Remodeling Progress

If you’re looking for the giveaway, here’s the link.

Here’s how the remodeling project is coming….
I think today the guys will be pouring the cement for the garage floor.

It will be SO nice once the project is finished.  Right now my house is INFESTED with flies.  The door that leads from the kitchen to the addition doesn’t seal leaving a super highway for flies to find a new home in MY home.  The fly swatter can’t move quick enough for the little buggers so the spray can is going to have to come out.

The workers are timing things perfectly with all the rain we have been getting.  They have been able to work inside when it rains and outside when it isn’t.

So far my favorite thing about the remodeling project….the smell.  Yes, the smell.  For years the drain hasn’t worked right and we’ve had a sump pump doing some of drainage work.  There always seemed to be a musty basement smell to the house.  Well no more!  We have everything draining perfectly and the smell is gone.

Being I work at home, having all the workers around is TOTALLY distracting.  There are people walking past my window…constant talking and hammering which gets Gracie in a frenzy…sawing and the like.

Hopefully a few more weeks and I’ll be back to the peace and quiet.

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