Our New Puppy

Well Ruby is home with us….so far we have had one accident in the house which happened in the first two minutes she was home.

We have had a little whining….

We have been to the bathroom outside with success.

She scratches her neck lots…I think she’s getting used to her collar.  For now, she is only allowed in the kitchen and back entry way where there is linoleum.  It took her a bit to get used to walking on the linoleum but already she has figured that out.

She LOVES the kennel.

She likes Puppycat.

All in all, it’s good.  Best of all, Kalissa had a miserable day at school.  Just being around Ruby had her smiling and laughing…She’s already made our lives much happier in the few hours that she has been here.  Isn’t that what pets are for??

Now ask me in the morning if she slept or if she kept us up.

15 thoughts on “Our New Puppy”

  1. Toni Anne Potter

    She’s beautiful. She’s going to have a wonderful life. Enjoy your new family member, I hope you get some sleep. Tonight might be rough for everyone but, it will get better. ;-> Toni Anne

  2. Woo Hoo! She is precious! I will show Matt the blog tomorrow when he wakes up and then look at our calendar and see when we can come visit Pupcicle! :) Ruby is a perfect name!

  3. I’m so happy Ruby has arrived to make your family complete again. I’m wondering if she’s sleeping in a crate or in bed with Kalissa? When we got Faye I was determined to get her used to a crate but after 90 minutes of whining and crying I couldn’t stand it and I put her in bed with me – where she still is!


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