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Ray is busy finishing up more quilts.  He sent these in emails with pictures in March, but the schedule of Community Quilts has been so full that I’m finally just getting these into the schedule now.  You’re in for a treat as there are four quilts from Ray today.

Ray writes:
In the midst of all of the hubbub of preparing for the Airing of the Quilts this weekend, I finished this quilt.

The Mother of a neighbor across the street fell and broke her arm and her pelvis. She is hospitalized but doing OK considering. I just had to make her a quilt for comfort during her hospital stay and recovery and rehab. I think falls are becoming my greatest fear as I get older.

This is a double wedding ring top that came from Laura in VA some time ago and got passed over until this week. Now is its turn to shine and comfort.

I believe the backing is from the Deb and Pat stash.

I selected a stipple motif for the quilting and a gray thread to blend with the background fabric.

Beautiful quilt and already being loved and cherished. My thanks to all of you for all your continued support. You have made a sweet lady very happy.

Sometimes when… you are told someone could really use a quilt and they tell you a little about them, the lights come on and you know exactly the quilt that is needed.

This quilt is going to a lady that is undergoing cancer treatments and is an avid gardener. I immediately thought of this top from Joann C in CA. I am almost positive it is made from Kaffe Fassett prints as the colors are so rich and deep and floral.

I found a very nice cut of blue for the backing. But I struggled a bit for the binding until I found this dark magenta fabric.

WOW!! Does it ever make the quilt pop!

They asked for the heart motif and I used a magenta thread that matched the binding for the quilting.
Beautiful quilt! My thanks to you, Joann, and the backing donor for making this quilt a reality.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I received a package in the mail from Patty K. in FL. She sent me this beautiful green log cabin quilt to include in the Airing of the Quilts.

This quilt screams Saint Patrick’s Day from the green prints to the shamrock quilting motif.

Got to love the block that fell off the quilt! FUN! The quilting was done with a dark gold thread. Thank you, Patty. It will be a wonderful addition to the Airing.

Just finished this quilt for the Airing of the Quilts on Saturday. I know I was cutting it close but I just found the blue and yellow strips late last week. I wanted a quilt that would be for funds for Ukraine support but did not see anything in the stash. As I was cleaning up from all the quilts and stuff for the Airing, I saw these strips peeking out from under some UFO’s.

So glad I found them. When I see strips, I immediately think of rail fence blocks. Of course, I had white fabric on hand. I did not want to make the standard zig-zag layout so I played with it to get the pinwheels. That layout highlighted the blue and yellow, mainly the blue since it was darker.

I wanted a sunflower motif for the quilting but the best I could do was a daisy. I used yellow thread which helped to bring the yellow out.

I was thrilled to find the blue dish print fabric to use for the backing. Not bad for a last-minute, get it done quilt. Got to support Ukraine as much as we can. My thanks to you and the blog readers that sent me the strips and the backing fabric.

I love the pinwheel quilt for Ukraine Ray…and the others too.  All great work for a worthy cause.  Thanks to everyone for their hard work in making good things happen.


12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    4 winners Ray. The blue and yellow quilt for Ukraine is simple yes but spectacular. This is a hard time for all the Ukrainians that live here in the America’s. Peaying for all of you.

  2. Ann Marie Drop

    I love the idea of the work of so many hands – a group of quilters reaching out with help, kindness, comfort in the form of all the quilts that are featured here.

  3. Oh my such beautiful quilts!! The quilting is so perfect too. Thanks, Ray and the others who contributed to these. May each recipient be blessed by the love

  4. Beautiful quilts! Hey, I have a PSA for anyone who is concerned about having a bad fall. Please don’t take my word (or rather my chiropractor’s word) for it though. Ask your own doctor’s opinion. But, my chiropractor told me this; number one reason for falls is loss of balance. Number one reason for loss of balance is weak ankles. Keep your ankles healthy to reduce your risk of falls. Blessings!

  5. Excellent – thanks for sharing! Ray and all his contributors are bringing a lot of joy to some folks who need some comfort!

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, I love the quilt you designed for funds for Ukraine! The backing and the daisy motif is just what the top needed for a great finish! Thanks Laura, Joann and Patty for your donations and it is so wonderful that you, Ray can keep drawing from the Deb & Pat stash for backings!! Agree with Carla and her chiropractor 100% about weak ankles.

  7. Wowza, these are beauties.
    Slava Ukraine!
    I am quilting again after I set up a better quilting station: painted the room, shifted furniture around. Repurposed my old executive desk into a sewing desk… ain’t retirement grand! Not like Donna Jordan’s digs, but soooo much better than before..
    I picked out a 13×17 cross stitch kit, and about 3/4 done. So glad I got inspired to cross stitch again. Seriously surprised but I stitch on breaks from chores and quilting every day. I loved cross stitch when I was young, still do!
    Already have Sonoran (dryland) Wheat coming up and some late winter root vegetables. Found more canning jars and filling them with dehydrated and pickled root vegetables. Gonna try fermenting too. I will try millet this summer, it only takes 1/4 the water of most wheat varieties.
    Ukraine is a reminder of how fragile we are to armies laying waste. I checked out my likely exposure to nuclear bombs from Putin. Not my idea of a good time.
    Hugs to all and stay safe.

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