Catching Up with Crazy Mom

My goal over the weekend was to catch up with Crazy Mom’s Quilt a Long…..well I didn’t get to it this weekend but got up bright and early this morning and sewed until I was caught up.
I had trouble getting a photo as there was just a bit of breeze.  If you look close and are following the directions, I am not supposed to have the white border on the two sides.  I was just mindlessly sewing and didn’t read the directions.  I am figuring either I am ahead and that is part of the next step or I am behind and am going to have to spend a little time “unsewing”.

So far I am so happy with how it is turning out.  It’s getting to the point that I want to start thinking about a backing.

I had some question yesterday about how I machine quilted Kayla’s quilt.  Here is a close up picture of that. I just did an overall stipple.
I didn’t have any trouble quilting through the seam heavy corners.  I have a Pfaff Grand Quilter with frame which makes it easier than quilting on a regular sewing machine.

I got another quilt through the machine quilter over the weekend.  Hopefully tonight I can get it bound and show it to you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Catching Up with Crazy Mom”

  1. It’s hard to tell in the picture – do you only have one row of colored squares between the sashing on the left side? It sure looks like it.

    I like the colors you chose – very happy and bright!

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