Answering a Few Questions…AccuQuilt GO!


Since I sold my AccuQuilt GO! a couple weeks ago, I have gotten many emails from people wondering the what’s and why’s of it all.   I’ve decided to explain in one big blog post rather than through individual emails.  Please note that this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

AccuQuilt sent my GO! to me for free as part of their HUGE blog promotion giveaway program that they had.  I tried it…and for the most part, thought it was fine.  As time went on, I found myself not using it.  I would have to go get it…dig through the stack of dies…cut the fabric and then run it through the cutter.  For me, it was just easier to use the rotary cutter.  I also was annoyed that the fabric would static cling to the mat.  I would find myself resorting things into piles and I didn’t like that.

Another frustration I had is that the dies are just one size.   I couldn’t make a tumbler quilt from my 3.5″ scrap bucket as the die didn’t fit my size….and although the waste isn’t terrible…there’s still quite a lot of waste.

In the end, it wasn’t the waste…it wasn’t cutting and then re-cutting fabric, it wasn’t even the space issue that ended up making me completely decide against discontinuing my GO!, it was the company itself.

You may remember that I have done MANY video tutorials using AccuQuilt products.  They would give me a die for each video I did.  I hadn’t done a video for a bit and emailed asking if the program was still on.  I was told yes.  I did a video and requested a die way back last fall….no die.  Asked and reminded again…no die.  Being the gal in charge didn’t respond I began to wonder if she still worked there so I asked on AccuQuitlt’s Facebook page….no answer.  I asked again…was told someone would contact me…no one contacted me.  Finally I got an email that said the person was looking into it…over two weeks later, they must STILL be looking as no one has gotten back to me.  I honestly don’t care if they have the video for die program but if they aren’t doing it anymore just, we aren’t doing it anymore…NO big deal!!

Remember back last year, when I was busy making Christmas things….


AccuQuilt asked me to design some patterns for them with the promise that they would be on their site and I would get paid for the downloaded patterns.  It was a huge risk for me…the time, fabric, etc. was a lot to put into a project without knowing if there would be any gain.  I did it and AccuQuilt was kind enough to send me the dies I needed for free.  I asked for a contract…but no contract was sent.  I was suppose to be paid quarterly.  Last fall as the quarter ended, I didn’t get paid…didn’t get paid…and didn’t get paid.  I sent a couple reminders and finally got paid shortly before Christmas for the third quarter of 2011.

Well 2011 has gone, it’s now March and I haven’t gotten paid for the last quarter of last year.  I have sent inquiries on THREE separate occasions.  NO response.  I sent an email to the company asking if my contact gal still worked there…yes she does.  Still no response.  Still no payment or response to date since I first contacted her at the end of January.

Some of you might not be aware but last fall Accuquilt told selected bloggers if they posted an add for “22 free patterns” and got people to sign up for AccuQuilt’s newsletter, they would receive award points for each person who signed up for the newsletter.  The points would be awarded quarterly.  Bloggers did receive the points at the end of the third quarter last year…..Bloggers have NOT received any reward points for the fourth quarter of last  year.  I asked about that as well and as with the other times I have tried to contact them, this too has been ignored.

All in all, I got rid of my AccuQuilt things because I didn’t want to be part of nor support the company anymore.  I am currently trying to get my pattern removed from their site….I am completely baffled by who to contact to make this happen.  No matter who I contact, nothing is done.

I was hesitant to share my experience as I didn’t want to hurt the company with my words.  Then I decided no, I think it’s more appropriate if I am upfront with all of you.

Everyone has their own experiences….this has been my experience with AccuQuilt.  Don’t fear that there won’t be tutorials here now that I don’t have my GO!  I will continue to make and share project ideas with you whenever I can.

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  1. This is interesting. 3 days ago I emailed Accuquilt asking them about a problem I’m having with a die and I haven’t received any reply yet. However, Over a year ago when I got my GO and needed some attention to a die I bought, they were “Johnny on the spot” and not only did they correct the problem but I got a phone call within minutes of writing my email. Then one time on FaceBook they had a promotion and I tried and tried to get the items ordered on their web page and it wouldn’t give me the discount. I contacted them and they said I was ordering the wrong items. I told them that isn’t how it was stated on FaceBook. They told me if I could send them the post on Facebook they would honor a discount on the order. Guess what they did? Accuquilt removed the promotion post from Facebook so that I couldn’t get a copy or get the discount. Other than that I do truly love my cutter and will keep on using it. Sad that they are moving to Omaha and not staying in Fremont.

