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I’m going to make a new regular feature here on the blog.  We have free pattern listed on the right sidebar of the blog, we have a book Country Girl Modern, we have patterns in our online shop and we have patterns often featured in magazines.  We have so many of you taking those patterns and making them in your own way and your own style.  The new blog series will feature YOUR quilts made with our designs.  We are so excited to be launching the new series as there is no higher compliment to a designer than to know you like our design well enough to spend your time and money to make it.

Anna Sweet post this picture on Facebook.

This is our Thanks to You! quilt from our book Country Girl Modern.  You can get an autographed copy HERE in our shop.

Here is our version.


I’ve made this quilt THREE times and I’ve loved making it every single time.  It is an awesome scrap buster quilt.

That’s baby puppy Rosie on the quilt.  I made the above one for Kayla for her wedding quilt.  At the time we had just gotten Rosie and this was the first quilt she possed on.

The next quilt is from Bev Hayward from OR.

Bev writes:
I made this quilt last winter.  The pattern really called to me. I bought the white background fabric and used stash for the rest.  I made myself do all the Star blocks first. That was a trial!  When they were ALL done I got to put them together. I use the Bonnie hunter scrap system and had a bunch of 3 1/2 inch squares cut. I trimmed them down and woohoo, I was good to go. Here it is in all its beauty. I love it!”

Awesome Bev.  I love it too.  I have yet to make this quilt.  Kelli was the sewer on this one…

This is our “On the Bright Side” quilt.

It was the cover quilt for American Patchwork and Quilting.

This quilt was so popular.  I think part of the reason is Carla’s quilting…Yes, our friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations did our machine quilting on this.

The next quilt is from Karen Preusser.  She writes:

I made the attached quilt from Tula Pink fabric.  I did make a change making the blocks 3-1/2 inches because I wanted to showcase her darling animals!  I believe this was in American Patchwork.  Every time I was somewhere that had the issue I would buy another copy because I loved it so much.  Sorry, the pictures are not better it was a windy day.”

I love her version of the quilt.  So fun in Tula fabrics!!

More about our On the Bright Side quilt here…and suggestions on how to make it smaller hereHERE is another link to find a back issue of the magazine.

Thanks ladies for sharing your quilts.  I just LOVE seeing them.  If you make any of our quilts, use any of our recipes, or were inspired by something you saw here on the blog, please share your version with me at  I’ll make sure to include it in an upcoming blog post.  I love sharing your projects.

Before I go…
Author Rhonda Cratty contacted me and asked me to tell you about her new book.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but thought I would pass on the info about the book anyway.  You all can read it and let me know what you think.
Our 12 Quilts: The Fabric of Life Book 2 by [Rhonda Cratty]Here is the synopsis from Amazon…
When Jana’s life turns upside down, Gram travels halfway around the world and back, to bring her home. Living over Helen’s Quilt shop, she heals, learns to quilt, and becomes part of Summit Colorado. As a Master quilter, Helen shares her life, friends, and creative gifts with Jana. During their quilting moments, the bond between Helen and Jana deepens, as their personal, professional, and quilting goals develop and change. With Helen’s guidance, imagination, time, and wisdom, Jana masters quilting; As well as learning to adapt amid the constant challenges and changes of life. A heartwarming contemporary novel filled with ideas for living creatively as well as insightful peeks into a quilting family“.

If you are a Kindle user, Amazon is offering it for free by following THIS LINK.

Have a rest of your weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Made By You”

  1. Just wondering if you’ll be able to offer the pattern for “On the Bright Side” in your online shop at some time. I love the quilt, but don’t really want to buy the magazine. Thanks for sharing those great remakes.

  2. I have loved that On the Bright Side since I saw it here, I bought the magazine, couldn’t find t when I wanted to start the quilt, and ended up buying the pattern. I’m still working on it. All those little stars!!!! take time. I’m going to make it smaller, narrower, and keep it. DH doesn’t like a lot of ‘covers’ . He ends up pushing them all on me and I almost can’t get out of bed bc of the extra! So a one person quilt for our twin bed it is! LOL

  3. I did try to grab the book for my Kindle, but it was $5.99. There was a read for free, but you needed to subscribe to Kindle unlimited. Thank you for telling us about the book.

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