Ruby’s New Favorite Spot

Here’s the latest Ruby report….

We made it through the night.  I was up with her at 11:30 and at 4:30.  She whined from her kennel in our bedroom and I got up with her, took her outside and she did her business.  I put her back in the kennel after the 11:30 outing, she whined a bit and then went back to sleep.  After the 4:30 outing, I came in the house to find Kalissa awake and begging to sleep with her on the couch.  I admit, I caved in and let her.

I’ve had her out on a walk with the lease today and she’s done wonderfully.  She is quite timid around the chickens.  She follows me everywhere…chases leaves…runs and trips…

House training for the most part has been okay.  She dribbled a bit, but I caught her and got her outside where she finished.

Now she’s hanging out, snoozing in the desk chair next to mine.  It’s where Gracie used to hang out all the time.  The sun comes in the bay window and warms her….and that warms my heart.

25 thoughts on “Ruby’s New Favorite Spot”

  1. Welcome home Ruby! She looks right at home in that chair. The 1st night of puppy is under your belt. Whew! Enjoy her. I look forward to lots of puppy pics and stories.

  2. Jennifer Bieniek

    The story about Kalissa made me smile. When we brought our dog home my husband was off of work for the holidays and slept each night on the couch with her. THen he went back to work (3rd shift) and told me to put her back in the kennel. Yeah right! Enjoy her, she is a cutie!

  3. How wonderful for all of you, and for your charming Ruby. Looks like a match made in heaven! Everyday I remember your kind advice @ healing from the loss of a beloved pet. Thanks so much. And the Lark publishing giveaway punchneedle embroidery book arrived safe & sound… It’s wonderful. Thanks!
    Looking forward to lots of puppy posts & photos! Fondly, b

  4. What a cutey! Barney, our 42 pound “beaglezilla” will be 8 next month and I would love to get a puppy but my husband says absolutely not so I’m loving Ruby vicariously through you :) …. (and I don’t have to get up at night). Enjoy her, she’s a real sweety.

  5. what a sweet baby girl! our ‘puppy’ is 55 lbs so not such a baby anymore at 3yrs, but she’s still got lots of puppy energy. ivy is a mutt, with real long legs – especially when she stretches them out in the bed when you are trying to sleep! mom’s beagle is 11 and starting to have health issues, so i’m trying to convince her to get a puppy before things totally go south. i know having our current pup was a great help in healing after the loss of our other dog. enjoy ruby – she looks like a keeper!

  6. It warms my heart also. She is finding her perfect rhythm in the perfect family unit.
    I am so glad you all found each other.

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