A Cross Stitch Finish: Home is the Nicest Word

I’ve been so tempted to order more cross stitch stuff…the struggle for me is real.  I told myself that I needed to fully finish something…it didn’t matter what or how easy-but I had to finish something before I could even look at cross stitch stuff online.

So I grabbed this project that I stitched spring of 2019 when Kramer was in the hospital.

I pick up finishing pieces when I go to the thrift store and originally thought this frame would work well….

The brown of the frame and the brown of the letters was perfect together.  But, I got the glass out of the frame and shucks….there wasn’t enough fabric to flip over.

So, back to my container of possible finishing pieces I went.  I found this…$1 at the thrift store and I was liking it.

I measured the inside of the cutting board where the words were.  It was exactly 6″.  My plan was to cut some sticky board (find it HERE on Amazon) at 5 1/2″ and mount the cross stitch piece on it…then cut a larger piece of sticky board, cover it with fabric and then mount the cross stitch piece of it and put them layered on the cutting board.

I got the stitched piece in place on the cutting board and then hot glued the edges down.

I ended up previewing it on the cutting board and liked it as is.  I added a bow and and heart shaped button.  What do you think??

It’s simple but I really like it without an extra fabric covered board behind the stitched piece.

I decided it was good as is and walked around the house to find a place to display it.  For now, it’s on the living room shelf.

I’m super happy with it.  I love the way it’s finished on a cutting board.  The ribbon was the right color and the heart button was a good addition too.  This only took me about 10 minutes to do.  I don’t know why I am not better at finishing my cross stitch pieces in a more timely manner.

I think if I’d get caught up, maybe then I’d simply do them as I finished the pieces.  Hmm.  Maybe I need to plan a big catch up day where I finish as many already stitched pieces as possible.  That sounds like an awesome idea.  Watch for that to come because I just think I might make that happen!!  And while I’m looking a the shelf, I need to get a picture of Lilly.  I don’t have one yet!  (Bad Grandma…or Bad son for not sending one)  Either way, that’s on my to do list too!!

18 thoughts on “A Cross Stitch Finish: Home is the Nicest Word”

  1. Your cross stitched piece looks adorable on that cutting board! The bow and heart button really finishes it too!

  2. I think the cutting board mount is perfect. For future reference, I’ve read that you can add strips of fabric (I’m sure you have a few floating around ;-D) around the cross-stitch linen if it is too small to mount as is.

  3. Your cross stitch really looks great in that little cutting board frame. Like you said the ribbon and heart button are the perfect finish. You are finishing so many beautiful projects and I love to hear about them and get inspired from hearing about them. I even got out a cross stitch project to finish of my own!

  4. Connie Tesene

    Hi Jo- now you can go shopping! Love your finish.
    I’m slowly making my way through my 2nd project. It is so addictive.
    Looking forward to seeing your “finishing day”.

  5. Your cross stitch finishes inspire me! I just finished stitching two, and that makes three that I need to finish. I struggle with ways and frames to finish projects. You get such great deals. Our thrift shops aren’t that good here, but I’m guessing it’s time to start looking!

  6. Jo, that is so stinking adorable! You are so clever! I have an Amish cross stitch lying on my hassock in front of me……waiting to be framed and added to my collection in my ‘cave’. . Hope you get to see Lilly soon

  7. GOOD JIB, JO!!! I am glad to see that your cross stitching back is as neat as mine. My grandmother taught me a long time ago to hide the stitching on the backs. Your back look almost as good as the fron. Have you ever noticed that people who also stitch will sày, “can I look at your back?” I always say “yes”. Then I silently thank my grandmother.

  8. I do cross-stitch work myself, and I also collect antique and modern samplers and other pieces of handwork. Your finish is cute, but please don’t hot glue your precious hand work to the back of anything. There’s no way to rescue the piece from the glue (any glue) in the future. The safest way to mount a piece of cloth is by sewing stretcher threads on the back, horizontal and vertical, starting from the centers. I still have small pieces my mom did when she was a girl, and they will be handed down to my grandchildren.

  9. I love the creative cross-stitch finish! I also love your living room shelves … Sometime can you show us a picture of the whole set of shelves? (Maybe you’ve blogged about then before?) I like the pipes-as-shelf-supports idea, and I’m assuming Kramer or one of your boys installed them. I love the look! It feels modern, but old fashioned at the same time.

  10. Jo, that is so cute! I need to keep that in mind instead of trying to look for a frame all the time. Great idea!

  11. Your piece on the cutting board turned out just adorable! I guess I’m going to pick up that cross-stitch piece I started that is in my to go bag. I haven’t gone any were in months and had forgot all about it! Thanks :)

  12. Bonnie Lippincott

    I love your cross stitch. I can’t do it myself, me and numbers just don’t get a long, but I do love seeing the ones you, and my friends have made.

    I love your blog! Today I really noticed the ring on your thumb. I wear one on my thumb as well. It reminds me of my mother, it says “this too shall pass.” Words she lived by and definitely good to remember, especially now.

    I like the new blog design as well.

  13. Finishing is where I get hung up as well. Most of my pieces have been finished professionally. But, that is costly and I would like to figure out how to do it myself. Could you show how to use the sticky board or point us in a direction of some good finishing blog entries/youtube tutorials?

  14. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love the way you finished your cross stitch project on the cutting board; it is perfect! I love your great finish ideas.
    I used to cross stitch many years ago; I am thinking I should look for a project.
    Thanks so much for your blog.

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