CORRECTION: Cross Stitch Update

I was reading my comments on the blog and saw this comment from Linnea, “Hi Jo! I don’t know if I got the entire post or not as it seems something missing at the end.”

What??  I went back and read the post.  What had happened.  I had written the whole post but apparently might not have saved the post as Linnea was right.  Part of the was missing.  My apologies.

Here is the corrected post:
I had my kids and grandkids home over the weekend so I didn’t get a lot of stitching in over the weekend.

When I finally did sit down on Sunday night I remember it was supposed to be Blackbird weekend (the first weekend of the month) meaning we stitch on projects that are designed by Blackbird Designs then.

I didn’t know where my project was and being it was later on Sunday night and I was pooped, I decided to just grab my nap time stitch which is a Blackbird Design project, and stitch on it.  I ended up finishing it.

I plan to make this into a small pillow and it will go in my divider box shelf.  I’ve been debated on taking linen for the backing and stitching my initials and birthdate on it.  I haven’t decided yet.  I also considered putting Kramer’s initials, birth, and death dates.  Hmm.  Any opinions on this??

I now have three little pillows I need to finish up and put together.  It’s a good thing I’m getting better at finishing my own smalls.  I’m so glad I have been tackling them and not leaving them to languish.

I put most of the time I had into my All Creatures Great and Small.  You might remember I’ve been fretting because I didn’t complete the top section in the first quarter of the year as I had hoped I would.  I got to thinking if I would simply spend a week trying to mostly stitch on it, I might get far enough along that I was caught up.

So…that’s what I did…

Here Carver “helped” me figure out what designs I needed to stitch and which ones I had already stitched.

The true color of this piece is the photo above.

I decided that this week I was going to concentrate on getting the border done.  I didn’t want to stitch any more leaves onto the border until I knew for sure that it was going to match up.  I got this far and could see I was in trouble.  I was two stitches off, meaning four threads off.  That is a lot.

I was so frustrated.  I counted and recounted.  The repeat goes, stitch three, drop down one, stitch three, go up one.  I looked and looked and just could not find where I had made the mistake.  It looked perfect to me.

I ended up pulling the chart and studied the chart.  I found the problem.  Notice right in this lower-left corner.  The pattern changed and I didn’t notice it.  See there are four stitches in a row just after the turn moving towards the right.  The designer did that twice.  WHOOT WHOOT.  I found the mistake.  BUT, now how do I fix it?

I didn’t want to pull out the entire bottom row of stitching so I decided I would modify it.  I studied the placement of the leaves trying to decide if it made a difference where I put the added stitches.  I decided it didn’t so I added in the extra stitches in the bottom right corner vs the called for bottom left corner.

It all matched up and here is where I am.  I’m stitching this on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha.  The true color is below.

I am stitching with the called for Anchor floss minus the red of the barn.  That is Anchor 20.

I am pleased with my progress.  I feel caught up and back on track.  YAHOO!  That’s always the best feeling.  I was also very comforted knowing that this piece isn’t as big as I once thought it might be.

I am stitching mine on 40 count and sometimes I think I see people stitching on higher counts.  I don’t realize that so then I end up thinking the pieces are bigger and more intimidating than they are.

This piece is actually quite a bit smaller than some of the biggest pieces I’ve finished.  SO…now I’m not worried about the thoughts people shared about this being a pretty intense stitch.  I can totally do this!!

I am done with the top row minus what I need for the leaves and there is a basket there above the horse.  There are things that need to be in the basket.

There is something about having that border done that makes me excited all over again about this project.  Plus I now know it isn’t HUGE…it’s just big.  So full steam ahead!!

So what else was I up to??

Do you remember the little frame I have with nothing in it?  This one…

Well, being I finished my Blackbird Design “Remember Me”, I thought I’d pull another small project.

I ended up finding this…It is also a Blackbird Design project.  The chart is in the Nashville Needle Market Cookbook.  This is going to be my new “sit with Gannon or Georgia to get them to take a nap” project.  I can’t see that the project has a name.

I ended up sitting with Georgia for one nap time and got this far.  It’s about half of the bottom border.  This is small and would be a quick stitch if I sat down and stitched it.  If I’m only stitching during naptime, it will take a bit to finish.