  2. You know Jo,
    I “friended” Accuquilt on Facebook because I have an Accuquilt Go! and I thought getting some tips and patterns would be nice. I have used my Accuquilt for a few things, cutting difficult fabrics for a baby quilt, showing a novice quilter how to use different tools and techniques, etc. But I don’t use it much, too much waste, too difficult to drag out each time.
    But like you, the thing that bugs me most is the company itself.
    I was shocked to learn that somone had “stolen” the rolling pin that had helped the creater of Accuquilt to come up with the concept. I attentively watched their facebook page in order to find out if it had been recovered. I thought, ‘How rude, to take a prized possession that belongs to someone else, just to hold it randsome for “stuff.” That’s just wrong.’
    Then after watching the posts for some time I realized that it was all a ploy by Accuquilt in order to drum up business! Accuquilt was not pressing charges for the whole matter, no, they had perpetrated the entire matter!
    I was appalled! I posted a note on their facebook wall, stating my opinions, and was rudely brushed off. I “unliked” their page and have not been back. I’m irritated now that I have spent so much money on a product that I don’t use and even more irritated at their integrity.
    I was not going to make a big deal about it, but after hearing about your issues, I feel that I need to voice my opinion as well.
    I hope that you get your issue with them taken care of soon, as for me, I think I’ll be listing my Accuquilt Go! on craiglist soon.

  3. Thank you for your honesty. I have been considering a GO purchase, but the cost and prep have been issues that made me wait. Knowing your experience helps me with the NO decision!

  4. I found your comments most enlightening, I have considered buying one but here in the UK they are much more expensive & when they was doing drawers or bloggers could give one away & i entered i wasn’t lucky enough to win
    I think myself that they are good if you are disabled or have problems with your hands like i do but i fully know where your coming from about not able to enlarge a pattern unless you have larger dies
    I must say i was totally shocked on the company’s lack of response, myself when ever i need to complain i do it two ways i get the managing director’s name & address (believe you call the CEO) & i write to them with a letter which i put in a way that it has to be signed for so they can’t say they not received it I then also do same in a e-mail to them plus sales manager & if that don’t work or if it really a lousy company write to a newspaper highlighting the bad company in this case i would point out to the paper that in this economical climate it can’t be good for the country if they have such bad companies try to sell all over the world you never know all this should make them sit up & take notice
    Hugs Janice

  5. Wow ; what’s up with Accuquilt ? have they gotten too big for their britches , as a lot of other quilting industry companies and bloggers are getting ???? Have you tried to contact the CEO , Harley guy (can’t remember his name >>>> ) ??? just a suggestion. I have a GO! and use it more now since I have it under the desk I am currently using for a cutting table . I won mine from a blog ;( PieceNQuilt) otherwise , I would not have one due to the cost ……… The dies are overpriced , in my opinion ; but I don’t sell the things I make ; I give them as gifts or donations . I’d love to have a Studio because they cut so many more at 1 time , but they are ridiculously priced . Very good idea ; but ….. I didn’t hear anything about the roller thing . And I don’t look at Accuquilt’s page as much as I used to ; there are too many people on there begging for free ones ……………… come on !!! :)

  6. Pauline Kennelly

    So glad that two of you have spoken up about the problems with the company. As the guys would say “You’ve got sphericals.” I never considered buying one because I thought I could see a lot of waste of my precious material and I thought some of the dies would require me to applique, which I’m not fond of doing. I also considered the premium space it would require in my small studio, so I nixed the whole idea from the beginning. Now I’m seeing dumb ads of young women going gaga over cloth “paper dolls.” For heavens sake, grow up! Get back to basics and do some quilting. An applique doesn’t have to be perfect, you’re hand quilting!

