What I’m Making: Spam Cookies

You read that right.  Spam Cookies…as in they have Spam in them.

At Christmas time I clipped this recipe out of the newspaper.  I read and re-read the recipe.  For real, Spam was in the cookies???  This seemed to weird.  Way too weird…but you know me.  If it’s weird, I’ll try it.

I put off trying them for a long time because I couldn’t taste anything.  I’m still not 100% on the tasting, but I do get a hint of the taste, and Gannon, my grandson, was here and wanted cookies so I decided to give these a try.

Here’s how they looked out of the oven. To use the Spam in the cookies, I took an immersion blender and chopped it up.  That worked really well.

I only had half of a bag of butterscotch chips so normally I think they would have more chips in them.

Here is the recipe.  Besides the Spam, the recipe is pretty ordinary.

The recipe says to put the pan in the oven for 5 minutes and then rotate the pan and cook them for another 5 minutes.  I did that.  I was going to try to make them without rotating to see if it really did make a difference but then I forgot to do that.

So far Kalissa, Gannon, and I have tried them and we all like them.  I had to laugh as Kalissa came in as I was baking them and there was still some dough in the bowl.  She tasted the dough and said, “Wow, this tastes good.”  Then I said I was trying a new recipe and showed it to her.  She said “Blah!”  I said I thought you liked Spam.  She said she does only she just couldn’t imagine it in cookies.  I said you just had the dough.  She said, “Well the dough was good.”

She later tasted the cookies and liked them.  She said it was just a weird thing that you don’t imagine Spam and cookies together.  I totally agreed…that’s why I had to try the recipe.

I’m giving them two thumbs up.  I’ll definitely make them again!!

21 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Spam Cookies”

  1. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought to put Spam in a cookie – or any baked good. I am glad you had the nerve to try them. I actually like Spam. My mother used to grate it and made a sandwich spread. When my first husband and I camped, we used it for breakfast meat – just fried it. If I ever try these I will rename them Butterscotch cookies!! My husband would never eat Spam, just like he won’t eat hot dogs (and many other things!).

  2. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I wonder who was the person who first thought of this recipe! And what do you do with leftover Spam?

  3. I love Spam so I’ll have to try this recipe. No problem using the 1/2 can of leftover Spam == breakfast, lunch or dinner! Thanks.

  4. I always use spam in my macaroni salad instead of ham. No one would know that it is spam. We love it and I always have it on hand. I think that I need to try making them.

  5. You are an adventurous woman, that’s for sure. LOL. Not a fan of Spam and it’s a mighty pricey ingredient. I’ll stick with more conventional cookie recipes.

  6. Spam is a big thing in Hawaii. It is even on the McDonald’s menu there. A Spam cookbook is available for purchase in alot of stores. It is not just a thin book either like I expected.

  7. I LOVE Spam –sure would never dream of it being in cookies— very interesting–and like you–if I had seen recipe someplace–I’d think “have to try that!!!!! LOOK good!! And you think they are good–So sound like another new recipe to try!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Love such things!! and trying recipes–(and I’ve made quite a few that you’ve shared!!)

  8. I made a cake with a can of tomato soup that was like a spice cake and had a good flavor. Come to think of it, I’ve not seen that recipe in a long while so I may have weeded it out.

  9. And I thought potato chip cookies were odd! Not talking bad about Spam. Both my husband and I grew up with it and he says his Mom would fix it a hundred different ways, but this recipe made me chuckle. I used a Spam can to cut out the glazed Mary Jane Molasses/Spice Cookies. Our son had a t-shirt with the Spam can logo on it when he was in Junior High that he wore all the time. I guess Spam is an American institution. I enjoy checking out the recipes you write about, Jo, especially the zucchini recipes or when you send a picture complete with spots and notations from church/community cookbooks.

    NJ – The tomato soup spice cake recipe is on the Campbell’s website along with a variation for tomato soup spice waffles! Are there any other “only in America” combinations out there?

  10. Interesting – I may have to try that. We love Spam here.
    Did you know there’s a Spam museum? It was a great place to visit. I think they had over 20 varieties of Spam – some from different countries.
    Love and prayers

  11. My friend makes cookies with hard boiled eggs in them and I thought that was kinda weird. Hey folks thought the chocolate mayonnaise cake was weird and thats delicious. So glad your not afraid to try things

  12. What a cool recipe! I love Spam too – my mom would slice it and then pan fry it with our breakfast sometimes. Bacon has become a popular ingredient in lots of desserts, so it doesn’t seem too surprising that Spam would also work, since it’s a pork product. I’ll have to give this a try – I love butterscotch chips, and can eat them by the handful straight from the bag, lol

  13. Could you taste the spam at all? What ingredient would this have replaced? I don’t know if I would sacrifice spam for cookies! LOL I haven’t had spam in years. We are going to have to get some. Thanks for sharing your interesting recipes.

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