Community Quilts from Jazz

I have more community quilts to show you!!  These are from Jazz.

She writes:
Ya’ know how some folks covet fancy cars that cost more than a nice house? Or ridiculously costly gold-dusted chocolates? I know someone who, when she gets paid, spends all her money on designer handbags. If she has a little change left, she might buy food or some clothes, but mostly it’s designer purses. Go figure.

That’s how much I love scraps! But truthfully, I love scraps, even more, when they’re not already mine.  Then I love them The Best!

One of your fans, Holly Melton, sent me a box of scraps after Christmas. I already showed off the purple squares she thought were leftovers (to me they were jewels!) Now I’m bragging about the cute multicolored 2 ½” squares she made into 4-patches.

I was just tickled with these and started playing around with them and caught myself making more.

Pretty soon there was an on-pointe quilt in my sewing room! It was so fetching I had to do it again with 2 ½”s of my own.

Holly’s is the one with the yellow squares and melon-colored backing (from you, Jo!) The white squares and light blue back (also from you) is the copy-cat.


Holly also provided the blue dotted flannel I used in the blue baby quilt I quilted with stars, and another of your followers, Sarah Wolfe, gave me the white flannel. 

The middle for all three is the batting you sent (thank you all!); it takes a community to make a baby quilt.

These are all between 36” x 36” and 45” x 45” which is what the newborn nurseries of Harris Health prefer. I hope the precious babies born there will feel comfortable in them. I know they’ll feel the love of all of you who made them so safe and warm.

Thanks to you all!”

Aren’t they all so cute?  Much love went into making these I am sure.  I can’t thank you all enough for sending scraps to Jazz.  She really does a great job putting all of the scraps together and making such lovely quilts.  I am so happy to be a tiny part of this all!!


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. I watched your sewing with Jo. In your sewing room the quilt hanging closest to the red cupboard you said it was a Country Thread pattern. Do you know the name of it. It had a star in the middle. Thanks

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Thanks Jazz for putting the final touch on making these beautiful quilts for newborns . And of course, that could not happen without each contribution along the way. Great job ladies!!

  3. Holly in GA and IN

    Many of these blocks and scraps were left from Bonnie Hunters Grand Illusion. The purple quilt s scraps were from Bonnie Hunters En Provence. Currently I am finishing this years Grassy Creek. Sometimes I just get tired of keeping things for someday however, this past year I have finished many UFOs. Let’s hope for a promising future for all of us. In 2021. Thanks Jo for having all of us in your kitchen, sewing room, and family gatherings. The potatoes were a big hit with my GA kids and the recipe was forwarded to my Ohio and IN kids.

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