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Well, it’s almost two months since I started doing some childcare again.  I thought I would give you a little update on how it is going.

First off, let me explain that I am not doing it like I was before.  This is really laid back and more of grandma care.  Sure we still read stories and do some activities but it’s not a full house and me jumping from here to there all the time loaded with kids.

The star of the show around here is the baby…He’s a really good little guy and I love having him.  He seriously only cries about two minutes every time he goes to sleep as he is a sleep fighter.  Other than that, he’s perfect.

Gannon loves him.

Georgia loves him.  On days she isn’t here, Kelli will face time me and immediately Georgia will ask, “Where baby go?”.  Typically l the screen looks like this and Kelli and I talk while Georgia watches the baby on the phone.

She does pretty well with him and I’m hoping that translates over to her new brothers or sisters due in May.

How’s Rosie doing with the change??…pretty good.  There is room for improvement but not too bad.  She does end up in the kennel from time to time as she gets a little too energetic.  I think she’s just so happy to have someone to play with that she can’t contain herself.   Here she is with Gannon.
She has to go in the kennel at meal time.  She goes in the kennel for naptime too if she can’t settle down and nap with the kids.  She’s getting better at that.

To date, I’ve not had a full normal week of childcare yet.  The holidays made for some time off.  I had doctor appointments.  Kalissa’s family was in quarantine.  We had a couple of kids with the flu.  Another family had to quarantine.  It’s been really easy going and I appreciate that.

I have had two people call looking for childcare.  It doesn’t take long for word to get out but I’ve been really careful.  The hours have to fit exactly what I’m doing now.  I have to be confident I’ll get paid.  It has to be a very Covid careful family.

One of my old childcare families contacted me and I’m going to help them starting in February.  I’m excited to see that little girl again.  So I’m taking it all slow…trying to balance my doctor’s recommendation of not exposing myself to covid, trying to help some families out, and trying to generate a little bit of income.  It’s a hard balancing act.  So far, it’s going okay.

Here’s Kalissa reading a book to the three little ones.  The second Kalissa or I hold the baby, Gannon is right there.  He’s pretty jealous over the baby.  Thankfully he’s not mean about it.  He only throws a fit.

Both Gannon and Georgia LOVE books.  They are at the perfect age learning their colors, saying more words, and being very interactive.  I love this age.

A big thanks to the person who sent bubble wrap in their box.  Georgia was so entertained.  It’s a super short video.

Gannon wasn’t here this day.

Wednesday I have 2-3 preschool kiddos.  That’s nice.  They are kids I’ve had from the very beginning.  We know each other well. Wednesdays are my favorite days.  I could take care of 3-5 year old for days on end.

I don’t have any pictures to show of my two after school girls.  I’ve had these girls for so many years.  They truly feel like grandkids to me.  They are super sweet.

The older kids have grown up and out of many of the toys I have here so I broke the bank and ordered some Polly Pockets from eBay for them.  I had found some at the thrift store but there weren’t enough for the kids to both play.  I was going to order some from Amazon but they were too expensive for any amount, so Polly Pockets have been keeping the girls busy.

They love all things crafty too!!

I was able to find some puzzles at the thrift store when I went that were 50 and 100 piece puzzles so we have been doing them.

Once summer comes I’m going to be in trouble keeping them entertained all day.  My hope is maybe by then covid will be a little better and I can add another family.  Who knows??  Maybe someone with kids their age.

So two months in and I’m happy I said yes to the two families.  Kalissa is happy I’m open all week long so the boys can come here.  Rosie is happy…she loves the kids so all in all, I think it was a good decision to open childcare again.

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  1. So fun to watch Georgia popping the bubble wrap. All darling little kiddos! You will be very busy with childcare, helping Karl with his house, and then getting twins in family. How fun!!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Glad you are getting your fill of kiddo-love but also being mindful of what you need as well. You so love to help others that I know it must be difficult to tell anyone “no” when they need childcare. Grandma love is the perfect way for you to meet so many needs without overloading yourself! Enjoy those littles!

  3. What a cute picture of Gannon with Rosie, that is a keeper and Georgia popping bubble wrap make me laugh out loud. Maybe I should get some and walk on it just to amuse myself, haha. I’m glad that you found a happy balance between child care and family along with covid.

  4. Mary, you made a reference to “Kalissa’s blog!” Where might one find that?? I always read Jo’s, but didn’t know about Kalissa’s. . .
    Look forward to reading about all the wonderful Quilter’s every day, Country threads, Bonnie Hunter, & Jo’s.
    Thanks so much!
    Peggy S. (Eagan, MN)

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