A New Quilt: Tops and Bottoms

I’m so excited!!  This morning we opened the new pattern download store here and already we’ve had a nice amount of sales.  Thanks so much to you all for supporting us.

I’m back this afternoon to showcase the other quilt that is in the store….Tops and Bottoms.  I have long loved this quilt. This was slated to be put in our book Country Girl Modern, but then we had to many projects for the amount of pages we could have in the book so this one got cut.  Now she’s out of storage and ready to inspire you!!

The fabrics in this are so soft and inviting.  The quilt is made from a Fig Tree fabric line for long ago.

This quilt all started after I was at an auction and bought a 1970’s quilt book that featured only quilt blocks.  I took it to bed night after night pouring over it and studying blocks.  Which blocks did I like?  Which blocks were new to me?

I don’t remember the exact name of the block but it was something “winged”.  I really liked it.

I sat down at the computer and started to play with a design.  I put the blocks all together and was sadly disappointed.  They really didn’t create much of an interesting design.  Then I played and played.  I replaced some of the winged blocks with chain blocks.

At first I just replaced the blocks and made the outer chain diamond.  Then I went in and made the inner diamond of chain blocks.  Oh my.  I loved it!

At the time, we were chasing a book deadline.  We thought about making it larger but really didn’t think that was the best idea.

We thought about stopping there and just making the throw sized but that was square and one time someone told me they didn’t like “square quilts”.  Well that got me thinking and came up with the idea to put a top and a bottom on the quilt….thus the red and neutral top and bottom borders…and thus the name, Tops and Bottoms.

In these next pictures, the color looks more red.  It’s not.  It was cloudy when we snapped the pictures and thus…this color shading.

We made this from a fabric line using all of the colors in it..thus the fun background colors.

I love the four blocks in the center all together giving almost the appearance of a star.

Here’s what I did for the quilting motif….a floral design.

I used a cream thread on top and and reddish for the back.

Can you see why this quilt is a favorite of mine?

It was hard getting photos taken with all my helpers…here’s Gannon…

…and of course there was Kalissa saying “Look Mom, this would make a cozy scarf”.  Ugh…good help is hard to come by.

Rosie and the lighting were perfect for the “Rosie Photo”…don’t you think??

So friends…that’s Tops and Bottoms.

If you didn’t check out our new download store after seeing this morning’s post, you might want to check it out now as this pattern is there and ready for you to download.  How fun is that…instant gratification and no waiting for the pattern to arrive and now really shopping to do.

You can always find our store at the top of the blog in the tab section…but if this is easier, HERE is the link to the store.  Thanks for shopping with us!!

10 thoughts on “A New Quilt: Tops and Bottoms”

  1. It’s truly Beautiful Jo-
    You do such wonderful works of art-
    I’m playing with the batiks blocks right now.
    The movers lost one of my boxes which had some very important things like my rulers. The first fabric package you sent. A bunch of my other fabric. I’ve been crazy trying to find it as it also had All my good ( expensive) threads… but the batik quilt will get done and hopefully Bless someone. We don’t have a Jo Ann’s here. The sewing store closed down and Walmart has very little to offer. I’ve been pretty sad about this all.
    Take care and keep sewing …

  2. Gayle in Tennessee

    Hi Jo.
    Beautiful quilt! Congratulations on your store. I cannot access the store through the link in the blog dialogue nor through the shop link at the top of the page. I get a sad face icon when I click on either link. Any idea from you or Kalissa as to why that might be?
    I love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us out here.

  3. Stearns Carol

    I’m so glad you have found a way to start making money! And its so nice to have a personal web poster for you to set it all up! You do so much for others, its time for yourself! I finally got my box sent off to you. Hopefully you will find some useful items.

  4. Such a neat pattern and the colors in the Fig Tree line were perfect to show it off. Congrats on your latest adventure!!

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