I Caved…

Remember yesterday?  I was writing about going to the cross stitch shop or not.  I really wanted to go and get some of the new goodies…but I had Gannon and knew the goodies would still be there when I did go so had mostly decided not to go.

Then blog reader Gloria messaged me from the shop asking if I was going to go.  I said no…I have Gannon.  Then she messaged me and said the cookbook was awesome and asked what kind of linen I suggest…ah.  That got me thinking about how much I really did want to go.

What a dilemma.

I tried to think of something that justified me going…hmm.

I had it.  As many of you know The Stitchery Nook has my Heaven and Nature piece to frame.  I had gotten a message from Liz saying she had it laced but not put together yet.  Hmmm.  Well, lacing is the thing I don’t love doing.  Putting it together is something I can do.  That was it.  I could drive over and tell them that I would take my piece to be framed “as is” and I would put it together myself at home.

But Gannon’s napping would be all screwed up.  He’d either fall asleep on the way there or on the way home and probably end up with a little nap and be crabby.  Well, I could deal with that if it meant getting my framed piece back…right??

Then at that very moment, Kelli called me and I told her my thoughts.  She said if you need something to help you decide whether you should go or not, I need some floss and you could pick it up for me.  PERFECT!!  That’s just what I needed to put me over the edge.  Kelli needed my help to get floss for her.  I was going for Kelli, not myself…right??  HA!

So I quickly scrambled and took off.

Oh my…What a trip.  Gannon was great in the car…in the store, not so much.  He’s mostly potty trained.  At home he’s great but in town is a little more unpredictable so off the bathroom, the second we got in the store.  While in the bathroom he loudly yelled at me while I was helping him get his pants pulled up..and from there it went downhill.
The new goodies from Market were all on tables.

I would have loved to look and peruse but this guy…was in a mood.

He’s normally fantastic when he’s with me but today he wasn’t having it.  He doesn’t like people…and there were a few in the store.  He doesn’t like attention…and people tried to talk to him.

I brought a lego set along that I thought would entertain him.  I thought I could set him down with the set and he’d just play as he does at my house but he wasn’t having it.

I wanted to look and sort and select…but nope.  I wanted to leisurely shop.  I really had expected to be able to.  As I said, normally he’s perfect.

Instead, I ended up on a mad hunt trying to find and grab what I had previously seen that I liked.

I snapped a picture of this to send to Judy at Patchwork Times.  This is a market-only exclusive that Judy stitched on.  Only shops that attended market can buy it.  So if you like it and want it…The Stitchery Nook has it.  Just call the shop and they will save one for you.

I quickly grabbed these pictures and now as I am writing this I am wanting to see some of the things I missed.  UGH.

I found the charts and things I was looking for.

At this point, Gannon was more than I could handle.  He was touching things.  They had beads and buttons and floss hanging.  All of it is so tempting for a boy who just turned 3 who suddenly is no longer interested in Legos.  Every time I tried to get him interested in the Legos he would say, “No Legos.  I shop you.”  UGH…

I heard Shari telling someone that Gentle Arts had two new floss colors out.  I decided to get them for Kelli and for me.  That’s when I remembered I needed Kelli’s floss.  I wouldn’t have remembered Kelli’s floss had I not overheard them talking about the new floss.  Gannon was being that antsy.

He really wasn’t horrible it’s just that the store has some glass shelving and has an enclosed area that’s covered with glass doors.  He just made me nervous.

So…I had things in my hands.  I should have put a few of them back.  I didn’t.  I couldn’t concentrate as my eyes were trying to look but I could only concentrate on noises Gannon was making like…or not making.  Rather than put myself through any more misery of shopping with him, I just decided I couldn’t do it anymore and would buy all of the charts I had gathered.  My original intention was to resort through them and only pick about half of what I had.  Oh well.  I guess I’m buying the charts sooner rather than later.  I really did love them all and had planned to eventually buy them…just not all at once.

Then at the checkout, I saw this…

Oh.  I loved it.  I loved it a lot.  As a kid going to Sunday School we sang the doxology(this verse) at the closing of every session.  I love the roses…I love it all.  I ended up putting that on my pile.

At the counter, I was talking to Shari and said something to her about my framed piece.  Before I could get out my plan with her that I could finish it myself, she told me that Liz saw me walk in and quickly finished it so I could take it home.  Glory Bee!!  My stitched piece is finished.

I didn’t get a chance to photograph it so that will be in a blog post for another day.  Let me just say this…it is amazing!!!

So do you want to know what I bought?  These two are from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I told you about both of these in an earlier post.  I’m especially in love with the one on the right.  There are four pillow patterns in the book, one for each season, and I want to stitch them all for my dough bowl.

I got all of the new Blackbird Design releases.  YAHOO!!  I’m so excited about them.  I love Blackbird Design pieces and love that they often include spots for initials so the pieces can be personalized.

I got the sewing-themed dough bowl booklet and a pattern that is a bit of a companion piece.  I was on Instagram that morning and saw that someone already had one of the little pillows stitched already.  These will be fun and quick.

I got a copy of the recipe book.  It’s a great little book with recipes from the designers who were at the Needlework Market.  It also included a few small pieces that can be stitched.  All are dough bowl-sized and will be great for pillows.

