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I needed some Christmas presents for people in my life who are quilty and I tried to think of something that would be quilty to give them.  About that same time, I was cleaning the sewing room and saw some wooden blocks that Kramer had cut for me before he passed away.  I had intended on making these a few years ago and never got around to it even though Kramer had cut the blocks.

See the block on the right…I was hoping to replicate that.  I had bought it five years ago and thought it was really cute and a good thing to gift.  So I sat down and decided to make some.

It looks easy…and it isn’t hard, but it is tedious.

I had two blocks that I was trying to replicate…the above one, and the one below.

My blocks were cut so they are 3″ x 3″.  The quilt block I painted on the inside is 2″ x 2″.

To make them cut the boards…sand them and then draw out your design.  For me, I drew out a 4 x 4 grid with all of the squares in the block being 1/2″ square.

After I drew out the block, I used Frog Painters Tape.  This brand is the best and I recommend it.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

Then I taped off an area as shown below.

Then I painted that section.  I used Waverly paint in small individual bottles that I got at Walmart.

When painting, I recommend dabbing not brushing.

A minute after painting, carefully remove the tape.

They should look like this…

It takes about an hour or a bit more and the section can be taped and painted.  Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect.  I’ll show you how to fix it.

She with the yellow I used too much paint and it got messy?

A Q-tip that is damp can clean that all up if you are careful.  Make sure to clean it while the paint is still wet.

You can see I have one side all clean.

This is how my first blocks ended up…

After the paint was dry, 24 hours later I lightly hand sanded them and put a very little bit of this Rustoleum Aged Glaze on them, and wiped it off.  It hides imperfections and gives it a more primitive look.

After I got the blocks done, I decided I wanted to make more blocks as I thought it would be nicest if I gave a set of three as a gift.  I wanted each of the blocks to be different.

I need some block inspiration so I got out this…
Mary Ellen Hopkins, It’s Okay if You Sit on my Quilt Book.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

This is the best book ever to teach how blocks come together and the math of it all.  There is a section in the book of blocks that considered 4 patches.  I flipped to that section and picked out two different blocks and make them too.

You can see how I drew a grid on the block that is in a 4 x 4 setting.

It was a little mind-boggling to keep up with what needed to be taped, what needed to be painted, and where I was with what.

I do not recommend reusing the tape.  Cut a fresh strip each time.  I used foam brushes.  The style in the tuna can are best.  Here is a link for them.

These are the second set of finished blocks.

I ended up liking them.  If I were to make them again, I would use less of the aged glaze.  I liked it but for someone who isn’t into primitives like me, they might prefer less distress on them but making them was a learning experience.

I enjoyed making them and should I even need a gift, I would be tempted to make them again.

15 thoughts on “Paint Quilt Blocks”

  1. Those are really cute! It seems to be the same process as making a barn quilt (but harder) which I haven’t done, but would like one so have read about how to make them. You always have such good ideas – and manage to d them! Thanks for sewing this.

  2. Those look great!!!
    Also, thanks for the Baptist Fan quilting motif. I just used it on a fan quilt and it turned out great!!!

  3. Cute! I have some wooden hearts about that size and LOTS of paint! I think I’ll try something like this. Since the only quilts I’ve made were tied squares!

  4. I’m new to your blog today, and have never commented on a blog before.
    These blocks are so cute! Have you ever tried using paper grocery bags instead of sand paper? The bags give a super smooth finish.
    Thanks for your great ideas!

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