Community Quilts from Ray

I have more quilts in.  I had a run lately on getting them in which makes me so happy.  I have three from Ray today.

Ray writes:
I finished this wonderful quilt that was pieced by Joanna in NY. I am always amazed and intrigued by quilts such as this. I am trying to grow and develop to allow myself to be a more casual quilter and not be tied to a well-developed pattern.

Thanks, Joanna for being an inspiration to me. I did take another leap and free motion quilted it. It is not even good but it was a beginning. I used a bone-colored thread to stay with the neutral background fabric.

I tried to make spirals inside the circles.

The backing is from Linda in NY.

The tan colors in the background and the backing complemented each other so well. My thanks to you, Joanna, and Linda for your contributions to this quilt to be donated to a local charity.”

The next quilt…
Ray writes:
Here is another quilt from Holly in IN. This is the last of three tops that she sent me.

They have each been unique and wonderful. This one is so simple, yet so interesting. The top is four squares of 100 blocks each with a great selection in sashing/borders to set off the blocks. I have a bag of squares I need to set aside as leader/enders to make a quilt like this.

I selected the balloon pattern to use for the quilting in a deep red color.

The backing is from Deb and Pat in FL and adds to the red in the quilt.

I love the excitement. Thanks to you, Holly, Deb, and Pat for the wonderful support to make this quilt a beautiful donation to another local charity.

Here is the last quilt.  Ray writes:

You must be really cold up there in Iowa as it has been on the chilly side down here in Florida. It has kept me inside and quilting away. I can’t believe it is the seventh community quilt this month already. This is a top that was sent to me by Stoney M in WI.

Unfortunately, it is the last one as she had to quit making tops. This one is all about Spring! Just what I needed to warm me up and brighten my day. I just love all the Easter rabbits, flowers, and eggs. Hang in there Spring will be here before you know it.

I used the butterfly motif for the quilting with a bright pink thread.

The complementing backing came from Doreen C, in IA.

Love the yellow fabric with the hot pink polka dots. Many thanks to you, Stoney, and Doreen for your generous contributions in creating this breath of Spring quilt. This one is on its way to Valerie’s House to cheer up grieving kids.”

WOW…these are all great.  Thanks so much to the many of you who have been sending goodies Ray’s way.  As Ray wrote, he is completing a lot of quilts lately and none of it would be possible without your support.  We both thank you all!

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Absolutely love all the quilts. Beautiful job from all the people who put so much love into each and every one of these quilts!!!

  2. Nice, nice quilts again. I got busy and had a lot of your posts to catch up on. Congrats to Karl on that lovely house. Those windows and all the wood: gorgeous!!! I suppose the old windows can’t be made efficient, but they are pretty to look at. Blessings and stay warm. We have real winter weather headed our way.

  3. I really love looking at the quilts that others have made. I was just thinking about making a spider web quilt and there it is, being donated. Thanks to all for their giving spirit and beautiful quilts and the motivation that I need right now. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Love all the finishes. I am just amazed where all the materials come from in different parts of the country to make these beautiful quilts. Thanks to all who participate in these charity projects.

  5. Ray you continue to amaze me with your top quilting, love all those wonderful finishes. Thank you to the generous ladies that sent fabric and tops to Ray, it really does take a village.

  6. All of the people who contribute to these charity quilts should be applauded! Teamwork makes the dream work as the saying goes! Jo, could you give us information how to contact thes people directly? Would love to be part of the fun.

  7. I think your imperfect spirals are perfect for the spiderweb quilt! They give it the exact rustic finish that suits it. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and plan to make one of my own. I just didn’t have any idea how I would quilt it but, now I know! Thank you for your lovely work and your good heartedness!

    1. I don’t give out anyone’s address due to privacy. I do offer email addressess. Here is Ray’s
      Just drop a note to him and he will personally send an address for you to send a package to. I hope you understand. Thanks for
      offering to sent to Ray directly.

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