Community Quilt Tops from Cheryl in CO

Before I get to today’s post I want to remind you of our book club book.

The book I picked is Everything Beautiful in Its Time:  Seasons of Love and Loss by Jenna Bush Hager.

Jenna Bush Hager Highlights Grandparents' Words of Wisdom

I just finished reading it and I’d love to talk with all of you about the book.  I if you haven’t grabbed it yet, there is still time.  How about you all find a copy and try to have it read by February 6th?  That’s the day set aside for book club.  I hope you’ll join us.

I have some fun news to share today.  I got an email from Ray and I wanted to share it with you.

Ray writes:
I wanted to let you know that I received a BIG box in the mail today from Cheryl P. in CO. It contained ten beautiful quilt tops that she had made, sent to me to longarm, and then to donate. Sorry, you will not get to see them first hand; but bypassing you, will save your postage account. I will try to describe them but it will not be as expertly done as you do. I am sure some of the patterns you can name but this is where my rookie status shows up.

The first quilt was a pinwheel type pattern made from a wide array of fabrics. She used pink sashing between the blocks. It is a good twin size quilt at 72 x 89.

The next quilt is made up of strips and blocks that are set off with black sashing. The contrast in colors is so stunning. This one is 72 x 84.

This quilt is a variation of a rail fence pattern. Some blocks have two fabrics and some have three fabrics. It is then set off in sections by white on white sashing strips. The fabrics remind me of the flour sack quilts I slept under as a kid. Only by the time I came along they had become very faded. These are so warm and cheery. This one is 55 x 84.

This one is definitely destined for …

a duck hunter or Ducks Unlimited. I just stood and stared at it when I laid it out on the floor for the picture. Absolutely stunning. It is so rare that I get a quilt that is “all-male.” It measures 81 x 71 and would be at home in a man cave for sure.

I have never seen this pattern before. That does not mean a whole lot, but I think it is very unique and imaginative. It reminds me a lot of the limestone blocks that were prevalent on homes in southwestern Indiana. The fabric selection adds an even greater depth to the quilt. It measures 60 x 72.

This quilt is based on 16 patch blocks with pink sashing between the blocks. The combination of fabrics creates so much interest. This one has a 3 1/2 border for a finishing touch. This one measures 81 x 89.

I believe this pattern is called courthouse steps. However, I do not believe I have ever seen it assembled with such bright, bold colors. This one definitely catches your eye and then holds it. I am a sucker for bright colors. This one measures 60 x 60. It will be a super lap quilt.

I think this quilt pattern is a quarter log cabin and is set on point. It is interesting to me how setting a quilt on point changes the entire look of the quilt. Beautiful. This one measures 58 x 70.

What is a quilt show without a batik quilt? Well here is the batik in this group. The rail fence pattern does a great job of showing off the fabrics and the color grouping give it such interest. Welcome to the bright, bold world of Florida colors. It will be right at home here. It is a bit smaller at 57 x 67.

I am not sure quite how to describe this quilt pattern. Needless to say, I like it. I really like the mixture of prints and solids and how they are arranged. Then, the border is so very unique with an inner border of black and then the outer pieced border with the solid HSTs and pieced HSTs and solid pieces. This one is 57 x 80.

As they say, “A photo is worth a thousand words”.

WOW.  That was a FUN parade of quilts.  I love all of the fun colors.  I am sure many of you are inspired to see them all and they have you thinking you might try one of the designs.

I think the last quilt is my favorite of the bunch.  The bold colors and border are just my thing!  I’m guessing the center blocks were originally string blocks sewn on the diagonal.  Then the corners were snowballed and the bonus triangles were sewn and kept.  The border is the bonus triangles.  Oh my.  I LOVE this!!

If I weren’t being so disciplined on getting my UFOs in order, I would be upstairs in the sewing room starting one right now out of shirt fabric…but I’m trying really hard not to let “squirrels” get me!!

Cheryl in CO, thank you so much for sending all of these awesome quilts on to Ray.  I trust he will make them all shine and donate them to people in need.  Your gift of quilts is a blessing and will continue to bless people throughout the life of the quilt.  Thank you.


12 thoughts on “Community Quilt Tops from Cheryl in CO”

  1. Holly from Indiana

    Hey Ray you being a fellow Hoosier “Bedford” stone is what we call it. Also remember the Empire State Building was built from our own Bedford Stone. One of my granddaughter s was born in Bedford Indiana

  2. Those are great looking quilts. I needed some motivation and these quilt tops might just do the trick. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful quilts!! I really like the colorful rail fence – my colors! Thank you Cheryl and Ray! Like you said, Jo, these quilts will be a blessing to the recipients.

  4. Are the addresses for those wonderful long arm quilter listed somewhere on your site? Would like to someone in my area I can send some tops to which will save postage. Thanks

    1. Here is the page about donations. All aren’t longarmers or finishers but some are. You can contact me if you have a twin sized and I can put you in contact with Cheryl in Dallas or Lori L both appreciate twins sized tops and send them to worthy places.

  5. Wish fabulous quilts you featured in the last couple of charity quilt posts. They are always little doses of feel good!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    From good ideas come great quilts. There’s not one wuilt there that said no! what were they thinking about. A1+ on all the tops. Really want to see them when Ray finishes them.

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    What a great group of quilt tops Cheryl!! Ray, I am awaiting to see you do your magic on these beautiful quilts. As they say–you will be quilting “up a storm”. Thanks to each of you and to Jo for putting on the show!

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    A baby quilt in the making could certainly make use of some blocks like the last one, right?? Maybe make a reversible quilt with the backing being made of strings from the shirts on the front!!

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