Community Quilts from Ray

I have some great quilts to share with you from Ray today.  He’s been working on quilts to share with veterans.

Ray writes:
I wanted to share this beautiful log cabin quilt with you. It was sent to me by Cathy R who was snowbirding in FL earlier this year.
I saved this back to finish with the QOVs.

I love the red center block with half of the logs light blue and half dark blue.

The fabrics were not of a patriotic theme so I decided to go with red thread and the star meander motif to add some patriotic flare to the quilt. Cathy also included the dark blue backing and the quilting really pops on the back. My thanks to you and Cathy for the BIG assist in another QOV for a deserving vet.

I have another awesome… QOV to share with you. This one came from Linda F. in AZ.

Yes, she sent me a bunch of them and I am loving every minute of getting them finished for the presentation.

This time she used the bowtie pattern to create this special quilt. I love the background fabric she used as it reminds me of fireworks.

I rummaged through the motifs and found this motif. The name given to it is nonsense to me, so I am calling it fireworks because of the curls in it. I had to use more of that red, white and blue variegated thread.
I, unfortunately, do not know who sent the backing fabric but it is the perfect compliment. My thanks to you and Linda for another great quilt to honor a vet.

These are so nice.  What a treat it is for Ray to be able to combine his appreciation of veterans and his talents with a longarm.  Many thanks to the gals who sent tops and backings his way.  It is so appreciated!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. The QofV quilts are both wonderful and Ray certainly makes them shine with his finishing work. I like the use of the variegated thread. There will be a lucky veteran getting to enjoy them for years to come.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The 2nd quilt definitely deserves the title Fireworks. It is an ohhhhhh!!!! Moment when you see the picture. Lovely beyond words. The 1st. Is lovely just not as stunning.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, your finishing touches are just the perfect combination for these QOV quilts tops. May each veteran enjoy the effort you and your “helpers” have provided for their pleasure.

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