Quilt Finish: Another Leftovers Quilt

I am still working my way through the leftovers that were mine and those that were sent my way.  This quilt was inspired by the person who had red scraps in their donation.  Thanks for sending them.  I so appreciate it.

The quilt is smaller than most of the quilts I make.  It’s 71 ½” x 78 ½”.  I let the amount of pieces I had decided the size of the quilt…

Here is a closer picture…

There are lots of batiks in this quilt but lots of other prints too.  In a previous time in my life, I wouldn’t have mixed the fabrics.  Now I do.  I don’t store batik scraps with other prints because I still want the option to make a batik only quilt without having to dig through the whole box.

Although the quilt might look like it’s made of green blocks and blue blocks, it’s not….and they are not set onpoint.

I had written in an earlier blog post that I had originally planned to put full cut triangles on the border edge but then went back and decided to piece those blue triangles you see on the edge of the quilt.

It’s been windy in Iowa.  I’ve had trouble with the last few quilts I’ve tried to photograph.  This on wasn’t quite as bad as some of the others.

I didn’t name this quilt.  Part of me wants to call it Lilly Pads.  I know it’s a very unglamorous name but the green and blue kid of reminds me of Lilly Pads in the water.

I am terrible at naming quilts.  Do any of you have a better suggestion?

Check out the picture of our lawns…this is Iowa in March.

For the backing I had a piece of thrift store fabric.  It wasn’t big enough.  I had three extra blocks and added the green polka dot fabric to make it big enough.

Here you can see the block that made up the quilt.

I used a green thread on the front and a blue on the back.  You can see the quilting motif I free motioned.  It’s really easy once you’ve done it a few times and I have.

It was damp outside and the grass was wet so I brought it into the house to lay it on the floor so I could get a flat picture.

All and all I’m super happy with it.  I did use quite a bit of my own fabric in order to have enough for the whole quilt…but I would say 80% of the fabric for the top came for leftovers that blog readers sent.  It was so fun to play with.

I really love a challenge and just love getting some castaways and designing quilts from them.  MANY thanks to the blog readers that sent me their scraps.  I have truly enjoyed playing with them.

If anyone is keeping track, that makes two large quilts, this medium quilt and one baby quilt I have made with the leftovers.  I know for sure I have at least two more that will likely be happening.  Scrappy makes me happy!!

64 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Another Leftovers Quilt”

  1. Don’t you just love making something out of nothing, especially when it turns out so beautifully? I’m not sure if it’s the hour glass shape, or the green glass like color but I immediately thought it should be called Time in a Bottle.

      1. Nancy Thompson

        I love your leftover quilt. I thought of the name timeless hourglass,because of the hour glass shapes in the middle. I would never have thought to mix batiks with other fabrics. I may try it with my leftovers.

  2. That’s a fab quilt. You really should consider selling your patterns as pdfs online as you design some awesome quilts.

    1. Hi Lynn
      I have submitted this and who knows. The magazine might pick it up. If they don’t I will likely put together instructions to make a block.

      1. Absolutely love it and I agree that the color combinations just glow! I have no doubt this one will be in magazine. Also love that it started with leftovers, especially from a Quiltville mystery. Lime green is now one of my favorite colors after doing “En Provence”.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous but that super fun pieced back just set everything off! I never would have pieced a back until I started following you! I was talking about something from your blog the other day and I told my husband “you know what my friend Jo did?”, he was was confused because he didn’t know any friend named Jo. Now he does!

  4. Gloria from CC

    As usual Jo you’ve created another beautiful quilt. I love the name lily pads – very appropriate to the design and colors. You missed a great sale in Garner yesterday. I wish you could have been there. Have a great weekend with your family.

  5. Elizabeth V K

    Fabulous finish! I would not have thought to use red with the green and blue, however, it adds so much interest.

  6. WOW! Love the illusion of on-point setting. The quilting motif is fantastic. The backing looks like a deliberate striking design choice.

  7. That’s fabulous! Love the block. I can see the snowballed windmill parts but I can’t figure the last row around- is is a square with two triangles? SO much work- how long did that one take to piece? You make my day.

  8. Lily pads is a perfect name for this gorgeous quilt. Btw: our lawns look like yours and we are in the St Louis area. Spring is very slow this year.

  9. I think the name is perfect and you should send it off to be published. Iowa lawns this time of year are rather blah but I hear the robins have arrived and spring is coming.

  10. It’s a beautiful quilt and Lily Pads quite fits it!
    I always suspected it was possible to have different color thread usage on a long arm machine., nice to know I was right. I do it on my domestic sewing machine when I quilt but I know some have tension issues and it shows.
    I like to make large quilts also.