  7. Have you tried calling the company? I LOVE my Accuquilt GO! and Studio. I do tons of charity quilting and have high school kids at our work days for Binky Patrol. They cut through fabric scraps with the Studio Cutter so quickly, there is no way I would trust them with a rotary cutter. We sort the donated fabric scraps into sizes and they load them onto the dies and away they go. We have so many useable pieces now that the quilters in the group can use to make quilts with that we couldn’t use before getting the Studio. Last year after the Japan Tsunami, I called Accuquilt and they gave me a discount on the Studio fabric cutter and some dies because we are a charity group. I find them to be a very supportive company. I do agree with the Facebook group and all of the people complaining they aren’t getting free stuff all the time. I’m there to share my projects and get inspiration and the whining and complaining gets old sometimes. I still think Accuquilt is a great company and I bet if you called Steve Nabbity the owner and talked to him, you could get things straighted out right away.

  8. Interesting Jo. I think it is perfectly fine to make a complaint on this email, especially because they are NOT willing to contact you!! That business behavoir irks me to no end!!

  9. I won the GO but have hardly touched it. I took it out once to make some flowers and that was it. It’s faster and easier for me to do it myself than the die.

  10. Carolyn Robinson

    On behalf of AccuQuilt, I’d like to apologize for the slow communication. I can promise you that the AccuQuilt family of bloggers are a priority. We are continuing to promote the Blogger Incentive Program and Pattern Designer Program in full force and payouts will occur this month. Pattern payouts have been 60 days from the end of the quarter. Going forward, they will occur at the 30 day mark after the close of the quarter. Your blogger points have already been issued to your account and a check for your patterns will be issued today. In reference to our consumer video program, we have made the decision to no longer support the video program; however, we will honor this offer for free dies. Moving forward, blogger correspondence will be a priority. Please call me directly at 888.258.7913 ext 392 so we can completely resolve this matter. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry for this experience.

  11. I tried to email you privately and it bounced. I’m disappointed that you’ve been given so much by AccuQuilt over the past few years and now have not only sold the things you were given for free for profit, but then felt that you needed to change your story and publish all the negative things you were thinking. In your sale post it was that you didn’t use it much and wanted the space – here you’re saying wrong sizes, too much waste, and the company made me mad. I’d guess if I looked at your 31 videos and all your posts, you never said anything there like what you just said here. AccuQuilt’s driven a lot of traffic to you, which I would assume has given you other opportunities, and now you’re done with them. Wow.

  12. @MaryLu I just read your post above and would like to thank you for bringing up the rolling pin. Your comment clearly highlighted communications flaws regarding the disappearance of the rolling pin. The rolling pin indeed was taken during the event by a group of AccuQuilt retreat guests. They have been circulating the rolling pin between attendees of our 2011 event, and at each destination the rolling pin has been signed and photographed during the adventure. I have been in direct contact with the group this past year, and can confirm that this is not a crime at all. It’s just a group of quilters having fun. Their goal from the beginning was to get us to follow up with a 2012 retreat because they had so much fun at the 2011 event. The last communication I had 2 weeks ago was that the rolling pin was on it’s way to Tennessee, and that someone would bring in person to our 2012 Barn Quilt Unveiling Ceremony. Without knowing the whole story I can see how you came up with the conclusion in your comment. The rolling pin “Rolly” is not a marketing ploy and nobody at AccuQuilt actually knows where it is today. Please email me or give me a call directly if you’d like to discuss this further.
    Lee Nakamoto
    AccuQuilt Social Media Director

  13. Proud of you. Too often people don’t say what their thinking. Glad you let the rest of us know the problems you have had. Appreciate the information. Your performing a service for all of us.

  14. Deb, in defense of Jo’s reasoning for selling her Go! cutter, I would offer a few suggestions, (my opinions, mind you, just mine. I don’t know Jo personally at all.)
    I read the original post about selling her Go! Cutter and I believe that what you have a problem with is the fact that she sold something that she recieved for free. I don’t see it that way at all. Jo provided a service for Accuquilt in exchange for a die relating to that tutorial. Service and payment. Nothing more. If I “bartered” an item and then no longer used it am I not free to dispose of that item however I see fit? There is no law that says it must go back to the original “owner” of that item.
    As I see it, Jo provided her time, materials and telents in order to produce a video that Accuquilt “used” in order to draw traffic and sales to their site–advertising if you will. That is all. If Jo feels that she no longer used it, it took up too much space, or she was disgusted with the color green, it’s her perogotive to get rid of it in any manner she chooses.
    Opinions on the web are fine, let’s just keep the judgementalism out of the equation.

