Another Busy Weekend

Life with my family continues to be active.  Kalissa and I spent the day gearing up for another big merchandise release.  That included picking up shirts and taking pictures.  It really took about half a day.  That was Friday.

Saturday my kids Karl, Kayla, and I had planned to run away for the day but that ended up getting canceled.  One might think I had a day to myself…NOPE.  I ended up having a busy day!

I’m going to give you a little sneak peek because I ADORE this shirt.  It’s so perfect for me.  Can you see it says, “Grateful to be Grandma”?  It is going to be available in this pretty yellow color as a V-neck T-shirt and as a burnt orange sweatshirt with a raglan sleeve.  I’m sure all of you grandmas are going to love them!!  I sure do!  Kalissa is getting the listing together and order forms together and hopes to have ordering ready soon.

When things get so busy with all of the kids here, I always have to remind myself to slow down and take time for Anders too.  He’s much more alert now and doing great after his bout with viral meningitis.  Thanks for the many thoughts and prayers that were sent on his behalf. 
By the time that day was over, I didn’t even get cross-stitching done in the evening.  I gave up the time to write blog posts instead as I know all of you worry if I miss a post.  As I was writing, the dogs and this little guy,..YES a toad, interrupted me.  How did a toad get in my house???

Of course… he was under the dining room table which had me pulling out chairs and crawling around on my hands and knees trying to catch it and not let the dogs get it.  I got him caught and took him outside.

On Saturday Kalissa was here with her kids.  Kelli was here with her kids but she was sleeping after working the overnight shift.

Kalissa took some great pictures of the kids outside playing.

This is Gannon and Georgia.  They are both three and half…born just a week a part.

I had this glider on my old swingset.  When we got the “new to me” playset, I insisted that we make this glider work on it.  All of the kids have loved this glider.  They don’t make them like this anymore…or at least I’ve never seen one in my hunts that seats two forward facing.

Gannon is my daughter Kalissa’s son and Georgia is my daughter Kelli’s daughter.

When they were little they didn’t like each other at all.  One time Kelli was driving over to my house with Georgie and Kelli said, “Are you going to be nice to Gannon today?”  Georgie said, “No, me fight him!”  UGH…I’m happy to report they get along really well now.

Carver is working hard on chin-ups.  Carver is Kalissa’s son, Gannon’s older brother.  He’s really slimmed down and isn’t the chubby guy he was as a toddler.  Craig is really skinny so I’m sure this is the Langreck (Great Grandma on the other side of the family) genes kicking in.

Carver called me outside.  He found another wasp nest.  See those little windows at the top of the playset?  One was in there.  I’m so glad he found is as I continue to see wasps around the playset…but now I had to get it.

I told the kids to stay away while I was spraying it and removing the nest.  I heard some clicking of feet on the deck of the playset.  I crawled back in and was ready to yell at whoever had gotten so close and in the playset while I was removing the wasp nest.

…and the only one there was Rosie, my beagle.  WHAT!!

Rosie had climbed the ladder and got up on the deck of the playset.  Oh, my word.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen her up there.  The ladder is at a slant but I’m still surprised she could do it.  She did love the work we did at class that involved agility.

I don’t love heights.  I don’t love precarious places…but I did it along with Rosie’s “help”.  The wasp nest is no longer.

While all that was going on, Kalissa was in the house with Eli and Emmett, Kelli’s boys.

After that adventure, I made homemade pizza.  This is meat lovers.  Can you see Rosie on the bottom right in the picture just hoping I might drop it and she could eat it?
Kalissa took some out to the field to Craig while I was in charge of all of the kids.

She rode a couple of rounds in the combine with Craig and got everyone laid down to nap.

When she got back, we got everyone into their Halloween costumes and she took them to a Trunk or Treat type adventure.  Gannon is Buzz.  Georgia is a Unicorn.  Carver is Woody.

I stayed home with Anders and the twins.

Kelli woke up and I got her sent off to work.

Typically Kelli takes the kids with her and drops them off with Jason their dad.  He has them while Kelli is working the overnight shift.  He does a great job with them.

He called and asked if I might keep them later.  Jason is a farmer.  He was in the combine and it is harvest season.  The weather is so nice and they gotta keep the combine moving.  I said yes, I’d deliver the kids home at 8ish.

Kalissa and the kids came back after supper being Kelli wasn’t taking the kids with her.  So I hung out with the kids for a little while longer.

I packed the kids up at about 7:20 pm and drove them home.  It’s about a 35-minute drive from my house.  Then I trekked back home again.

Then I finished cleaning the kitchen, ate some supper, gave the dogs some attention, and got a few things put away.  With the little boys here I always move around a few things that I don’t want them getting into…and then I when they leave, I have to put them all back.

By then I was pooped and off to bed.   No time for the blog…no time for cross stitching.  I did sleep good!!  What a busy two days…from toads to wasps, to dogs, to kids.  Whew.

26 thoughts on “Another Busy Weekend”

  1. the grandchildren have an obvious family appearance yet they are all so nicely their own person. Very strong young folks. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Jo what a great post of all the family activities. You sure are a great Grandma and mother.
    The toads like to come in during the colder months. I have to check the plants I bring in for toads and one year I had a family of mice in my Christmas cactus.
    Now I put dryer sheets in the soil before I bring them in. So far so good..
    Also if you can spray the wasp in the early morning when they are on the nest and less active. This fall we checked all the peaks and under the LP done for nest and sprayed and knocked down the nest.
    I had foot surgery yesterday for bunions and hammer toes. All the toes got their needed attention. The night was good so I’ll take that. Have lots of sit down projects ready to work on.