  11. Joy in NW Iowa

    That is a beautiful quilt! Will you share what pattern it is? You always make such attractive scrappy happy quilts!

    Wind is Iowa is especially bad this year. One day from the south … the next from the northwest.

    1. It’s a pattern I made up myself. I have submitted the quilt to a magazine and haven’t heard back from them yet. We’ll see what happens with it. If they don’t take it I can write up a pattern for the block.

  12. Lily Pads is great! Where did all those hourglasses come from? A bonnie quilt? They seem too big for Rhody Trail which had a gazillion. I like making something out of nothing too.

  13. That last line, “Scrappy Makes Me Happy,” sounds like a great saying for one of Kallissa’s Etsy tees.

  14. “Lily Pads” fits, but “Lily Pads and Butterflies” would work, the pink/red reminds me of butterflies in flight. I lost moment on Frolic and have a ton of parts. I may have to go back and see if I can make something as lovely as this.

  15. Awesome quilt, Jo!!
    Love the color combination….and I think Lily Pads is the perfect name for it….as always, thanks for sharing!

  16. The red looks like butterflies so maybe butterflies over the lily pads. Love the quilt, you have so many unique ideas

  17. Hi Jo form Coralville Iowa. Scrappy makes me happy too. I have friends that like more “order” to their quilts but, for me, the scrappier the better! I do love the name Lily Pads. My husband used to drive to Amana to work every day and drove by a lily pond on route. Your quilt definitely reminds me of that. The greens read yellow which is a primary along with blue & red so you did good girlie! Love, love, love this quilt. Not much quilting going on for me lately (moving in July to Illinois). I’m itching to get back to it.

  18. I love everything about this quilt. I looks like a great couch quilt to share with the grandchildren. Thanks for sharing and being so creative.

  19. Patricia Boelens

    LIly pads is very appropriate. I thought of Kite Tails since you have trouble with windy days in the spring. Also kite tails are often tied so they show up against the blue green sky. Great use of all those extra pieces.

  20. Another beautiful finish! It really turned out gorgeous and your quilting was beautiful too. I don’t think I would be good at naming quilts, but Lily Pads seems to fit this one.

  21. Barbara Geiger

    Seeing what you’ve done with all the Frolic leftovers has me regretting just slapping mine together and sewing in strips for the back! I really like this one.

  22. This is just beautiful, Jo. The quilt top is fabulous and so interesting, and I just LOVE how you constructed the back. I see that another reader has the same impression of its design as I do. The first thing I thought of when I looked at the photo was “kite tails” blowing in the breeze.

  23. I see the hourglass shapes, so combining that with the water element as in Lillypads, I would like to suggest “Waterclock” as a possible name.

  24. Katherine Gourley

    My heart pounds over this quilt! You have such a way of combining colors. I was looking at the close ups and know I would have been fearful to combine some of the greens, but you make them sparkle. Your talents amaze me and I feel you are blessed with them. Love, love, love your work. I hope you submitted to American Patchwork and Quilting.

  25. I like the name Lily Pond…a lot! The green lily pads in the center are set off by the rippling blue water border. I’m amazed at what you can do with a collection of bits and pieces and thanks to those who sent them your way.


    I love this quilt! How neat to have a pattern that looks like it is on point but it is not. Now I want one too so it sill have to be put in the mix. The name is great = Keep it!

    PS; I have the quilts you sent me for charity quilting but have not started them yet. Will send pictures when I am done! Thank you.

  27. I love your leftover quilt. I thought of the name timeless hourglass. Because of the hourglass shapes in the middle, and timeless because of the modern and vintage look. You learn a lot by looking at other people’s quilts

  28. Brenda Furlong

    I immediately wanted to see how to make this quilt too. I will really look forward to seeing it published. Your creativity is awesome! I just fell for the color combination and it really made me pause for inspection, so maybe Pause for Reflection.

  29. Pamela Dempsey

    Ohhh, it is so beautiful! I love the blues and greens together, they glow, and then the bits of red just pop! I need to make one :)

  30. Your quilt is really beautiful! I am not a fan of green but I love this quilt and the addition of red just makes it sparkle. The backing looks really nice too as though you planned it that way. It’s amazing what you can do with scraps.

  31. Tiffany Collir

    I just read Sharon Browne’s comment on the green, I too, am not a fan–until NOW! OMG! This is a beautiful quilt! This is the way I want to make scrappy quilts! My kids are too OCD for some scrappy designs, but this is gorgeous! Scraps! Who knew?! Apparently you, ma’am!! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  32. Red Bow Ties would be my suggestion for naming. It is a very lovely quilt and great job using up fabric.

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