  15. Jo – I have several issues with my GO! myself – but have been reluctant to do a review or a post because it would be mostly negative. My opinion – mind you – and I could be wrong. My experience – your results may vary. But I recently returned SEVEN dies that did not make “perfect cuts – every time” – and it took SIX WEEKS to get them all replaced. Should have asked for a refund and then just bought them from someone else (or not). And – oh by the way – I PAID for the GO! and all of my dies – all of them – not one of them was FREE. I think they are just getting too big for their britches – and may do a review anyway. My opinion – if I had it to do over again – I would not bother buying a GO! May even sell it – haven’t decided yet. ;))

  16. I think it’s good that you share your experience with AccuCut.

    My only experience with their products is as a librarian. We had one of their die-cut machines on loan from the Library System office at one time, along with a bunch of dies. We worked with paper, of course, not quilting templates. The machine was OK I guess, but I thought the dies were entirely too expensive for what you got. We returned it at the end of the loan period and never looked back. Now we have a Cricut machine which works great for scrapbooking, card making and poster making since one cartridge can make several different things and many different sizes. For us, it’s more appropriate.

    Your story just makes me want to drive down to Fremont and give them what for!! Only it’s three hours away and gas is expensive, so I won’t. Lucky them. :-) :-)

  17. Thanks for the information. I was jumping for joy that had won a Baby GO! When received it, the price was listed at $39.99 — because there was nothing with it – no mats or dies – just the machine in a box. As you know, dies are very expensive. My analogy is that this is birdcaging – like the old story of a store giving someone the bird then they “need to buy” the cage, the cage cover, the bird feeder, bird waterer, the swing, etc. I may buy one die and a mat for a design that I would not otherwise make / cut by rotary or scissors – and try this Baby. However, am not going to go crazy and invest in lot$$ of dies that are worth more than the cutting machine itself. AccuQuilt is in business to make money – and time will tell if they get their act together on price points, service, honoring their promises and paying in a timely fashion. I’ve watched enough People’s Court to know that they are remiss if didn’t write agreements for barter services with folks like you, Jo, as that is needed for tax and audit records. Customer rewards system with points exchanged for products / services should be reported in the financial statements as a liability. So, hopefully, AccuQuilt has realized that their marketing programs need some financial controls and processing systems, and are working towards improvement.

  18. I had been thinking about purchasing a GoBaby, based on your endorsement and the idea that it could save me time in the cutting department. It sounds like I made a good choice in holding off on that purchase. Ignore the naysayers, Jo. They’ve got nothin’ better to do than rip other people down. I appreciate your forthrightness.

  19. I appriciate your opinions about the products that you use.
    I have looked at the Accu-Go and thought that it was way to expensive for what I would use it for. And with each die being individually sold, not happy about that. Given that you have tried repeatily to contact the company with this issue, you have every right to let your blog readers know how you feel.

  20. I bought the Accuquilt GO a couple of years ago. I used the Rob Peter To Pay Paul die, and will probably never use it again. I have several of the other dies that have never been used. A huge waste of money, as far as I’m concerned.

  21. I totally agree with Mary Lu. You earned the dies and i was happy to get some from you. I think their treatment of you was shoddy and they certainly need to improve that area of their company. It is quilters like you that give us ideas that we would never dream of.

  22. Thanks for being up front. I am sure it took a lot of thought on your part to come clean about your whole ordeal.

  23. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Accuquilt. I have had my Studio cutter for a few years and love it. I enjoy my hobby of making quilts, & since I work full time the ability to cut up to 10 layers of fabric has made it possible for me to make many quilts (most of them for donation). I designed a rag flag quilt but decided I would make it available for free as many folks make them for active soldiers & their families. I hope things turn out OK for you with Accuquilt. I must say, I have never had a bad customer service experience with them.

  24. Great post! Thanks for your honesty! I see that the find it humorous that the Accuquilt people chose now, on your blog, to respond to you.

    I bought one the first of the year, mostly because I had a large credit from a sewing machine purchase last year that I needed to use. I realized when I bought it that the tumbler would be the primary use and that had ended up being true as every other die that I have ends up cutting poorly and is not worth the effort to use.

