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I’ve made a new regular feature here on the blog.  The new blog series will feature YOUR quilts made from our designs.  We are so excited to be launching the new series as there is no higher compliment to a designer than to know you like our design well enough to spend your time and money to make it.

I got a note from Michelle P.   She wrote:
I LOVE your rhubarb pie recipe. My honey & I are rhubarb pie fans (no strawberries mixed in – just rhubarb 😉). I had learned many decades ago (I’m older than you) from my grandmother to use tapioca as my berry (& rhubarb) pie thickener. However, like Grandma D, sometimes the pie would be too juicy, other times a bit too dry. Your recipe with the tapioca & cornstarch mixture seems to be the absolute best combination. Every time I make a pie using this recipe, it is perfect. Not sloppy, not too dry. It is printed out & in my recipe notebook noted as the PERFECT RHUBARB (& BERRY) PIE recipe.  I think of you and thank you every time I use that. Last time was just a few weeks ago when I got enough rhubarb from the garden to make him his birthday rhubarb pie.”

You can find the recipe for the pie HERE.  It looks like it’s a recipe for Strawberry Pie only but the Rhubarb pie recipe is there too.

Michelle also commented that she discovered Whittles Fabrics and Quilted Twins after reading the blog and enjoys both places for ordering reasonably priced fabric.

Another blog reader sent me an email.  She included a picture of her quilt. This is from Dee…

She made our “Be Bold” quilt last year.  This is from our book Country Girl Modern.  It was also in the June 20119 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

Here is our original quilt.

I love this quilt!!  It was so fun.  I think for Kelli and I both this will always be one of our most remembered quilts.

The gals at Forest Mills Quilt Shop cut a kit of fabrics for quilt top and binding.  I don’t know if they have any kits left.  They sold for $175 ppd. (Iowa residents, $187.25)  If you want to check contact Forest Mills Quilt Shop, 650 Forest Mills Road, Postville, IA 52162; 563/568-3807,, email The kit had current Alison Glass Sun Prints fabrics by Andover.

I love your version Dee.

Thanks so much for sharing ladies!!

While you all are here I have a favor to ask…a blog reader sent this photo…

It was a block from her grandmother and she’s looking for the name of the block and possibly a pattern for it.  Please leave any information you might have in the comment section.  She will read the information there.  I’m guessing it’s some version of an improved nine patch block but that’s as much as I would guess.  It would be a fun block to make.

If you don’t mind sharing your quilts, or pies or anything we inspired to try, I’d love to feature it here on the blog.  Please send me an email at

18 thoughts on “Made by YOU!”

  1. Hi
    On that mystery block I think I might have that one in my box of old Kansas city star quilt patterns
    Will look through them today.

  2. Jo: I can’t get to the recipe, and I would love to have the recipe. Is there another way to get to it. Thanks so much (in advance). HUGS… and stitches

  3. My guess about the block is that Grandma forgot to add the seam allowance and cut one wrong. This might be the reason she did not do anything with it. There are a few free block site that the reader might like search through. Happy Creating

  4. Judith Fairchild

    The block is laid out as it will be when finished. Thanks for all your help. This isn’t Grandma’s block I took the pattern off her quilt my brother in law had. I am loving the challenge as I am hand stitching the pieces.

  5. Hi Jo! I just wanted to let you know that I made your Blueberry Zucchini Cake for our family reunion that was held today. It was delish!!!! Everyone liked how moist and tasty it was….so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. I have been studying the pattern and noticed the blocks finish at 9 inches. I went back to the net and found a site where they enlarged the pattern pieces on their printer by 141% which would make a 12 inch block. Here is the link to that site. Hope this helps.

  7. It’s NOT a Glorified Nine Patch, which has curved seams. Barbara Brackman posted about the Glorified Nine Patch, her number 2689, on her Material Culture blog, on September 28, 2019. I think Jo’s spam filter won’t allow me to post the link to that blog page.

    I’ll keep fishing through the Brackman Encyclopedia to see if it’s there.

  8. What an interesting block, hope someone can help her out. I was able to print the recipe and hope to give it a try. Our neighbor is watching our place and mowing the lawn while we are gone so I shall make him a pie using your recipe. He always appreciate things I bake. I have your book, its wonderful reading at night, I feel inspired to make a few of them.

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