Is Your Charity Quilting Group a 5013C?

I got a note in my email the other day. It was from a blog reader named Sarah. She wrote:
My name is Sarah Gordon Crabtree.  I have followed your blog for years! I lived in Waterloo for about 15 years, before I moved back to my hometown of Jefferson City, MO in 2001.

I am retiring in 2024, and my big splurge in retirement is a new longarm with edge to edge computerized quilting.  I have a very nice Bernina free motion frame (made by Grace Company) that I would donate to a nonprofit organization that does charity quilts. It truly is like new.   I thought of your dear Cresco ladies, but I know you have many other blog readers and contacts  in the quilting world. If you are interested in helping me find a home for this frame (currently set up for 5’ free motion but extends to 12’), please contact me.  I would prefer donating it to a 501C3 organization and taking a tax deduction over selling it!”

Um…WOW. Please note that this is the frame. You would still need a machine and software. I asked Sarah if she could send some pictures and she did.

This is a Bernina. It is currently set up at the 5′ length but can be extended to the 12′ length.

These are the extra pieces to make it larger.

I asked a few more questions and learned this…

Thank you for your assistance in finding a home for our mid-arm quilting frame. As Sarah indicated we are “selling” a Bernina 5ft Studio Frame with (boxed) extensions to 12’. Included are the arms and free motion table (QuiltMotion) for Bernina, all hardware for your PC, and an LCD Screen. Current CAD software is available from Grace Company. The Studio frame with extensions is currently selling new for over $6500.00! 

Okay…is your quilting group a 5013C? Do you have someone in your group who is able to pick this up in Jefferson City, MO? Are you willing to get the extra needed items to make this work?

If you are, here is Sarah’s contact info…
Please, only contact Sarah if you can meet the requirements and seriously plan to make this work for your charity sewing group.

6 thoughts on “Is Your Charity Quilting Group a 5013C?”

  1. Hi Jo it’s Vivian in indiana. My machine is still not fixed but I would be interested in this one. I asked my guild if we are 5013C but I haven’t heard back. Karen Grant and I are members of same guild. You met her at your eat and greet!
    I’ve also asked my pastor. We currently hold our guild meetings in my church. Do you think this generous offer would apply to someone that does charity quilts through the church? I still have your tops left to quilt and your batting you sent. Our sleep in heavenly places group met last Saturday and we completed 6 or 7 tops and sent some home!!!! Thank you Jo!

  2. Wow! What a generous offer! In the middle of all the bad that is happening in our world, this is so refreshing! I sure hope this will work out for some well deserving group.

  3. That is an extremely generous offer! On behalf of all quilters, I’m sending a big “thank you” to Sarah Gordon Crabtree, and to you for putting this out there. I’m sure there is a charity somewhere that will really benefit. Quilters are wonderful, aren’t they?

  4. I hope a new owner is found for this wonderful gift. I also hope that Sarah enjoys retirement and her new long-arm quilting system.

  5. Jo, just an fyi! The software from Grace Co. is set up for a Bernina 830 or 820. It will not work on any other machine with out an upgrade to a machine compatible with the software. The frame should fit up to a 19” longarm.

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