    Again, thanks for your honesty in your post. Based on my experience with the product way too many bloggers that got this product given to them have not been as honest in their assesment of the performance.

  25. I for one appreciate Jo’s honesty about Accuquilt. There’s good and bad to everything and I think we all, including Jo, have the right to post about both sides of the issue. Consumer reviews for many products report the good AND the bad so that we can make more informed decisions so what makes it wrong for Jo to state her opinion? In today’s economy where everyone is trying to get the best deal at the best price, sharing information is a positive, not a negative. OK….rant over. Keep up the great work Jo. You contribute a lot to the quilting world and hopefully you will get what’s owed to you.

  26. Jo,

    As a fellow blogger, I’m proud of you for sharing your opinion as I do believe you went the extra mile with AccuQuilt. Sadly, I do hear from so many that also have problems with communication back from AccuQuilt and this behavior has gone on for such a long time, it is truly part of their culture now.

    I could be wrong, but suspect AccuQuilt may still in such high growth and launch so many Marketing projects, that they simply have insufficient resources to staff them appropriately. Still, that is not an acceptable excuse for poor communication, especially with those that have gone out of their way to help provide PR for them, tutorials, patterns, etc..

    While I will miss seeing future AccuQuilt tutorials & videos from you, as yours were always excellent, I do look forward to continuing to follow your blog and seeing all the beautiful projects you create.


  27. Hi Jo,
    I do admire the fact that you told your side of the story. I am truly sorry you have been treated this way and it does make for bad PR. I am sure if you go to everyone out there, we all have our good and bad stories, our bad experiences.

    I must admit that I love my go cutter but I love it for applique mostly.

    I have not had to deal too much with the company so I can not comment there.

  28. Hi Jo,
    I do admire the fact that you told your side of the story. I am truly sorry you have been treated this way and it does make for bad PR. I am sure if you go to everyone out there, we all have our good and bad stories, our bad experiences.

    I must admit that I love my go cutter but I love it for applique mostly.

    I have not had to deal too much with the company so I can not comment there.

  29. As for sharing your opinion….that’s what I respect most about blogging and I feel you have been open and honest without being rude or hurtful to anyone….which I also highly value :)

    I respect your opinion and appreciate that you have shared it….Thank you!


  30. I’m sorry that you had this experience, but I wish the people who posted here that they changed their mind about the Go! or Go! Baby would rethink it. This is just 1 persons opinion and should not be the only reason not to get something. it seems like you have had some communication problems and are letting that cloud your judgement. One question for you…why didn’t you ever pick the phone up and talk to them? I wanted to ask for something and called. The right person answered and my question was answered.

    I have a Go and absolutely love it! You do need to know what you want to use it for. At first I thought I would use it for geometries like HSTs and QSTs. While it cuts them fine, I have a different technique I use. However I love it for appliqués and things like tumblers! I use it a lot for that. Plus it’s great to cut scraps into 2.5″ squares. The secret to the Go! Is to know what you are going to use it for.

    I hope the people you have talked into not getting a Go! will realize thatyurs is just 1 opinion. This is a great machine, one that I am happy to be using. And yes I am an Accuquilt blogger, but the integrity I have with my blog is that I won’t post anything that isn’t true or how I really feel. I have turned down some free things since I didn’t think I would use it.

  31. I have had the Accuquilt go for over a year now and Love it. I make alot of scrap quilts and using the dies saves me alot of time. I do not put my go away. It’s like my kettle always ready to use. I have not paid full price for a die yet and always try to select dies that I know I will use. I also suffer with arthirtis in my hands and am dealing with issues holding the rotary cutter. I know of several people being able to quilt again because of the go including one lady that has the use of only one arm. To alot of us the Go is a god send.

  32. I understand your frustration with Accuquilt. I love my GO and like a previous post I keep it handy…just below my cutting table so its always available. My dies are an arm lengths away. I use it many days a week. How would I have cut a 100 accurate HST in 10 minutes without it. I had two dies that didn’t cut clean. I emailed Accuquilt and within 2 weeks had replacement dies to Canada. I think it is a wonderful product. One has to be smart and there is not a lot of fabric waste. I would not give up my GO cutter.

