.  I took them out for lunch.
The food was good but the company was even better.  I sure love my boys and the men they have become.  So often moms do things with the girls and not so much with the boys.  Those moms are missing out as my boys are just as fun…and the only thing I end up paying for is some beer.  We had a great time.

I helped some at Buck’s house by painting window openings.

Then I was headed towards home when I last second made a turn and went to Kayla’s house.  She hasn’t been feeling well and I figured a mom visit, even if only for an house or so might be needed.  I called Kalissa and asked her to let out Rosie and I turned east towards Kayla’s house.

I again left at about 8 am and wasn’t home until about 8 pm.  It was another long day of being gone.

Sunday was a home day…but, it was a home day with these two.

Emmett and Eli, my daughter Kelli’s twin boys.

They ended up being sick so I chased them with a tissue box in tow.

Kelli left at about  6 pm and I said to heck with it and went and watched television.  I was pooped out.  That was four days in a row that were super busy and this gal isn’t used to that.

Every single day was super fun…but oh my.  Sitting on the couch and being on my own with Rosie was so appreciated.

Monday I scrambled around playing catch up and Tuesday I got my new foster dog, Izzy.  WOW, life sure is busy…but I like being busy.

8 thoughts on “A Busy Few Days…”

  1. Yes, long and tiring days, but so exciting. Good tp see friend and do things with your kids. Buck’s kids are so cute, especially if there is dirt on a face, but I couldn’t see any! The twins are growing and so cute too. Anders is the perfect age to take places, and Kalissa seems like a very relaxed and experienced mama. What a great family you have! Oh, today I laced a cross stitching and framed it myself – thanks to you inspiring me!!

  2. If I didn’t do things with my sons I’d never do anything. I only had boys. 7 of them lol. Jo, I’d like you to know that your blog really helped me recently. We traveled out of state to be with my in-laws as my FIL died. I didn’t touch either of the two blogs that I read until we got back home over a week later. It was so soothing to sit and read yours and Mary’s blogs and to just relax. You really do make a difference in the world.

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