Community Quilts from Ray

I got in a couple of emails from Ray sharing quilts that have recently been under his needle and some mail…

Ray writes:
After a series of delays and diversions, I think I am back to getting some community quilts finished. And to get things rolling I finished this beautiful Granny Square quilt that Sharon made and sent to me.
Love the pattern and the colors. Makes me feel good. Just like being at Grandmother’s house as a kid. I can almost smell the bread baking in the oven Hmmmm!

I decided to use the feather motif with white thread. I have never slept on a feather bed but that is what I thought of when I viewed the quilt.

I do not know who sent me the beautiful backing fabric, unfortunately. My thanks to you, Sharon, and… all of the readers and supporters of community quilts. Someone is going to enjoy this one soon.

I finally got this BIG quilt from Patti L. in KY. finished. Yes, I think it is big at 99 x 81.

I am thinking it was made to go on a king-size bed. It is GORGEOUS!! Love the combination of colors and fabrics and the pattern that went into this top. Patti did a wonderful job with the piecing.

I used some 108 wide backing in a neutral color on the back. The quilting is the circle meader with a teal thread. This will be absolutely eye-catching at the Airing of the Quilts in March. My thanks to you and Patti for your generosity.

I finished another quilt top that came from Patty K. in  FL.

I call it a stack and wack quilt top because you stack up several layers of fabric and then wack off pieces and sew everything back together again only with other pieces of fabric.

Patty was not pleased with the outcome. Cutting through multiple layers of fabric is definitely not easy. I always have some shifting of fabric with only one fabric. I can not imagine 6 or more layers. I will admit the quilt was a bit wonky. However, I think it looks pretty darn good, considering.

I went with the butterfly motif because of the butterflies and lilacs in the fabrics. Also, that motif is a bit more forgiving with a wonky top. I used white thread to make the butterflies stand out more.

I do not recall who sent the green backing fabric but it really makes this quilt.

My thanks to you, Patty, and the finishing ladies for another cute quilt for Quilts for Kids.


I received a package in the mail today from Patricia S, in LA. It was a beautiful, bright, cheery quilt top and backing. The top pattern is plus signs. Love the colors and the cheeriness.

May have to get it finished soon to have on hand for when we have a death in the parish. I think it carries a lot of sunshine with it. Thanks, Patricia.”

Wow…what a great bunch of quilts.  Everyone who has been sending things to Ray really has a great sense of color…and great piecing skills.  It makes Ray’s work so much easier.  Many thanks to all who donated, and of course to Ray.  Much time and talent went into these!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. All beautiful quilts! All the quilting and finishes beautiful. I really like the meandering circle motif. Thanks, Ray, and all the others.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    What a stunning group of quilt finishes, Ray! Your quilting is just the magic these beautiful tops needed.
    Thanks to you and the ladies who pieced them.

  3. Beautiful quilts Ray. That aqua one is stunning! It will attract a lot of attention in March that’s for sure.

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