  33. I can’t imagine selling your personal GO and dies, I use mine every day and am so much more organized b/c of the way I cut now. My love is for scrappy scrappy patterns. My GO (and I have a BABY) started out just for cutting the apple core and winding ways, rob peter etc… shapes that I would not cut by scissors. Now I have added strips and triangles and sqs etc…I die cut while watching movies, even took it to the lake this weekend and spent one rainy day cutting out swoon blocks. I can cut scraps and use them up down to the crumbs.(which I love b/c they are usually in sets of 4 similar size- lol) I think even I should get tired of it, someone in my sewing family would call dibs.- cw

  34. Wow, such a shame about all the problems! I was going to say that their site has a live rep that has always answered my questions and helped me, that maybe you could go that route. I’m glad Accuquilt has responded in the comments and hope everything gets worked out for you.
    That being said… I love my Accuquilt Go! Baby. I’m just getting started out with collecting the dies, and found it to be so much faster than my rotary cutter, and love all the different dies that are available. I found the waste to be minimal, especially when the scraps can be taken and used to cut out smaller shapes. The cling didn’t bother me when I seen a video that suggested sliding the cutting mat off instead of lifting it up. My experience has been positive, as far as using the product. I’ve never had any business dealings with them; however, mine is purely pleasure use.
    I love your site, and your quilts. Happy quilting!

  35. I do really like my go cutter, but had a similar experience with the company. I purchased mine at Joannes during a sale, but live in Canada where I was unable to find one locally. My passport had expired, so my SO went and picked it up after I called and reserved one. Long drive, lots of gas, customs duty paid at border etc., but still worthwhile price wise. Until, I opened the box and discovered it was used. I contacted Joannes and Accuquilt, each blamed the other and nothing was ever done, so I paid for a new product and got a used one. I mean overall its not that big a deal except some items were missing, but it did cloud my opinion of the company who offered no support at all regarding my problem. Granted I bought it from one of their retailers, but, given they endorse that retailer by allowing them to sell their product, and I was getting nowhere with their retailer, it would have been nice if Accuquilt would have made more effort to resolve my dilemma. I do like the cutter though and use it a lot, but if they made a new product, I wouldn’t purchase anything from them again, because to me customer service is very important.

  36. My good lady is a quilter like everyone else on this site, when she decided to purchase one I thought I would read up on a Accuquilt go, I took it all in and to my suprise its all worked very well so far. I might add I do all the cutting ,laying out the patterns.
    One of the articals I read was it will save you money and time to date thats the case I have only had a very small amout of scraps,as the pieces get smaller I use different dies and place them in boxes according to size, we have no wastage. I would like a cutter 6.5″ x 4.5″, I’m told they will appear at some time. this year.

  37. Hi — really interesting to read the comments. Many are asking what is going on this year with the non stop sales direct from AccuQuilt – very strange as they are hitting their retailers very badly when they do this. AccuQuilt have decided October 2013 to put it out there that no one can sale Accuquilt below their MRSP – that is law! but of course not for Accuquilt, just seems off the wall, the retailers have no chance of surviving with this ” law” in place.
    I imagine it will be ignored. Many people totally love their fabric cutter – I am one of them. Love the dies, I bought the Sizzix big shot pro fabric cutter and can use all the accuquilt dies and sizzix dies so it is a win win situation. love to see videos with demonstrations on the dies – we used to get Ebony Love videos – seems like she is not getting dies for demos as we are not seeing any new ones from her- that is a shame as she was much better than the staff at accuquilt. Every one has a story to tell, you have told us and I appreciate this, if you are unhappy with the service and relationship with a company you lose confidence in their product.

  38. I just ran across this while looking for reviews. I have a couple of dies that I have never used and they fell apart. The wood separated from the green plastic. I called and didn’t get any help from the company. I didn’t want to use the wrong glue. Also, my handle drags across the base when cranking it. When I hold it away it falls off.

