Busy Weekend

I had a very busy weekend…well, really I had a busy Friday too.  Here are a few highlights.

I was up early on Friday scrambling to get some things done.  I knew the weekend was going to be busy and I wouldn’t have time to write blog posts.  I also knew I’d have lots to cook for so was scrambling on that end too all while Gannon was with me.

At around noon, Kalissa came and we went to school.  Carver got to run in his first Little Trojan Relays.  It’s a school track and field day.  It’s really simple and not intense.  Carver ran two races and did just fine in both.  You can see him in the far right lane running.  His good buddy, one of my former childcare kiddos ran too.

From there Kalissa dropped me off at my house and I loaded up boxes to take to the locker.  Buck had ordered a half of beef from the farm where Kramer worked.  I had to go to the locker and get the meat and put it in my freezer so Buck could pick it up from me on Sunday.

All of the meat wouldn’t fit in the freezer so I left part of it in my van and headed to his house.  I was going to have his kids for the weekend.  My job was to pick them up…take them back to my house and take care of them until Sunday when he came and picked them up.

Getting to his house was slow…  Between farm equipment and road construction, I think my trip was delayed by about 15 minutes.
I didn’t get home until 10:40 pm.  I was pooped by the time I got everyone tucked into bed.

Saturday morning, Kalissa and the boys came over for a big cousin’s day.  One of Kalissa’s favorite things to do is to fix the girls’ hair.  I just love the look on Lilly’s face.

Then it was Lucy’s turn to get her hair done.

The kids were so fun.  Lilly is still slow to talk but talks more and more all of the time.

She is shy at first but before long she’s bopping your nose and you’re best friends.

We had Kelli’s boys, Eli and Emmett too.

They both are doing well…and are super busy.

It was hot so…we let the kids play in the water.

Here Carver and Scotty are “washing” Kelli’s van.

My play equipment got a big workout!!  You can push the arrow and see the kids swinging.

While the big kids were out swinging, Eli was in the house showing off his walking skills.  You can push play to see him walking.

In 2017 we planted a willow tree.  I wanted one so the grandkids would have one they could play under.  Here, five years later, they are playing.

Here’s Lucy being silly.  Scotty is 6, Carver 5, and Lucy 4…but don’t worry about her.  She can keep up with those big boys.

Georgia wasn’t here.  She had a birthday party on the other side of the family that she went to.  Georgia is three as is Gannon.  That left Gannon on his own chasing and trying to with the big kids.  He did a pretty good job.

We were missing my grandson Jasper too.  Here Gannon is outside the door playing with Emmett and Eli who were inside.

Speaking of the door, what a job to manage the door and not let Rosie get out.  She got out several times.  She was good and came back, but that was enough to push me over the edge and order in-ground fencing.  If you’re been reading the blog, you know I’ve been saving money to afford it.  I decided it was just time to order it and be done with it.

Here’s Kalissa reading books with the bunch.

Karl came by later and Lilly wasn’t too sure about him until Karl started playing with her.  Push play if you want to see their fun.

This was all that happened on Saturday.  Sunday was another fun day.  Kalissa’s boys were back over for more cousin fun.  Oh, how the kids love playing together!!

Karl was by for lunch and tilled the garden.  The kids begged me to let them play in the dirt so I let them.  I don’t know if Buck was too impressed with me when he came.  The kids were DIRTY…But…the kids were having so much fun.  It was nothing a washing machine and a bath couldn’t take care of.

I always tell my adult kids that I will treat the grandkids just the same as if they were my own…and I do.  Dirt and all.  No video games…no playstations…but dirt, YES!!

The kids (and the adults) were entirely pooped out.  I am especially tired.  Lilly slept with me and I’m not used to sleeping with anyone anymore.  So, I had interrupted sleep…totally worth it though.

We all had such a great weekend.  I so wish the kids lived closer so we could do it more often.  It just makes me smile to see the kids playing together.

I am super thankful Kalissa was here to help me wrangle them all.  They can be a handful.

As fun as it was, I admit that at one point I got a little teary-eyed.  I so wish my husband would have been able to live long enough to experience this part of being a grandparent.  Together we worked so hard to raise good kids…and he missed out on seeing the reward of the hard work.  On the other hand, it made me super thankful that I am still here and can enjoy it.

Overall…a GREAT weekend!

13 thoughts on “Busy Weekend”

  1. Love all your posts and photos. I had fun with lots of cousins too; you’re creating sweet memories.

  2. Jo, your photos and videos of your grandchildren always make me smile Eli and Emmett are growing up so fast! What a brilliant weekend you all had.

  3. Some of my greatest childhood memories are playing with my cousins. I’m glad you are posting pictures for the kids to look back at. I love going to my tub of pictures and looking at cousin pics at grandma’s house. Such a shame, pictures aren’t developed any more, they are just looked at on devices. I hope you got to put your feet up and recouperate yesterday!

  4. What a fun weekend you all had, and your swing set/play area is just perfect for them. Wonderful memories are being made.

  5. So busy, but so much love and fun! It always does my heart good to see your family enjoying each other, so can imagine all the good it does your heart, You and Kramer reared wonderful children!

  6. It is so fun to have the grandkids around. I am great grandma too, but only get to see 4 of them out of 13 greats. The rest are in Texas. I have 6 grands. I get to see 3 of them. the rest in Texas. I will be great- great grandma in November. My first great- grand daughter is going to give me a new baby. Wow, how time flies. Enjoy your babies and summer

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Jo, Your tiredness was a good kind but tired none the less! You made it and and enjoyed. The kids will have the memories too.

  8. So much fun for the grandkids!!! Oh, the memories. Do you wonder what their earliest memory will be??
    Loved seeing all the pictures — and can imagine, just how “TIRED” you were. Nothing can replace such special times though–so it is all so worth it.

  9. Beryl in Owatonna

    What a fun day!! You can sure tell they are related. It is good to see them all play so well together too!!

    I have no kid but have wonderful nephews and a couple of nieces and 30 greats,,,mostly noisy boys who are close in age and play well together too! So fun to be around them. They are mostly far away now so pictures help.

  10. In a way, I know how you feel, Jo. My dad passed away 2 yrs before my son, his first grandchild, was born. He would’ve made a wonderful grandpa because he was a wonderful dad. My sis & I have 2 wonderful kids each & all are extremely close. Even tho they’re all grown now & my sis’s youngest has our family’s one & only grandson, it’s so much fun to sit back & watch them all interact when they’re together. You have a wonderful family & it’s quite apparent each of them were raised w/love & integrity. I know you’re extremely proud of them & I know Kramer would be too, just as my dad would be so proud of his 4 grandkids & great grandson.

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