I got the “Doxology” piece I mentioned above.  I also got the April Word Play from With They Needle and Thread.  There is a monthly series of these and I’ve seen many stitch them and have loved them.  I plan to slowly collect the patterns until I have all of the months.

At the checkout, I was reminded that I had ordered the Home for the Holidays book the last time I was in.  They had it saved for me.  I have loved this book for some time.  It has two patterns in it that I’ve wanted to stitch and it has a series of stockings that have caught my eye as I’ve seen others stitching them.

Whew…that was a lot!!  I’m blaming my excessive spending on Gannon…but, I’m absolutely thrilled with all of the things I got.  I know I’ll be taking these with me to bed in the upcoming nights.  I love reading through the patterns and thinking about fabrics and colors and in what order I’d like to stitch them.  I just love doing that.  I’m not buying any thread or kitting them up at this point…just daydreaming for now.

I snapped one more picture as I headed out the door with Gannon.  I love the chart with the #102 on it.  So pretty.

By the time I got home, it was early afternoon.  I got Gannon laid down for a nap.  I pulled some food for supper.  Carver got off the bus. Kalissa showed up.  Buck came.  Karl came.  Craig came.  I made supper and we played Ticket to Ride.  I’m finishing this blog post and now…I’m off.  I’m going to go to bed and take a couple of my new charts with me.

All in all…even though Gannon rushed me in store, it was a great day.  He completely made up for his owly mood in the shop with how sweet he was on the ride home.

A HUGE shout out to Liz for finishing my framing last minute and to Shari for covering the store while she did.  I’m so lucky to have such a great shop just an hour away from here.

I’m off…cross stitch charts are calling my name!

Before you go…go check out this video from Judy at Patchwork Times she did a great job videoing herself stitching using the two-handed method with a stand.  You can find her post with the video HERE.

17 thoughts on “I Caved…”

  1. No shopping baskets in the store, hm? Gannon could have carried the basket next to you perhaps. Or maybe he would have filled it full of stuff he liked and even put back some of what you wanted. It is hard to plan for all eventualities when shopping with little ones!!
    Kelli’s floss? did you get that? At least you got to see the store and pick up what was waiting for you.

  2. Oh my! Sorry that Gannon gave you some trouble. We all have our moments, right? I am sure all your purchases will give you so much fun and glad you purchased them. That shop just looks so inviting, really awesome. I would like to go there some day, but I know I won’t have that opportunity since it is too many states away from me. Looking forward to seeing you finished Heaven and Nature.

  3. I admire your patience and good humor! This so reminded me of my mommie days, trying to shop in stores while keeping one eye on my roaming oldest son. He just had to check out everything and told me he “needed” to do this. The last straw was the afternoon he opened the fire exit door in a gift shop. He could read. He knew it was a no no. But he kept saying he “wanted to see what would happen.” P.S. While still retaining his incessant curiosity, he grew up, earning a Ph.D. in Psychology. Today he works in the video game industry, conducting user insight studies on what happens when gamers do or do not do certain things…

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Grrannd children are great but they can be a major distraction at times. People talk about the terrible 2’s for most of my family it’s the troublesoime 3’s. Fortunately. The also. are little angels a whole lot of the time. Glad everything worked out for you and the family. Those pieces look like v great reminders and will make wonderful gifts or hanging on your cross stitch wall.

  5. Yea! I’m so glad you went even though Gannon wasn’t the angel he can be! Lol! I know you got more than you planned but you will end up making them so it doesn’t really matter! I’m glad you went shopping and that Gannon distracted you. Think of it as your retirement gift!

  6. Sounds like quite the shopping trip! Loved the things you bought. Watched the video on the other site. It’s his I cross-stitch. Did not like her swearing unfortunately!

  7. Oooh, Home for the Holidays…I’ve been looking at the Christmas Garden for quite a while. Is that one that you’ve got on your list? So pretty. Otherwise, I think your trip turned out pretty well – a mission for Kelli and Gannon helped you make up your mind on all the charts you wanted :-) Good deal!

  8. Glenda Fletcher

    JO, Glad you got to go. Good thing Kelli needed floss. Liz was so nice and finished your piece quick. Grand kids are special in their own way. Now you can entertain yourself at bed time with your neat purchases. Fun. Was wondering if you buy any patterns on line. I know there are the free ones that I have looked at. But went into this one web site Stitch & Frog. Her email is mary@stitchandfrog.com. She had patterns that were older on sale. Do you know anything about this website? The newer ones I would buy from The
    Stitchery Nook or The Shanty Stitchers in Beresford, SD.

  9. Glad you went, grands can be trying at times, but oh so precious otherwise.
    I am new to crossstitch, so I love your Friday posts. Your posts made me (ha-ha) buy stuff on line. Right now I am only doing bowl fillers. I also like the fast finish, unlike when I quilt.
    Crossstitch question: How to do travel from moffit to moffit without your back looking like a birds nest.? How do you end your row when thread is running out?
    I am doing your fall SAL and I love it, I’m ahead as I have 3 pumpkins done.
    Thanks for all you do for the stitching,quilting world.

  10. Meylonie Schatz

    I ordered two of the charts you pictured. You’re helping them stay in business! I’d completely given up cross-stitch but have a tiny spot that needs something perfect so will give it a try again. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  11. there are 3 patterns in a photo. One is from blackbird designs – Home from the Holidays. The other is April. Who is the designer of the April pattern. Thanks so much.

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