  39. Hitlers — what I should have said — my fingers are going faster than my brain — very annoyed that in 2014 we are under the AccuQuilt thumb.
    If they as a company were decent and did not discount their products and give reward points – I might think they were trying to be fair – but no way are they doing this.
    I do not like seeing silly prices for the products for auction sites – I do support my special stores and appreciate their sales. I feel that retailers buy their stock and should have some control over selling — I know one store could not sell a few dies and eventually sold them off at cost, they were just not popular and some money is better than no money
    This will always happen when a company has a monopoly

  40. Thank you for your honesty. I also know people who invested a lot in this product and find that it is more hassle than it is worth to use it. On the other hand, some people seem to love it. I understand that the company feels they gave you a free machine and therefore you owe a positive review (so it really wasn’t free, was it). You are expected to repeat the product’s talking points; I think that most people would pony up with the good review. Unfortunately that is not honest on anyone’s part. If a company is paying for a review (money, product, whatever) it needs to be looked at with a grain of salt. So your integrity is appreciated.

  41. Hi!
    I have been on the fence to buy the Go for a year now. I had finally decided I would take the plunge sine I had figured out what things I would use it for and which thing I would still rely on my rotary cutter and rulers for. This meant I only needed 2-3 dies to start with and then see how path developed. Then the very next day (yesterday) there in my email is the introduction of the Accuquilt Go BIG ELECTRIC! Now that opened up a new can of worms… Love the idea of bigger dies and two dies cutting at once side by side… But it is bigger, heavier and electric which means more things could go wrong etc. I have had no dealings with the company and one of my favorite quilt shops is a accuquilt rep and she has only had good experiences with them… So my question to all of you with your varying experiences, would you go for the BIG or stick with the GO and go with cranking? Note to self: price of GO will probably drop when BIG electric launches right?

  42. would not buy a machine that is just launched with no history – would worry about the motor burning out. rather wait fot at least 6 months for reviews to start appearing. it is a great deal of money to lose. personally I would go for the large sizzix fabric cutter that has been tried and tested with great reviews

  43. Question: I see that Accuquilt has some major issues they need to deal with. So my question is about the Suzzix. I see people recommending it but when I go to their website there are a bunch of different machines. What are you Sizzix users using and why? Thanks!

  44. I am so glad to read a blog where someone is actually honest and has the courage to NAME NAMES. So many people think they might be sued or are afraid but as long as you are just reciting facts without any malice you don’t have anything to be afraid of. Facts are facts. (It helps that hubby is a lawyer. ;).

  45. Yikes. I am totally disabled and have had Accuquilt on my wish list for several years. I have just sat here and read all this info. I think now it was by the Grace of God I didn’t spend my $5,000.00 on Accuquilt stuff. I am unable to cut much by hand but have a wonderful Bernia quilting and embroidery machine. We had a four floor antique store for years and came into about $10,000. Worth of fabric. I tinker and sew, but always drool over beautiful quilts. I think I will be better off donating the fabric and keeping my $5,000. We actually went to the Accuquilt headquarters in Nebraska. They give NO breaks on cost. I would have loved to retail thru our store, but think I will just sit here at home and tinker. No dishonest people to deal with and equipment problems. Dr. says no stress due to my severe fibromyalgia. Thank you everyone for your comments. It makes you think when you have just been dreaming. Hugs to all. Goodbye to Accuquilt.

  46. I have had my Accuquilt Go for quite some years (and bought the mini model as a gift for a friend). what I am wondering is this: I am buying a Go Press embossing & Foil machine and as part of the process they remove a thingy (technical term) and run it through a Big Shot of other machine which applies enough pressure on the foil, die, cardstock etc in the thingy for the foil to adhere to say the cardstock. I am wondering if the Accuquilt Go will do this? As I already have it languishing since the ‘naughties it would be excellent if it would do the job.

  47. I appreciate all the comments posted on your site re Accuquilt Go cutters. I, too, have thought of getting one for years but didn’t want to pay the exorbitant price for the dies. I recently bought one cheaply at an estate sale, and it was missing a screw at the bottom. I was shocked when the company said that they wouldn’t sell me a replacement screw. I would just have to pay the set price of sending it in for repair. I also discovered that previously, if you lost/broke the cord, you had to buy a new machine (now they sell separate cords). In the first week of having my GoBig, my impression of the company is VERY POOR. I searched for comments because I cannot find answers on Accuquilt’s website: Will cutting paper & fabric (paper piecing dies) on the cutter decrease the sharpness of the blade; is there an official blade cleaner, like an Accuquilt quilt store rep suggested (I can’t find it one the official website).

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