  3. A Grandma’s work is never done – and her love is never empty.
    Days like this are wonderful – tiring but good!
    Looking forward to seeing the new shirts.
    Love and prayers

  4. You are so lucky to have all that “ordinary time” with your grandkids. Yes, it’s work, but you are such a rock to your family. What a joy!

  5. What a great weekend you had! I know you had to be tired, but it is a good tired I would think. You are so good dealing with critters. We get toads in garage every now and then which I dan deal with, and just thankful they aren’t mice!

  6. Jo, I’m not normally a pizza person but that one you made looked delicious. It’s lovely to see the children together. I do keep my eye on Carver as I have loved watching him grow up into a handsome young boy. He seems quite protective a such a sensible youngster. They are all beautiful though. Best wishes.

  7. Oh Jo, you are such a good grandma! I only have two grands and they are 3 hours away so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. This Monday my youngest turns 13!! I so enjoy your grandkids thru your blog. However, I think we would understand if you miss a blog or two, you are busy! Thanks for sharing.

  8. You are such an awesome mama and grandma! I’ll bet Craig really enjoyed his pizza! It looks amazingly yummy! Your kiddos are all so cute. Anders is going to talk to you soon . You are so so fortunate to have your babies close enough to be together whenever!

  9. Jo, I have to admire how you manage to care for all your grandchildren and how much you love them. I do worry though that you never seem to get enough time by yourself to rest up and recuperate – – you don’t even get a weekend day off without grandkids and cooking family meals. Remember your own health and don’t overdo. You could usTtoo many children to care for. – I don’t know if anyone else who writes in worries about you, but I do. You need to disappear on a weekend even if it’s only a tent somewhere over the hill! Take care of yourself so you can take care of others!!

    1. I had Sunday that was completely and totally family free…I love being busy and active. With my health I might not get a lot more years. I want to live them to the fullest while my cancer is about as controlled as it will likely be.

  10. What a great post! The Halloween costumes are great and so is the pizza picture yum! I hope you get some rest

  11. I loved all of this! Great photos of everyone! What a fun surprise to find Rosie climbing up the ladder after you! Oh my!

  12. What another fun filled day with family time. The new shirt is truly cute for those that are grandmothers. I look forward to seeing more of the shirts.

  13. Hi Jo, I love reading your blog even though I don’t often comment. Of course I came for the quilting, got back into cross about the same time as you, but I also love just reading about your everyday life with the kids and grandkids. You’re one of the busiest, most productive people I “know “. I sure wish I lived closer to Iowa as I know we’d be friends. Thanks for writing the blog. You’ve been keeping me entertained for over 12 years!

  14. I enjoy all of your blogs about family!!! Grandkids, dogs, toads and all those GOOD things that Grandma gets to take part in!!! My only 2 grands are grown up and too far away–great grandson–well we sort of clash- But sure do love watching your grands–as they grow -and my –don’t they grow fast?? Can’t believe how big the twins are–and Georgia is such a cutie. I know by evening, you have to be worn out –with good reason though, with all that you accomplish all the time!! Lucky Grandma–but I think the grands & your children are all a mighty fortunate family to have you!!!

  15. Enjoyed your post this morning. Two of my grandkids are two weeks apart in birthdays. They will turn 1 year old the end of November. I can imagine my granddaughter saying the same thing as Georgia, as she seems to be a little spitfire already and my grandson seems pretty laid back. It will be interesting to see how they are in a couple of years!! I am working on a quilt for our school auction made with handprints of the kindergarten kids.

  16. Jeanne T McArdle

    Whew,what a beautiful day spent. Loved all the pics especially the one with you and Rosie. How sweet.
    Now, for that pizza, yum. I am a pizza lover, could you possibly share your recipe. Looked scrumptious.

  17. So great that your grands can gather at your house and you are able to be available to them! They’ll always remember Grandmas house. Anders looks like hes changing already.
    We had a beagle named Daisy who could manage to get up the 2 tractor steps so she could ride with my husband. Our son had an old golf cart at the time and she would hop up on that seat so he was driving Miss Daisy.

  18. Kristy Wilkinson

    Jo- You truly are blessed! What an amazing life you have with your kids and grandkids. I know it is crazy and exhausting at times but so, so wonderful to see you happy and engaged and loving every crazy minute! Toads in the kitchen and wasps in the playset! What a weekend. I think a long rest was definitely what you needed. :-) That first picture of you and Anders is just priceless. So sweet. I hope you continue to have these wonderful times and enjoy being a grandma to its fullest. We have 6 kids and none of the older ones are married. I hope the boys will find some lovely young ladies and have some children at some point. I love being a part of your adventures. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great week! K-

  19. Next year, blow up some brown paper lunch bags and secure each with a twist tie. Hang the blown up bags around the play set where you think nests might be built. The wasps are territorial and will think the bags are nests and not build. Sounds silly, but it works.

  20. You really are a wonderful person,let alone a grandmother to 10 kiddos,I love reading about your family and wish the best for you all.

  21. Jo, you have the happiest family. Your littles are very cloe together but what awesome cousin time.
    They are so lucky to get to grow up together. (Even if Georgia doesn’t always think so.) :) And you are so lucky to get to spend the time with them that you do. Criss stitching can wait because in a flash these little cuties won’t want to pend so much time at Grandma’s house. Enjoy!

  22. I’m tired out just from reading all that you did in one day! We once had a beagle that would climb up a ladder in our barn to get at the cat food.

  23. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    I loved reading your blog today, you are so lucky to have your grands so close,! Your family is so close-knit, it is fun to read about all your activities! Thank you for sharing!

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