Big News Cross Stitch Fans!!

Kalissa here breaking into Mom’s blog.  I’m giving her the night off and sharing my big news.

Mom and I teamed up and designed a few cross-stitch shirts and I thought I would share them all with you. It’s been a long time coming! I’ve been getting requests for cross stitch designs for months now and I’ve finally got a PRE-ORDER available open until September 5th!

I’ve opted to take pre-orders because that way I don’t have to guess the popular sizes and I don’t run out.  It’s really all about you and getting the products you want in the sizes you need.

Mom and Kelli were both around so I put some shirts on them and asked them to model for all of you.

First up is the Cross Stitcher Tee.  It says, “Cross Stitcher, “Living Life One Stitch at a Time”.  I love this color.

Mom is modeling this and wears a size large…Kelli wears an XL.

I loved that image so much that I decided… to print sweatshirts with the same design.

Again, Mom is in a large and Kelli in an XL.  Often time people size up when ordering sweatshirts and hoodies.  DO NOT DO THAT with these.  The size you wear in a T-shirt is the size you should order in sweatshirts and hoodies because they run a little big.

If you aren’t a hoodie lover, no problem.  I ordered them in crew neck sweatshirts.  You all asked and I listened.

Here are Gannon and Rosie interrupting the photoshoot…Mom is wearing the crew neck here.  Same with sizing…DON’T ORDER A SIZE UP, these run a little big already.

Mom isn’t a v-neck gal but boy did she ever change her tune after trying on this new v-neck.  AGAIN, I listened to all of you and purposely designed a v-neck shirt.

This one says, “Stitch More-Worry Less”.  So cute!!

Sizing for mom and Kelli are again, Kelli in an XL and mom in a large.

I didn’t know how the logo would land on the shirt but Stacey, my printer, did an amazing job.  It looks GREAT!!

If you are interested, place your order at my Etsy shop as you normally would, but keep in mind the order won’t ship until mid – late September! That’s the downside of pre-orders.  Use code PINK10 for 10% off! ORDER HERE from my Etsy shop: If cross stitching isn’t your cup of tea, please consider sharing with the stitcher in your life!

Many thanks to Mom and Kelli for modeling for me.  I let them each pick a free shirt for modeling.  Can you guess which ones they picked??  Mom picked the v-neck.  I told you I won her over with it.

Mom ends all her quilt blog posts with a picture of Rosie with the completed project.  I thought I would do that too.

Remember pre-orders close on September 5th so you’ll want to get your order in soon.  It’s not too early for Christmas buying either!!  I think I’m putting in an order for a hoodie for mom.  Don’t tell.

I’ve been wanting and wanting to get some cross-stitch shirts designed.  I started out with two designs in different colors but if they have a successful run, I will for sure be designing more.  I want to keep you all happy!!

Message me via my Etsy shop if you have any questions.  Thanks so much for letting me break into Mom’s blog so I could tell you about the newest goodies in my Etsy shop.  Before I go, would anyone be interested in cross stitch stationary?  I’ve been thinking about that too.


19 thoughts on “Big News Cross Stitch Fans!!”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Another round of great shirts!! If the quality is the same as the ones you have done for quilting, they are marvelous!! So very soft, even before washing!!!

      1. Hi Kalissa,
        I am an overseas visitor who loves reading all the cross stitch blogs. Will it be possible to buy your sweatshirts here and if so, how do I go about it, please?

  2. not a cross stitcher but wonderful job. and thanks for the shot with Gannon. we have all fallen in love with him. frankly all the Kramer Klan.

  3. Love the new shirts. I hope you’ll consider doing something for next year celebrating quilters on May 4th. Something like May the 1/4 be with you.

  4. Lynn quilter in CA

    I have ordered 2 quilting shirts from you and I LOVE them. 1 was a crew neck and 1 was a v-neck. Great shirts that are super soft and comfy.

  5. I ordered one for my sister who is a cross-stitcher. This will be a Christmas gift for her. Thank you for designing this!

  6. Are you going to offer long sleeve shirts (not sweat shirts)? Even in the south where it’s hot, it’s cold in most air condition stores

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