I hate being behind….

Are you like me?
If I ever get behind on something, I always contemplate on giving up.  That’s where I am today.  In June, I started too many projects and now that the end of July is here, I am paying the price.

Here is my Crazy Mom Quilt a Long….two weeks behind.  UGH!

CrazyMomQuiltalong I keep telling myself, I could stop here and just make it a baby quilt.  Wouldn’t it be awesome just like it is….but I am NOT caving to the pressure.   I am going to finish it.  I have been having a bit of trouble getting everything to fit.  There’s definitely been a little juggling to make it work.  I normally don’t have trouble.  I’ve debated if there’s a problem with my 1/4″ seam allowance when sewing but I think it’s because the strips were not cut the width of the fabric.  I think cutting them the other way gives them a bit more give.  Others have been commenting about the same problem.

The Crazy Mom Quilt isn’t the only thing I am behind in….
I have my Mystery Quilt from Patchwork Times that need borders.

I have four quilts sitting my the quilting machine that need to be machine quilted.

I think I just need a day off OR TWO  to get caught up with sewing….unfortunately, it won’t be today, BUT  Hubby has a meeting tonight and the kids will be gone so I think I will at least plan some quality time to get this quilt caught up.

6 thoughts on “I hate being behind….”

  1. Sympathy, sympathy coming your way. I’m two weeks behind on Crazy Mom as well, and it is making me crazy! Not sure I can get caught up this week either, too many other things on the HAVE TO list! Good luck to all the ‘behind’ quilters, may we all find some golden hours to get caught up! I do love your Crazy Mom quilt, the colors are so bright and happy! Isn’t it fun to watch this thing grow?

  2. I think your quilt is really cute, but that’s too bad that it’s giving you some problems. That could be why there is no big urge to finish it. I hope that you find some interrupted time to start making a dent on what you want to finish.

  3. I am behind on this one too…. playing catch up on a couple of others… but I am trying to have fun with it and not stress out too much :)

    Your quilt is looking great!


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