Quilt Finish: A Charity Finish

Here is my charity quilt finish.

I should probably restate that.  It’s not really “my” quilt finish.  It’s our quilt finish.  The only problem is I don’t know who to credit for the other part of “our”.

I know this was sent by a blog reader but I either never knew who or don’t remember.  It came to me as only a center.  I decided to add a border to the outside to make it a little bigger and to dress it up a little.  I had these three fabrics in my stash and auditioned them some time ago.

I ended up choosing the middle one.

Part of the reason I picked that one was because I had a sheet for the backing and it matched perfectly.

I did my hook and feather quilting motif.  You can learn how to do that HERE.

This is one of my go-to quilting motifs.

I had enough of the border fabric so used that for the binding as well.

I didn’t get any pictures taken of …this one on the grass because there is so much dew on the grass in the mornings and lighting dictated that I take the pictures in the morning.

I keep a few quilts on hand that my kids give away for benefits.  Just a month or so ago Kalissa talked to me about a benefit that was being held for a co-worker’s husband.  Kalissa asked if I had a spare quilt to donate.  I did…but when I grabbed it to pass on to Kalissa, I saw my pile was dwindling.  That prompted me to get busy and finish this one.

I really like being able to help people, even the ones I don’t know.

In the package with this were more blocks of the same style.  I ended up passing them to the Cresco Ladies.  I’m sure they will put together another beauty like this one.

Of course…A Rosie picture.

Many thanks to the blog reader who sent this. I love teaming up with others to make great projects and donating them to a great cause. I am always happy to have a quilt in the donation pile.  I really love to have one already made so I don’t have to stress about putting one together quickly.

Thanks for trusting me to finish this!!

22 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: A Charity Finish”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    What a stunning quilt! The fabrics and quilting motif you choose for the finish are just perfect. Thanks to the blog reader and you.

  2. The quilt is very pretty. I love the quilting motif that you used. You do an excellent job of quilting. Thank you to the blog reader and you for doing this as a donation.

  3. I love this quilt. You did a great job as usual matching just the right fabrics for the border, backing and binding. Someone will be happy with this quilt.
    Rosie is so darn cute. She takes her job of quilt posing so seriously. Perfect model.

  4. I absolutely love this beautiful quilt! You and the mysterious blogger did an outstanding job. And, of course, I love the picture with Rosie (the dog I’m in love with even though we’ve never met)!

  5. That is beautiful– perfect fall colors -and border and backing also perfect. Quilting -love that pattern too. The quilt pattern is one that always catches my eye. And Sweet Rosie–her colors good too!!! She looked extra “solemn” this time, I thought!!

  6. This is the quilt top I donated. I am so pleased that you finished it and it is going to a worthy cause. The border and backing are.perfect. I hope you also finish the black and green top I sent.

    1. Hi Linda. I think I passed that one to another finisher. Keep watching the blog. Hopefully, it will show up here sometime. It could have gone to the Cresco Ladies and I don’t always see all of their finishes and they sometimes get donated out before pictures are taken. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing your lovely top.

  7. Beautiful finish,great pics! Rosie is quite the model & an added touch! Quilting is lovely, you’re eye for the match from your stash is phenomenal, like the fall colors. Fall’sy fav time of year! My grandma that taught me to sew & quilt would walk with me in the fall as the leaves & nuts fell. Your quilt made me think of her. She was a marvelous seamstress made many quilts to give away, kids, grands, greats and many friends

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