A Busy Tuesday

Last week I was sick Friday through Monday but by Tuesday, I was raring to go.  I was so bummed I spent most of my time on the couch those days.  I wanted to do things…not just sit and feel miserable.

So… Tuesday when I woke up feeling good, I decided this was the day to accomplish some things.  On the top of the list…get Karl’s dining room painted.

Kalissa was my trusty helper.

You might remember that Karl had to have his house rewired.  In order to get the electricity into some of the places, they had to cut into the plaster.  That left holes.  Karl had someone come and patch those places.  This included new sheetrock on the ceiling.  I told Karl I’d paint the walls but the ceiling, I wouldn’t do.  He ended up getting the drywall guy to prime and paint it.

The last time I painted a ceiling, my neck and shoulder were miserable for about three weeks and it took two trips to the chiropractor to fix it.

In the Jo and Kalissa paint team, I’m the trimmer.  Kalissa is the roller.  We’ve painted so much together that we have a system down that’s pretty good.

I just love this color.  The paint covered really well too.  It was mostly one coat with a few touch-ups.

After we got done painting, we picked up Gannon from the babysitter and went plant shopping.  We ended up with a car load of plants between the two of us.  Most were mine.

We got back in time for Carver to get off the bus.  Then the planting began.

Carver was WAY into planting.

Gannon wasn’t as excited about it all.

I keep my hanging baskets and plant them myself in the spring.  They initially don’t look as good but in a short time, they catch up and look good.

It saves a lot of money.  I think it was about $10 for my giant hanging baskets and Kalissa’s smaller ones were about $7 a piece because hers are smaller and she picked more reasonably priced plants.

Here is the Friedman family planting their baskets.

They went to their house after they were done planting their baskets.  I continued planting.

I snapped some pictures before I had a chance to sweep the dirt that spilled out.

My helpers were a little zealous with the dirt!!

I am so excited about the potential of big beautiful plants and how pretty they will be in a couple of weeks!

I got all of my planters except two planted.  I ran out of potting soil.  I got all of the impatiens planted.  I just love having them all planted and growing.

No vegetables have been planted yet.  We have had so much rain that it needs a bit more time to dry out.  I’m hoping in the next week I’ll get that planted.  (Fingers crossed we could miss some of the predicted rain)

It was about 6 pm and Kalissa called.  I asked what she was doing and she said planting hostas.  They had a tree at their house that needed to be cut down.  They had hostas around the tree so she dug them up and planted them along her garage.  I asked if she needed more hostas.  She said yes so I bug a bunch out from mine and brought them to her house.

By the time we were done for the day, Kalissa and I were both pooped out.  It was a good kind of pooped out.  We were both so happy we accomplished all that we did.

It was a busy Tuesday…and the days kept being all week long.  I’ll tell you more in upcoming blog posts.

Now…let the watering begin!!

9 thoughts on “A Busy Tuesday”

  1. Judith M Fairchild

    I love your flower garden and pots. I enjoy other people’s gardens but don’t have one as I seem to have a black thumb rather than a green one. Enjoyed seeing your grandsons helping.

  2. Nadine L. Saunders

    Great job Jo . I remember last year you had deer come right up to your porch and munch on your flowers. We had the same problem this winter with our shrubs. They are finally beginning to come back, but they look pretty ragged. I will be interested if you have some idea on how to keep the deer away from the plants.

    1. We used to have a deer problem also. Someone suggested tying human hair in a discarded hose( the kind you wear) and hanging them under or around each plant. You can get plenty of hair at a hair salon. Unfortunately for us, we live in a semi-desert and right now we have had about 10 days of triple digit days. and we don’t have a good water source, so if the plant can’t survive without watering, it doesn’t get planted. I do a lot of my harvesting at the local grocery store and the farmer’s market.
      Congrats, Jo, on all you accomplish. I do enjoy reading your blog. Helen in TX

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    Your flowers sill look so nice!! I reuse my hanging baskets also…it much less expensive to buy packs of plants than to buy planted baskets. I got a geranium planter at Aldi’s for $4.99!! It has 3 really nice geraniums in it. I will split those up into 3 planters and put something with them. We are getting a nice rain tonight… I should have mine in.
    It is so fun to see how the boys like to help!! They are pretty special.

  4. I’ve got the planting bug too. I just did 6 bayberry shrubs and 3 spruce trees this past weekend.I did get 5 beautiful ivy geranium hanging baskets for a good price also. I want to plant some flowers and vegetables but we are expecting a freeze later this week. At least snow is not predicted. We have gotten snow in June in past years. You had a good crew to help you. Your planters will look beautiful in a few weeks.

  5. So much good done! Karl picked a great color and you two (you and Kalissa) are a good team, whether painting or other things. Your plants will look beautiful once again. Carver is good helper too!

  6. Your flowers look great! And I love the paint color. What color blue is it? Want to repaint our bedroom and looking for a nice darker blue. It’s so hard to pick paint!

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