Quilt Review: Over the Door Quilt Hanger

I was on Amazon and saw in my recommendations an over-the-door quilt hanger.  Oh my…this definitely looked like something I would like.

I ended up contacting the company and asked if they would send me one for free in exchange for an honest review.  The answer was yes.  I was so excited.

Doesn’t it look perfect for a quilter’s house?

Goodness knows I have quilts and quilts and quilts around here.  I’d love another option to display them.

While I waited for mine to arrive I started to think of places I would like it or could use it. When the hanger arrived I quickly went around the house testing it out and trying to see where I liked it best. Here is the door to our basement that we NEVER use.  It’s in between my dining and living room.  I always have thought it looked pretty plain.

It currently looks like this.

I popped the hanger on the door and popped a quilt in place.  Hmmm.  That’s definitely more decorative.  A quilt looks good here.

Apologies for not styling the quilt wonderfully.  I was so excited to try the quilt hanger out that I didn’t take the time to be picky with how the quilt looked.

I went to one of the spare bedrooms.  I could easily see myself hanging one on the door with spare towels for guests to use.

I love the idea of hanging them on the bedroom door.  Wouldn’t it be great to tell a guest that if they need an extra quilt to just grab the one hanging on the door?

This is the idea, for me, that I loved the most…not decorative, completely functional.  Check it out hanging on my sewing room door right next to my longarm.

I have it loaded down with quilt tops waiting for their turn on the longarm.  This way the tops aren’t going to get wrinkled.  They don’t take up an of the flat spaces in my sewing room…and best of all.  The tops don’t get hidden away and I don’t forget about them.  HA!!

I’ll admit.  I liked the hanger enough that I’ll likely have to get another one.  I’m so glad that I reached out to Ellen and asked about getting a quilt hanger.  I was a giddy little girl running around and trying out in different places.

Ellen, the owner of the company, has a deal for you.  HERE is the link to her site.  You can order one quilt hanger for $39 or three for $99.

One more thing…in my excitement, I forgot to show you how easy it is to use.

Take these two hooks and hang them on the door.

Hook the rod onto the hangers and you’re good to go.

Hang your quilt.
Easy Peasy.  No tools are needed.  I can completely and totally do it myself.

Now you can see how easy it was for me to run around the house and try the hanger out of several of the doors in the house.

I’m off…I am trying to decide where I’d put another if I order one.  There are so many places I can see myself using it.  For now, I think the one I have is staying in the sewing room to hold my finished quilt tops that are waiting for the longarm.

Here is the link to The Quilt Keeper website.   There are lots more pictures on the site where you can see the quilt hanger being used in other settings.  Just click the link to see them.


33 thoughts on “Quilt Review: Over the Door Quilt Hanger”

  1. Susan MacLeod

    Wow, I like this! I will have to get at least 2, and finish some quilts. I love the beautiful woodwork in your home. They don’t make them like that any more.

  2. Love that. Went to order it on Amazon and found the coupon code was not working. I got this message: The promotional code you entered is not valid.

  3. Wish it was eligible for Prime. Over $12 for shipping pretty much makes the discount a non-issue. Very nice product though.

  4. Jo, I love that quilt hanger. We’re in our brand new house with beautiful darkstained wood doors. My husband is concerned the hanger would scratch the door finish. Do you think there’s room to glue some kind of a soft material on the hanger so that wouldn’t happen? Kind of like those felt pads you put on the bottom of chair and table legs.

  5. Are you still able to completely close the door when the hanger is on it? I’ve used other over-the-door hangers or hooks, and they were thick enough the door wouldn’t completely close. This looks like a great product, if it doesn’t have that issue.

    1. Hi Sharon. You can easily close the door if the hanger is “on the front” of the door. If it is on the back, you cannot completely close the door.

  6. Just wondering – were you able to close your doors with the hanger on? That is always my issue with over the door hangers.

    1. You can easily close the door if you put the hanger on the “front side” of the door. If you put it on the back you can’t.

      1. What caught my eye also was the star quilt hanging on it! I’m a new quilter and would love the pattern name

  7. What a great idea! I’m surprised no one came up with that before! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Love and prayers

  8. What a great idea! I have lots of doors but stuff is either already hanging there or it just isn’t appropriate to hand something there. I do have a door in the foyer but no one ever goes there and there is a dresser stacked with quilts already. Will have to think on it. Thank you for this review.

  9. I guess you get 5% now instead of 10 as originally stated and none on 3 for 100. I tried buying one and decided this is too much work when I didn’t get that 5%. Moving on.

  10. I ordered one. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately I have a lot of doors in my house but some don’t lend themselves to hanging a quilt. This will be in the off ice and I’ll hang one of our QOV’s that my husband and I were awarded. If that works out I have one other door that could use one in the foyer. Now she needs to make a smaller version for a 24″ door like for the linen closet. Or the back of the bathroom door in my house. My sewing room already has a bathroom towel rack that can house 3 projects ongoing. And it has a shelf too. $4 at the local thrift store.

  11. I am always looking for that special Quilt gift for my friends at Christmas. No matter what time of the year, if I see it I will buy it and hold it til then. These hangers look like just what I need for this year. Thank Jo

  12. Patricia Benes

    I loved the idea…went to buy the 3 bundle only to find that it would be an additional $45 to ship them to me….that’s half of the cost of 3 of them…no thanks…but it is a great idea!

  13. Susan the Farm Quilter

    They are great looking and I would love to buy 3 of them, but when the shipping adds over $50 to the price of the items, it flies right out of reach.

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