For now, I am skipping the outer checkerboard border.  I’ll stitch all of the insides and then see how it looks with the frame.  I’ll add the border last if needed.  It’s just nip and tuck according to my math on how it would fit in the frame if I do include the border.  Either way, I think it’s perfect for that frame and I’m excited to have another addition to the Sampler Wall.

I was at the thrift store and picked up these three cuties.  They were 25 cents each!  I thought they might look cute in my dough bowl with my cross stitch pieces.

I think they are perfect.  I couldn’t have found anything better.  SO CUTE!  Who can believe it was only 25 cents each??

I have to laugh.  One day this week Gannon was over and I had him for childcare.  He walked in the door and asked me, “We go thrift store today Grandma Jo?”  He’s a boy after my own heart.  He loves the thrift store just as much as I do….probably because I let him get a racecar every time he goes.

Did you catch the post about the Redbird Sampler Stitch Along that Judy from Patchwork Times and I are hosting?  You can read more about that HERE.

Did you catch my finish this week?  You can read about it HERE if you missed it.

That’s it for the cross stitch update this week.  I have company this weekend so I don’t know how much stitching time I’ll get.  We’ll see how much I accomplish.

21 thoughts on “CORRECTION: Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Love all your projects! I think on the “Remember Me” that Kramer’s full name DOB and DOD would be awesome.

    Question – I know you like using the hoop to stitch – do you have any issues with your stitching being “crushed”? I worry about this and maybe I shouldn’t.

    1. I’ve used hoops for years, nothing has ever been crushed. The only time you have to be careful where you place your hoops is when you have some beading added to your design. And I like my hoops as taut as I can get them. I hope this gives you the confidence you need to use hoops. I feel it keeps your stitching as even as it can be.

  2. If I were you, I’d cross stitch ROGER and the years of his birth and death under his name. I think a name would be so much better than just his initials. I don’t know if that’s what you called him but whatever you called your husband would be my first choice, his whole name.

  3. I would put his name and both dates. I’m going to do that for my husband that I lost right before you lost yours. And you talked me into the next SAL, when will it start?

  4. I also like the idea of Kramer and his DOB and DOD stitched on the back. What a great little sentimental reminder of the love of your life!

  5. Kathleen from Mississippi

    Ahem! Yoo-hoo! That pepperoni dip recipe looks intriguing. Can you move your thumb over a little bit. Lol.

  6. I think you should put all of yours and Kramer’s significant dates. Birth, wedding, and death. With your full names. It could be a little genealogy piece.

  7. I was wondering about that dip too. Lol. And. was that your other once a month Blackbird project?
    Congrats on catching up to your goal—it’s a beauty!

  8. Hi Jo! I don’t know if I got the entire post or not as it seems something missing at the end. Oh well, here’s my input on the Remember Me piece, I would add Kramer’s initials, birth date, wedding date, and death date. Your kids and Grands will be interested in your marriage date one day I’m thinking. Beautiful catch up to date on the ACG&S piece! I love that border on it. Hope your weekend is blessed and restful.

  9. I think adding your husband’s information would be a wonderful rememberance. I think I would like to do one for my husband, but I don’t remember where you got the pattern.

  10. When my parents passed away I did each of them a full Blackbird design with their full names, date of birth and date of death. I have them framed and hanging next to each other. I just love them. Hugs,

  11. I decided to stitch the all creatures project for me…I thought it was just me who had the problem with
    the border not matching up..I ended up 4 threads off as well. I just took some work out and figured that
    I would adjust as needed when I got to that point. So far I really like it. I haven’t worked on linen in years.
    The last time it bothered my eyes and my crafting went in a different direction. This time I ended up buying the 4.0 cheaters and they work perfect. You are way ahead of me and I really enjoy seeing your progress, it keeps me going. Thank you…

  12. And you say you are not that great at placing home decor !!
    WHAT-EVER !! LOL !!!
    Those bunnies with the eggs etc are just darling.

  13. Jo, just somehow managed to see your post. Love your sampler! I do that all the time too! I’ve always wanted to try cross stitch on linen, but am not sure my old eyes could handle it!

    1. Grab some 28 count linen and give it a try. You will likely need some reading glasses or a magnifier but I bet with a little patience you could stitch on linen.

  14. Jo
    Your package from me should arrive today via UPS by 7:00pm
    Your shipment

    Estimated delivery
    Today, April 19 by 7:00 P.M.

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